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Author Topic: Stoney Point Trail of Terror  (Read 473 times)
Completely Haunted
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« on: September 29, 2013, 09:21:02 AM »

Stoney Point Trail of Terror
Visit Date: 9/28/13

Scare Factor 3/5
Not the scariest trail out there but itís a lot of fun.  For me it was much more of a visual treat than scary.  The actors donít deliver exceptionally well but there are freaky floors, a room filled with body parts on pneumatics, disorienting 3D, and an animatronic or three.  Better actors and this value goes up tremendously.

Actors 3/5
Several actors broke character but they were just happy they scared someone.  There were a few bare spots along the trail that could have used an extra body or three.  There was minimal interaction with guests outside of the first room, no follow-up scares, or harassment.  Pop, scream, re-set.

Props/Set/Fx  5/5
Wow.  For a trail put on by a fire station I wasnít expecting big props.  Whoops.  Their 3D section is exceptionally well done with a full school bus set and vortex.  There are animatronics, tilting rooms, air bags, and more.  I was expecting the typical black plastic walls of a smaller haunt and was quite amazed at what they packed into the house and trail.  Oh yeah- canít forget the blood spewing zombie wall.  My friend got that one right in the face.

Length 3/5
The trail feels short.  After over an hour wait Iíd say the trail took us 15 minutes with some bare spots.  It was fun but it left you wanting a bit more length.

Value 4/5
Tickets are $13 and parking is free.  Stoney Point gives you a free line show and some fantastic props and 3D for the price.  A few things they pack in there you donít expect and are frankly shocking to find on a fire station based trail. 

Parking here is kind of a Chinese firedrill.  There was a parking lot but it was blocked off.  Iím not sure if it was full or reserved.  Basically you park wherever you can along the side of the road.  The most endearing and unique thing at this haunt is that they have a full stage show while you wait in the queue line.  I did a double take when I saw a drag queen emceeing a dance show.  Try and imagine Tina Turner on stage with a  full set of backup zombie dancers.  A few appeared to be professional dancersÖ.nothing like seeing a zombie breaking it down to Gangam Style literally leap off the stage and motor through the crowd on all fours.  Iíve really never seen anything like this and it was quite entertaining while we waited for quite awhile.

Overall Impression 4/5
Itís a mixed bag.  I think without the crazy dance show out front this drops a point but the dedication, humor, and love from the zombie drag dance extravaganza is truly a ton of fun.  Visually the trail is amazing- so much more than I expected.  The actors are a weak link but they are having fun.  Itís hard not to smile a bit when an actor giggles after scaring a patron.  Itís not worth a 3 hour drive but if youíre local this is  a great trail to have a fun evening visiting.

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Completely Haunted
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« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2013, 04:30:15 PM »

Stoney Point Trail of Terror
Date Attended: 09/28/2013

Scare Factor:  3/5 
This haunt wasnít exceptionally scary but I had a great time.  Did I get scared?  Of course I did but the scares were quick pop scares and it was over until you got to the next set.  The line entertainment was fantastic and could have kept me entertained for hours. 

Actors:  2.5/5 
The actors were decent at pop scares but thatís about it.  The tall scary pumpkin head man was doing a great job scaring people as they purchased tickets. The actors in the first room talked and interacted with people some and it was fun listening to their story.  The girl in Grandmas room got a good scare out of me!  While the clowns didnít do much to scare people they were fun to watch and really seemed to be having a good time.  However seeing clowns running around happily giggling is pretty creepy.   

Set/Design/Props/FX:  5/5 
For a smaller haunt they have some great props.  The house looks old, dusty, and creepy.  The zombie doors were fantastic but watch out you might get wet.  I was impressed with the falling walls, moving/uneven floors, and the giant animatronic dinosaur looking creature but what amazed me the most was the 3D clown area.  It was beautiful.  I was a little nervous because letís face it clowns are creepy but I had so much fun in the 3D clown town.  My favorite part was the 3D school bus with the creepy clown bus driver.   

Length: 2.5/5
While this haunt was a lot of fun I did feel it was a little short.  After the long wait in line I was hoping for a little more.

Value:  4/5
For $13 bucks you get a good haunt, decent scares, cool props, and some crazy in line entertainment. If it wasnít so far away I would pay $13 to go back next year.  If youíre local itís a great deal. 

Everyone was very friendly and genuinely wanted to know if we had a good time.  Parking was a bit confusing.  We parked on the side of the road which worked out fine but Iím not sure how well this will work during peak season.   

Overall Impression: 4/5
This place is entertaining for sure.  Where else are you going to see a show with a drag queen and zombie dancers while you wait in line.  I applaud this haunt for keeping us amused while in line.  I would recommend this haunt to anyone local. 
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