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Author Topic: Vander Haunted Trail  (Read 555 times)
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« on: September 29, 2013, 09:54:35 AM »

Vander Haunted Trail
Visit Date: 9/28/13

Scare Factor 2/5
Vander haunted trail is a typical low budget haunt with a meandering trail through the woods.  Thereís a lot of black plastic tarp walls, a few buildings, an out of place pirate ship, and a few creepy sets.  The doll area was satisfyingly creepy.  There are some freaky floors that cause some disorientation but overall itís a low-key straight forward haunt that just falls a bit flat selling the scare.

Actors 2/5
The actors were a bit lacking in number but also in skill at their scares.  We encountered a lone speaking actor and a lone actor that would pursue a scare.  The chainsaw guys were definitely having fun.  When we arrived we watched three patrons run screaming from the exit all the way into the parking lot as they were still being chased by a clown who said he broke his second chainsaw of the night.   

Props/Set/Fx 2/5
Masks and makeup were minimal in general.  There werenít a lot of props.  There was one well placed laser room and all your favorite movie monsters make an appearance.  You donít need big props when you deliver solid scares but if you donít have the scares you need to have some eye candy.

Length 3/5
The line manager said the trail takes about 40 minutes if you walk slow and 20 minutes if your run.  We took a very languid pace and were done in 18 minutes.  Im not sure I was looking for more as it wasnít really delivering but truth in advertising itís not close to a 30 minute plus trail.

Value 3/5
Itís a $12 trail that should probably be $10.  Itís amusing but nothing expectional.  For $1 more you can get a visual treat across town at Stoney Point Trail of Terror.

Free parking.  There appeared to be carnival games but we didnít stop to see what was going on.

Overall Impression 2.5/5
Itís a low key haunt that seemed to have a lot of teen actors who couldnít really sell the scare.  Was it fun?  Sure.  Would I come back?  Not unless I was local.  I think Vander needs a selling point- a big scare, a maze, a big prop, or more solid actors.  As it is now itís a fun brief trip but in the end completely forgettable in the scope of area haunts.

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Vander Haunted Trail
Date Attended: 09/28/2013

Scare Factor:  2/5 
This is a smaller ďback yardĒ type of haunt.  They had a few decent scares but mostly just pop scares.  I kept waiting for a big scare or a grand finale but it never happened.  It was exciting to see two clowns chasing people to their cars when we arrived.  One was running with a chainsaw and the other was running around the parking area chasing folks back into their cars.   

Actors: 3/5 
While most actors did a quick pop scare and nothing more there was one persistent character that stands out.  He truly scared me.  He wouldnít let me through his room; I had nowhere to go but was finally able to push through the barrels and escape.  The chainsaw guy was into his character and enjoyed chasing folks out of the haunt.  They donít have big, scary, impressive costumes or elaborate makeup.  The actors were a bit off on their timing with the scares. 

Set Design/Props/FX: 2/5 
This haunt consisted mainly of outdoor trails with a few creature inhabited buildings along the way.  They do not have elaborate sets or props but they do have some uneven floors, narrow and low tunnels, and some very, very creepy dolls. 

Length: 2/5
We were told this was a much longer trail than it actually was.  I was disappointed when I realized it was over and there was never a big scare or focal point to the haunt. 

Value: 2/3
If youíre local it might be worth $12 to go through but I probably wouldnít travel 2+ hours for this haunt again. 

This isnít a big showy haunt but I do feel these guys are trying to give you a good scary experience.  Itís early in the season so maybe they will improve as Halloween gets closer.

Overall Impression:  2.5/5 
This is a good little haunt for local folks to enjoy.  If they want to expand their business to nonlocal people they really need to kick it up a notch or two.  More actors with better timing and a big prop or animatronic would help.  In the end I had a good time and itís always exciting to adventure to haunts youíve never been to before. 
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