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Author Topic: Trotterville Horror *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 4456 times)
« on: October 01, 2013, 10:08:30 AM »

Date Attended:  September 27, 2013
Submitted By: Sissyhaunt

Scare Factor 3/5 – We went on their opening night, which usually means that a haunt is still working out the kinks. Other than a few areas that seemed a bit too long without a scare, I felt they did a great job for it being their opening night. The use of the woods and cornfield made me keep wondering if we were going in the right direction or not and added to the scare. Are you going to make out of the haunt or become part of it forever?

Actors 4/5 – While there was a couple of sections that I felt the actors could have been more in your face, like the section where they are supposed to pop out of the wall, I feel the actors did a great job. I need to absolutely give props to the zombies in the graveyard because they were relentless. Also there were two particular actors who did such a great job, all I could do is scream and run in a circle. I thought they were part of the set and had no idea that they were real until it was too late.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 4/5 – This is an old style haunt which makes great use of their environment. Don’t expect to see the most common movie characters. The characters are original. There are none of the special effects that are seen in the more well-known haunts. It added to the eeriness of the atmosphere because we didn’t know what to expect in each scene. They managed to use lights and darkness to keep you off guard because you couldn’t see what was coming. Their “dark” maze had a shocking effect on our group. The cornfield does not have the trail fenced off which made going through it very disorienting and we went in the wrong direction several times which is something I have not experienced before.

Length 5/5 – This haunt experience is a mile and a half long, so don’t expect to complete it quickly. They succeeded in making good use of almost all but a few areas, and I attribute this to it being opening night.
Value 5/5 – Depending on the night, ticket prices for adults are $15.00-$20.00. They offer a $5.00 off coupon on their website, which makes this a great value. If you are military, fire, police department or emt, your ticket is free, with proper I.D. Between the length, actors and sets I feel this is an amazing deal.

Other 5/5 – I am not sure I would bring very young children to this haunt because of the length and scare factor. Parking is free, which is becoming harder to find, and they have a large lot to park in. The front end staff are all very friendly and accommodating.

Overall Impression 4/5 – This was my first visit to Trotterville Horror Attraction and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did, especially with it being opening night. This is a definite must see.
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Date Attended:  September 27, 2013
Submitted By: Waya

Scare Factor 3/5 –
This seemed to be a pretty nice old school style haunt, Although it was there opening night and not all the actors were there which made it a little quiet in spots and of course working out the kinks they did a pretty good job of getting in your face. I enjoyed the break from the norm and not seeing a single monster from a movie which was very refreshing and kept you a little more on your toes not knowing who o expect.

Actors 4/5 -  The Actors in general were pretty good and stayed in character, there were a few areas where they could have used some people but again it was opening night and not fully staffed. I can still hear the shrieking of zombies in my ears. I also give you warning that there are a few areas that you feel it is just you and the statues alone but be prepared one of our group almost did not leave.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 4/5 – Like I said this is an Old School style haunt so don' expect a lot of FX but that is part of the charm they make a great use of the natural surrounding from dark trails, extremely high and close trailed corn maze  and a variety of buildings you will go through, One of the effects I loved was in a small building wih an eerie young lady,All I can say is beware of Grandma. I will say there are some rough areas in the walking areas so watch your step.

Length 5/5 – Bring your hiking boots or comfortable shoes because this is not a short haunt,you are looking between 1 1/4 to 1/1/2 miles of trails and mazes so you will definitely get your exercise and if you get turned around in a maze who knows when you will get out.

Value 5/5  -  This haunt is an excellent value for the money based on length and scare nd if you are military or other form of emergency service provider you will get a break as well.

Other 5/5 – Great haunt based on length and value and would be great to take the other half or group of friends but because of the length would avoid the little ones or you may get more of a workout carrying them.

Overall Impression 4/5 – For my first visit I was pleasantly surprised by this haunt. Odd length and value, The staff were friendly and if an Old School is what you are looking for take a night and go enjoy.
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Date Attended-Sept 28, 2013
Submitted by-Regncguy   

Scare Factor- 3/5 Ok, I have to admit, it is opening weekend and some kinks need to be worked out. There seemed to be a little too much dead time in between scenes. On the other hand, there were some good pops and the darkness in the black maze was really good, one of the few black mazes that you can't look up and find your way out by seeing the lights overhead.

Actors-3.5/5  Some were really into the part and you could tell they were some new ones. Give them another weekend and I think they will feel very comfortable out in the woods. Several of them worked great together, popping on one side and then the other coming from a different direction. I did like that they didn't concentrate on just the front of the group, they were scaring all thru the group and even after a pop scare, they kept coming at you.

