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Be an NCHaunts Featured Event!

2016 (Sept-Oct) Results:

  • Over 2.1 million hits, with 83,708 unique visits!
  • Over 269,000 page views!
  • Average of 6 repeat visits (meaning most of the 83,708 unique visitors came back multiple times for more information!).

NCHaunts is the Internet’s #1 regional haunt listing website.

NCHaunts lists over 60 local & regional haunts, and continues to be the place where our customers go first to look for haunted entertainment. 

NCHaunts is the portal for haunted events!

NCHaunts continues to deliver more exposure for our haunts and more participation for our customers with information pages, news, contests, promotions, and online forums. This is the #1 way to be seen this season!

Frightseekers forum has over 1600 members currently. Frightseekers are haunted house fans that attend several haunts every year, and their opinions are read by thousands of regional haunt attendees. This forum was very active during the 2016 Sept-Oct season with over 650 new posts and 81,000 page views about haunting and area haunts.  Along with NCHaunts, Frightseekers will continue to grow and inform our customers where to go for scares this season.  

NCHaunts Listings

    NCHaunts continues the same levels of event participation as last year, with two levels of listing;

    • Regular Haunt listing
    • Featured Event listing

Regular NCHaunts Listing:

An NCHaunts regular haunt listing has its own information page, in exchange for a link on the main page of the haunt's website.  
An NCHaunts listing ensures thousands of local area residents see your haunt.

NCHaunts Featured Event Listing:

NCHaunts Featured Events have much more exposure:

  • A dedicated Featured Event Page with extensive information and media for your customers.
  • A linked Featured Event Banner on every page on the site (except for your featured haunt page, of course).
  • Participation in NC Haunts Frightseekers promotions and forums.
  • Announcements & interaction directly with your customers through your own Featured Haunt forum.

To be a Featured Event in 2017:

Featured events must maintain the NCHaunts logo & link on the main page of their site.

Featured events must prominately display the NCHaunts banner at their event.

Featured events distribute NCHaunts promotional materials (when available) to customers as they enter or exit.

Featured events must be a legitimate business entity (proprietorship, partnership, LLC, C, S corporation, or 501(c)(3) non-profit); maintain reasonible event liability coverage; and comply with state & local inspection codes

Featured events should have been in business at least 3 years, and have an annual attendance of 2,000 or more.

Featured events allow and support the FrightSeekers Review Team to tour & review your haunt.

Past reviews can be found at:

Featured event listings are $250 each plus 10 regular admission tickets for the Monster Tour.

Other items are welcome too (hats, shirts, etc.).  Tickets and other items are for NCHaunts Frightseekers promotions & giveaways.

This September/October, NCHaunts Frightseekers is once again promoting a region-wide “Monster Tour” ticket and prize giveaway with winners getting tickets to featured events and other items as they’re available. 

Let us know as soon as possible if you want your haunt to be an NCHaunts Featured Event this season. 


Note: NCHaunts updates its listings every year. All previous listings are removed to start a new season.
If you have any questions, please let us know!
-NCHaunts Team

Please add the logo to your printed materials, too!

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