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News: Visit a haunt in South Carolina this season!
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Author Topic: Update From Rellik!  (Read 616 times)
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Hey everyone!

So I know some of you all are wondering where I have disappeared to, and I have an explanation!

First, I wanna say that I hope your haunt season was awesome! I wasn't able to hit up places where I am at and I'll explain..

Second, I am now in college in Indiana, and I am double majoring in Theatre and also Ministry! With being in college I am not able to act in haunts for a little while! Which really is a bummer, but  I am still acting for shows on campus! I had my first Collegiate show, which was "Pygmalion" and we sold out all 8 days! I am now working as an assistant stage manager for "Secret Garden"!

But.. I do want everyone to know,

I'm not done with Haunted Houses, I am in fact making a new character right now, that is slightly different than Rellik and in fact is not a clown, but is linked to it!  I will reveal more later!

I thought I would drop an update by, and see how everyone is doing!


I'm not a clown that makes you laugh, instead you MAKE ME LAUGH as you Scream in PAIN!
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