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Author Topic: Haunt and supplies up for grabs  (Read 951 times)
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« on: July 31, 2012, 03:58:02 PM »

Hey guys, hopefully not breaking any forum rules by posting this here but due to some unforseen circumstances my haunt in VA is not operating this year and I've decided to collectively just get rid of all things haunt related.. basically an entire "old school" haunt is up for sale. I have tons of props. Some stuff like 'The doctor' and a few bodies from Acorpsemaker studios, a couple of nice wooden coffins, lots of lights and about 100 4x8s that are mostly all painted and themed. I mean you name it we have tons of stuff. I havent named everything by any means. We weren't a "big" commercial haunt but we made do with what we had.. I'd like to get rid of everything together and not split it up. Overall I think it'd be a good addition to an existing haunt or be perfect for a person with a creative mind on a budget who wants to construct their own haunt. I cant give the stuff away but Im definitely letting it go for far less than what it's all worth and what it has been worth to us. It was fun and a great $$ maker but unfortunately other things are overwhelming my time right now and I hate to see all of my stuff just sit in storage for who knows how long.. Not to mention it will be fun to finally have a season to travel to and check out other haunts! PM me for more details. Happy haunting!
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Wow, sorry to hear that you won't be entertaining us this year... 

You may want to try and contact each haunt owner individually.  If you look at each featured haunt's subforum, contact that forum's moderator (not me).  You might be able to sell something that way.  Good luck!
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