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Author Topic: Major Graham's Haunted Mansion  (Read 799 times)
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« on: September 29, 2013, 08:50:11 AM »

Major Grahamís Haunted Mansion

Visit Date: 9/27/13

Scare Factor: 4/5
The scares at this haunt are well placed and fairly constant. There is very little down time between scares.  The actors in the mansion will touch you; we did not find that this happened later in the trail.  Similarly there was much more harassing scares in the mansion than later in the trail.  Scares were quite varied with mostly pop scares but some prop use.  Groups were small (four in our case) so all parts of the group were targeted and got to see what was going on.  It should be noted that we went opening night and were within the first 20 groups to go through the haunt- they were already on and Iíd expect the scares to get tighter as the season moves forward!

Actors 5/5
The numbers are fantastic.  A few actors stood out.  Steve Dementia (I think) was a clown who was the biggest interaction character on the trail. He stalked our group on three separate occasions and could ad-lib with the best of them.  Also of note was another clown who managed to wedge himself between two walls therefore forcing you to walk underneath him before he wreaked havoc on your group.  The other actors were more pop scares but no one broke character and if they sensed weakness they would jump on it especially in the first house.

Set Design/Props/Fx 4/5
The signature mansion is amazing looking.  An actual 200 year old mansion has a beautifully creepy, southern civil war era faÁade with an interior that was fantastically disturbing.  The sets all appear dusty and musty and are complemented terrifically by multiple actors in wedding dresses dancing through the parlors.  Makeup and costumes, in general, were very well done. There was a , for lack of a better word, crab creature that was incredibly fun to look at, a drop-wall that I didnít see coming, and a fun school bus set.  The corn section isnít a maze but is a claustrophobic chute you must navigate.  The nuclear silo set was a bit confusingÖ.it seemed ominous and foggy but didnít really deliver anything.

Length  5/5
The trail has three checkpoints to break up the visit.  The entire trail took us close to 45 minutes.  Thereís a lot of walking but a lot of action.  We were tired when we were done- Iím not sure we could have lasted much longer!

Value 5/5
Tickets are $15 early in the season and $20 later in the season. For $15 this is a steal.  You get a long trail in small groups with constant scares. 

Parking is $3. The direction in the parking lot was a bit lackingÖ.especially if you are paying for it.  There are multiple food stands and apparently a full retail store (we did not visit).  The road into the haunt turns to gravel and is fairly narrow.  Be warned if you drive a mammoth vehicle that it can get  a bit tight coming or going. 

Overall Impression 5/5
I couldnít have been happier with my visit (outside of that parking cash grab).   We were greeted by very pleasant staff who were genuinely thankful we were there.  We watched darkness descend on a scenic mansion while watching a clown on a unicycle navigate grassy hills and a giant bloody bunny pose for photos.  Come on doesnít that sound great?  Then we got an intimate 45 minute trail- small groups, visually interesting sets, tight scares, and a work-out as we navigated up, down, and around this sprawling attraction.  My lasting impression is going to be of turning a corner to see a mattress lined hallway with a clown wedged above it all.  Creepy.  Super, duper, grin inducing creepy to force me to walk underneath this evil clownís crotch.  Bravo.

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Haunted Major Graham Mansion
Date Attended: 09/27/2013

Scare Factor:  5/5
Of course itís scary.  Itís a haunted mansion!  A real haunted mansion!!!  The mansion its self looks amazing.  When we arrived it was still daylight and even in the daylight I found this place creepy but it wasnít until the darkness came that I realized how frightening this place really is.  They send you through in very small groups.  We were in a group of 4 and even got split into a group of 2 at one point.  Going through a haunt with only 1-3 other people really amps up the scares.  

Actors: 5/5
This haunt is full of actors and really good actors at that.  The actors in the mansion will touch you.  I lost count of how many times someone or something ran its fingers through my hair.  Itís a completely different experience when the actors can touch you.  They had one of the strangest characters I have ever seen.  It was a tall grayish looking creature that made the most eerie sounds.  I have no idea what it was but I hope I never meet anything like it again.  It was CREEPY!  Theyíve got clowns!  Wild, crazy, scary clowns!  One clown seemed to haunt us all throughout the trail and randomly showed up just to traumatize me a little more.  Watch out!  One clown can apparently climb walls and jump like a tree frog and the only way to get past him is to go under him!  

Set Design/Props/FX:  5/5  
The mansion its self is the highlight of this attraction.  Itís old, itís huge, itís haunted, and thatís just scary as hell.  The haunt is divided into three sections with check points at each section but they quickly mark your wrist band and send you right along on your journey.  There was no waiting in long lines once you entered the mansion.   This place is huge and you will cover a lot of ground going through the entire haunt but I never experienced a dull moment.  If there was an empty space it was only enough for you to catch your breath before something else was coming for you.  

Length:  5/5
This is a longer haunt that will keep you moving.  You go through the mansion, up and down stairs, around the back of the mansion, through the barn, and through outdoor trails.  Itís a workout and I was exhausted by the time I got back to the car.

Value: 5/5
The tickets are $15-$20 depending on what night you go.  This haunt is well worth $20.  

This is not place for children!  Children 7 years old and younger will not be admitted; children 8 years to 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  They do not give refunds if you back out!

Overall Impression: 5/5  
This was my first visit to Major Grahams Mansion and I was more than impressed.  I canít wait to go back next year and if I lived closer I would go back this season.  It was just fantastic.  
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