Set Design/FX/Props- 4/5 If you like old school, out in the woods, down and dirty scare, then this is the place. They don't go overboard with sets because it is out in the open. But that doesn't mean there is nothing to look at, there are a lot of scenes . The sets are there and they are nicely done and the actors use them good. The cornfield is really good in that it will send you in one direction and then you are back to what seems the start. Good use of the actors in the corn also.

Length- 5/5 This is a long haunt and it will take you awhile to get through it. With no lines the night I was there, it still took 45 minutes to get through.

Value- 5/5 Between how long the haunt is, the ticket prices (there seemed to be a discount for everything), and all that they offer up for scares, you can't go wrong by going to this haunt.

Other- 5/5 Good free parking in a big open lot, very friendly front staff, and a small concession stand is all you need these days.

Overall Impression- 4/5 I like this haunt because of how long it is, the amount of different scares along the trail and that they don't take you to the bank for admission. Others have said and I also, this is an old school haunt, not a lot of flash inside, but some good old fashion in your face pops and scares. I would recommend this with no hesitation.
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2013, 10:04:39 AM »

Date Attended:  September 27, 2013
Submitted By: Bethyboo

Scare Factor 4/5- This is an “old school” style haunted attraction.  They make great use of the woods and have many actors hidden throughout the attraction to scare you when you least expect it.  There is a cornfield maze that is very creepy and dark and you will start to wonder if you will be able to escape! 

Actors 4/5- There were some really great actors in this attraction.  The aggressive zombies in the graveyard made me want to move through that section very quickly and the clowns were equally as creepy.  There is also a “wolf man” that does an incredible job. All of the actors are high energy and eager to scare.

Set Design/FX/Prop 4/5-This haunt relies on the elements to pull off a lot of the scares.  The trail goes way back in the woods and because scares come at you from all directions, it makes it impossible to figure out when or where the scares will show up.  There are not a lot of automated props in this attraction so expect “live action” as you make your way through.

Length 5/5- This is a very long trail so be prepared to walk deep into the woods where no one can hear you scream.

Value 5/5- The cost of this attraction is between $15-$20 dollars depending on which night you attend.  There are also some discount coupons on their website.  I think this attraction is an incredible value because it has great scares, the length is good and the prices are reasonable.

Other 5/5- There is free parking at this attraction and they offer a “last ride” attraction for those who wish to experience it for a separate fee.

Overall Impression 4/5- This attraction has it all.  If you are looking for great scares, in an “old school” haunt setting, Trotterville Horror is a must see haunted attraction to visit this Halloween season.
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Date Attended:   10/03/2013
Submitted By:   Screaming_Diana
Scare Factor:   5/5
I think I screamed 5 times in the very first room.  The actor in this room knew I was afraid and jumped on the opportunity to frighten me more.  The trail is dark and the pathways between scares were quiet which gave me just enough time to worry about what was ahead.  They have one of the darkest mazes I have ever been through.  Not only was it dark but it was very narrow in places and yes was inhabited by monsters.  You couldn’t see them but you could occasionally hear them breathe or make noises.  You knew they were there because you could feel them as you reached out to guide yourself through the maze.   The scene near the end with the gargoyle is still one of the most frightening things I have ever seen.   
Actors:  4.5/5
Most of the actors were fantastic.  There were a few that didn’t seem to have their timing down yet but it’s still very early in the season so that will likely improve.  Some actors just did a pop scare and that was it but many of the actors sensed I was afraid and took every opportunity they could to scare me.  The actor in the first room terrorized me for what seemed like an eternity and even ended up sitting next to me at one point.  He was one creepy looking dude!  The zombies looked great and luckily for me they moved very slowly.  The creature or creatures (I still don’t know how many there were) in the corn field/maze were top notch.  I was stalked, jumped at, and chased as I tried to make my way out of the corn.  They have some very interesting and extremely scary looking characters roaming around on this trail.   There were actors coming from places you would never expect and they were very good at distracting you while another actor came out of nowhere to produce a scare.  They got me every time.
Set design/Props/FX:  5/5
There isn’t anything fancy here and that’s what makes it so perfect.  Old grungy junk cars, tractors, and just general debris mark parts of the trail.  The cemetery looked awesome.  The cemetery entrance, the graves, and the zombie actors made for a terrific scene.  The statue made me dribble a little!  It was so hard to tell what was real and what was not.  The clown room is a good example of this.  The hallway was full of clowns but only a couple were real.  It’s very nerve racking to not know which clown was going to leap at you and which ones wouldn’t.  Watch out for the last real clown.  He looked mad and very scary.  They made excellent use of the darkness, narrow walkways, laser lights, mirrors, tunnels, and loud noises to distract and disorient you.  The animatronic in the bedroom scene was impressive.   The timing of the scare was a little off but it was still very impressive.  If you don’t like tight spaces the lit up airbags will surly rattle your nerves.  The pitch black maze can be quite an endeavor.  You can’t see your way through and if you reach out to feel your way through you might come in contact with a monster.  If you touch the walls you might feel a little shock so good luck getting out!
Length:  5/5  This is a very long haunt.  I was exhausted and sweating by the end.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the length.
Value:  5/5  What a great value.  For $20 you get a very long trail packed full of scary surprises, good actors, and some really interesting sets.  Admission is $15 on some nights and they have a flyer for $5 off on their website.  http://www.trottervillehorror.com/Admission.html
Other:  They accept cash only.  Military, firemen, police, and EMT get in free with proper ID.  Parking was free!
Overall Impression:   5/5  Trotterville is still one of my top picks.  I screamed, peed, ran, hid my face, and even laughed a few times.  This place kept me on edge from start to finish.  And Mr. Gargoyle I think you will haunt me for the rest of my life!
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Visited: 10/3
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 4/5
This haunt centers on its natural environment for much of the scare factor, and that natural environment is dark!  Really dark, and sticking to that gives it a creepy feeling throughout.  The actors mostly pop instead of chase.  It can be really effective, and there was a lot of really good misdirection, which helped a lot!  The lighting is, naturally, super dark through most of the trail, which is awesome, and leaves a lot of space for things to crawl or hobble out of, and there were a ton of great silhouette moments that I'll remember as I fall asleep tonight.  Overall, the scares weren't as intense as some trails, but it's completely fun, and hits a great mark between teenager-only light scares and
kitchen-sink gory scares.  I think it holds a unique spot in the region for that reason, and it's a strong trail.

Actors: 4/5
The actors were well placed, though occasionally spaced a little too far apart from one another.  They tended to get one good jump, which they were very good at across the board, and then stop and wait for you to move on.  I would have liked a little more chase out of them, a little more interaction.  But there were lots of standouts: the first guy with the mace, the cannibal cop, the girl with the neverending scream, the statue in the cemetery, the backbending zombie girl to name a few...all terrific!  It was a good set of monsters, but there's definitely room for improvement in this area.

Sets/Props/FX: 5/5
Trotterville has the best garbage ever!  There are car seats that look to have been ripped unceremoniously from their chassis by unknown evils and left in a pile of leaves beside the trail, and a rusty old tractor with the seat missing that looks the beginning of a horror movie, and the body of a 1950s truck without even any wheels on it abandoned in the middle of the woods, what the hell is that?!  The sets at Trotterville are the best kind because they're real, and that stirs the imagination.  You make it creepier in your head than any
prefab animatronic could, and the designers of this haunt have excellent taste in what trash is just enough trash to set the proper mood.  The ground is uneven in stretches, sometimes you get shocked for real a little bit, the walls in the maze get so tight you think you must've gotten into some place you shouldn't be in; it all feels a little like they might not have meant to do it that way.  It throws you off kilter, and that's right where you want to be on a spook trail!  And I want to highlight the airbags, or "herpes bags," as we lovingly refer to them.  Normally you just squeeze through and move on, but these were different.  Brightly glowing white in the middle of all that dark was really cool, and then
you had to really work to get through those things!  Best herpes bags ever!  I LOVE the look of this haunt!

Length: 6/5
If this isn't the longest trail in the area I'd be surprised.  It may be urban legend, but I was told the trail was a mile and a half long, and it feels that way by the time you're through!  Two full mazes to solve and a ton of different setups out in those woods, this haunt has exceptional length.  Couldn't ask for better!

Value: 5/5
Based on the length alone, this haunt is the very definition of getting your money's worth.  The staff is friendly, the parking is ample and well-lit, it's a really good experience all around.  And as I said above, it floats in a middle ground between mild and truly scary, which can be very useful for youth groups or people just wanting to put a toe in the water of haunted houses.  Definitely a good value!

Overall: 4.5/5
Trotterville is moody, long and charmingly low-tech without sacrificing any of its ambition or creativity.  There were a few bare spots that could've used a monster or two, but it feels raw and hand strewn, and the atmosphere carries you through any rough patches.  The mazes really have to be solved rather than merely passed through, and the scares are all well thought through as to how the audience would experience them, which I appreciated.  The generous length and unique location really are star features, but the ending could use some sprucing up, it felt a little anti-climactic.  But in the end Screaming Diana was definitely scared, at one point careening like a Baptist swooning at a funeral,
so I'd say a good time was had by all.  Definitely well above average, and totally worth the trip!
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Visit Date: 10/3/13
Submitted by: packbacker

Scare Factor - 4/5
Trotterville is a more old-school spook trail.  You quickly leave civilization and head into the deep, dark woods.  The trail does a great job of meshing minimalistic sets, old cars, and abandoned debris with the natural darkness and isolation of the woods.  The scares are mainly pop scares with little chasing/harassment but there is some excellent misdirection as well as multiple scares involving sound.    There are two free walking sections of trail, a pitch dark static electricity filled maze, and a corn maze.  A section or two is sparse but in general you get very little down time before another scare is upon you.  The ending felt a bit weak.  I love to watch people run screaming into the parking lot at the exit and this time you're kind of left with the feeling of "That's it?" with the final scene. 

Actors - 3.5/5
The number of actors seemed to fit the trail very well.  They were spaced far enough apart that you didn't have ten on you at once but close enough together that there was not a lot of downtime.  Most of the actors are geared more towards pop scares rather than harassing/interaction with patrons.  Their timing is decent- most actors targeted the soft middle of a group rather than jumping at the first face they saw.  Those with speaking parts seemed a bit flat and had trouble interacting with guests outside of their scripted lines.  A few folks stood out- a zombie in the cemetery who was bent in half, the folks in the corn maze, and the "gatekeeper" at the bench when you start the trail.   

Set Design/Props/FX - 4/5
Trotterville Horror has an odd mix of debris, minimal sets, and then some very impressive props/costumes (the gargoyle and "bed demon").  A lot of the sets are minimalistic but exceptionally effecive.  The cemetery looks great and is well lit with a nice fog haze.  The long walkway through the clothes is easy yet creepy and who doesn't love a good house of mirrors?  My favorite set piece was probably the "hall of clowns".  It's simple yet deliciously fun to wonder which clown is real and which is a prop.  The vibrating pipe is also a nice touch.   

Length - 5/5
This is a seriously long trail.  I came out sweating and tired.  There were no checkpoints or secondary queue lines inside the haunt and it took us 45 minutes to an hour to complete....with minimal difficulties in the two mazes.  Wear your hiking boots- you're going to be doing some walking (or running)!

Value 5/5
Trotterville varies from $15-20 with a $5 coupon available from their website.  At $10 this attraction is literally a steal.  It's still worth every penny at the higher prices.  The length of this trail insures that if one area lets you down that there will be another to make up for it. 

Other -
Free parking in a very well lit lot.  The lay staff is very friendly and genuinely interested in your haunt experience.  The line was well managed sending through manageable group sizes with a proper wait time.  There is a small concession stand as well as a "Last Ride" attraction.

Overall Impression - 4/5
This is quite possibly the longest trail I've encountered in North Carolina.  Longer doesn't always mean better but in this case it works very well.  As soon as you begin to let your guard down between sets a new pop scare, airhorn, or snapping twigs in the woods let you know a new terror is about to be upon you.  I feel that with some more actor development and a stronger finish that Trotterville Horror could be poised to challenge some of the bigger haunts in the state.  Regardless a visit here is a heckuva work-out and a great time!
« Reply #7 on: October 07, 2013, 08:03:36 AM »

Visited: 9/31/13
Submitted by: 13moons

Scare Factor 4.5/5:  On my third year at Trotterville Horror , it must be a charm.  This needle in a haystack is finding its way to the top drawer as an outdoor haunted trail.  Two long, dark mazes stand out for me skyrocketing this scare factor in addition to other clever and several outstanding scare bursts in particular sets. So far 2013, Trotterville Horror delivers the absolute best, blackest, longest maze experience with overwhelming numbers of dead ends and backtracks. Out of eight haunts (different types of haunts) I’ve visited this season, Trotterville Horror black maze wins the prize for scariest, longest, total pinched, trapped, stuckness. The only bummer were other guests laden with glow necklaces and cell phone cheaters traipsing through that killed my spine-tingling, ear-sweating claustrophic nightmare. 100% dark in there!  A mix of strange and familiar haunt scenes scatter the trail leaving us wondering what's coming.  Trotterville double-dips this year with another personal early-season winner: a best-in-class corn maze – dark – confusing – lost in real corn flopping over the pathways taller than me – no way to see over or through – actors silently directed us the wrong way – retracing steps and somehow lost again – losing all sense of direction with repeated jolts snapping out at unexpected moments.  Plus, staying together with friends running aimlessly through the crazy corn maze determined to find our way out was an adrenaline-pumping workout!

Actors 3.75/5:  The storytelling in the Rules Area was a little too long – do that thing and let us hit the trails, please. Some dead zones and some actors gave up too soon – just because we saw them –in those perched-in ‘usual’ spots. But, that doesn’t mean not to try even if we spot you – some stalked from behind silently then caught a good close-in scare. The butcher house scene was much more wiggy when we got to go inside in prior years. This year, it seems like the butcher scene there needs a little overhaul – not very convincing and a little too contrived.  There were a few dead zones – the dead kind that leaves me wondering if it’s supposed to be like that or if the actors were off duty? The corn maze actors were awesome – all in black, they pointed us in all the wrong spiraling, skinny paths until we were breathless from zinging all over the maze trying to get out. Nice job hiding the exit area in that corn maze – I never saw the upcoming lights lingering in the luminous fog or heard the purr of the revving chainsaws and screams until we finally found our way out. Onwards, the zombies seemed tired along with the set being a little flat – strobe, a string of black lights, and some music or something there would give us that extra engagement. The other people in our group were partially intoxicated and smoking cigs in the haunt which was annoying but the actors stayed in character even though they were puffing away as we went through the haunt. The actors in the pitch-black top-notch maze added to our shocking fun – making sure we got lost at every possible dead end.  Those guys were the best pitch-black maze actors the ways they ensured we got our SHOCKS and led us astray in pure dark whisper-voices. On the way out, the white-faced finger-wiggling escort’s costume was highly impressive - awesome job staying in character – a strange exit for a haunt and very well-played.

Set Design/Props/FX 4/5:  The deep country backwoods haunt-front is very deceiving – the Deliverance affront is slipping into a slick outdoor haunted trail where the junkyard dive-feel is creeping into well-designed sets along the rippling, dark and freaky woodsy-trail. The entrance area is blaring with music so loud that it’s distorted but the actor and his far-out garb hanging around the wait area was delightfully vivid. People were getting photos made with the freaky character while waiting in line. The blood, sweat and fears put into this previous scrapyard extravaganza is ripening along with the tall and shrouding corn that was too short last year.  It’s super-deceiving at the get-go. What first appeared to be a down-home country seedy scare-me-in the old cars and clever scrap kind of trail has made impressionable transformations into a nonstop outdoor trail with wild and random scenes and fresh sets piled one on top of the other delivering wallops of fresh scares.  The covered sets were embellished for the most part but some of them were so dimly lit or random that we weren’t sure what it was supposed to be - so we walked on wondering what we might have missed.

Length 4/5:  This is a long haunt: several major parts stand out: the entrance Rules room, the first portion of the pathway filled with different scenes along the way – some actor-owned, some prop-only; two mega-mazes – one indoor pitch black and one long, tall corn maze; then more outdoor woods with increasingly extravagant scenes. We got lost in both mazes, so it took us at least an hour to get through the whole haunt itself. However, because I felt like I was walking and walking at points kind of just being in the backwoods in the dark minus the live action scares or props I could see; music or much FX; it was a little too long especially in the beginning and near the end.

Value 5/5:  For $20, it’s a fun haunted trail for PG13. This haunt is special because it is so physically engaging and extra-long. It was exhilarating running through the corn up and down the pin-turn, twirling maze paths. Parking is free, but this haunt is a drive up and drive out haunt. Not a lot going on in the line or the lot. Admission is cash only.

Overall 3.75/5:  Great location to mix in with other haunts in the area for a jam-packed haunted night. I’d go earlier next time so I could easily take in two haunts in one night. The waiting area needs a few more sparks to prep us for the experience.  I’m not sure what to say about actors breaking ‘scareactor’ to control potential inebriated guests who are lighting up during the haunt itself.  It was a little buzz-killer for me (who is not inebriated) and makes me freak out a little about the guests being hazardous more than the haunt. The Overall score is lower here because the particular night we went the drunk guests weren’t “fun” drunk people and the flicking of lit ciggies in straw huts was too close to feel safe enough. After the Rules Room, it was especially unnerving and I didn’t feel safe with the guests and lack of intervention on the part of the actors.
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