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Author Topic: Aberdeen Fear Factory  (Read 675 times)
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« on: October 10, 2013, 11:07:44 PM »

Aberdeen Fear Factory
Visit Date: 10/10/13

Scare Factor 4/5
The scares start before you enter the attraction.  You are chauffered in a hearse to the front of the attraction.  Cool and creepy!  Aberdeen Fear Factory is a completely indoor attraction that still manages to deliver a variety of scares.  We originally were sent through in a group of nine which was too large but we got lost in a room completely filled with fog and hooked up with a smaller group.  I'm thinking the scare factor would have been less as the group of nine so be warned your mileage may vary.  Rarely did things settle for just a pop scare.  Actors used a lot of pursuit/harassment and disorientation/misdirection are utilized well within the attraction.  In several instances you have to turn around and face a scare over again to find the correct way out.  Props are utilized very well.  Falling ceilings/barrels, vibrating props, and a place you have to crawl.  Everything is meant to get you out of your comfort zone.  Plenty of chainsaws are also present to get those slow members of the group running...  Groups were excellently spaced out- we never saw nor heard another group while we were in the attraction (save the high schoolers that ditched us in the fog room).  This allowed actors to have plenty of time to focus on us and really amp up the scare factor.  No conga line effect and no hustle to re-set right away. 

Actors 4/5
The actors here are solid in both number and talent.  It was the rare actor who settled for just a pop scare.  Most of them did the initial pop and then chased after the group expertly picking out who was reacting and continuing to give them the business.  Those with speaking parts did an excellent job of delivering the lines and again singling out the scaredy-cats.  The clowns seemed especially into their work and demented.  The odd part is that I swear multiple time they talked about rape.  That was more than a bit unsettling.   

Props/Sets/Fx 5/5
It looked great.  Sets were solid across the board.  Props were everywhere....your eyes never get bored in this haunt.  Body parts strewn across the floor, writing on the walls, bloody "missing" posters, and more make the detail conscious attendee smile.  Makeup and costumes are well done.  There are multiple animatronics as well as some simple props that are very effective.  As mentioned earlier, the hearse ride cannot be overlooked- great unique addition to the experience.

Length 4/5
I didn't time things but I'd guess it was a half hour long trip through the haunt.  Groups are not rushed or over-run.  Woulda liked more...but I almost always do.

Value 5/5
Fully worth the $20 asking price.  I was happy enough after the hearse ride itself.

Free parking.  Beer "tent" available on site.

Overall 4.5/5
I was grinning like a fool after taking the adventurous ride to the entrance.  I managed to get completely lost in a haunt for the first time in ages.  I watched grown men run like little girls.  Great visuals, some demented actors, and having an entire group of patrons yelling "Nipple Salad!"  Seriously there were a lot of firsts tonight.  Driving two hours one way for a haunt I knew little about seemed like a risky/poor idea........but it was so worth it.  Indoor haunts often suffer because they lack the natural ambience of the deep, dark North Carolina woods.  Aberdeen Fear Factory countered this with well balanced scares and using the walls of their building to deliver misdirection and claustrophobia.  It ended up being a fantastic visit.  I'd love to take my time to simply gawk at all the little set pieces but had to hustle to catch up with my group that kept running and screaming as I was doubled over in laughter.  It was a helluva way to spend a Thursday night!

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« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2013, 12:02:16 AM »

Aberdeen Fear Factory
Date Attended: 10/10/2013

Scare Factor:  4/5
Things started out creepy as we drove up to this totally indoor haunt.  We were told to park behind this creepy old warehouse.  There were very few other cars there except for the old rusty broken down vehicles scattered all around then we noticed we were being followed by a hearse.  This, my friends, was the highlight of the night!  That hearse was our ride to the ticket booth!  The haunt had lots of mixed scares from a few pop scares to actors who stalked us throughout the haunt.  

Actors: 4/5
These guys and girls did a great job.  The host at the beginning had me laughing as she told a group to get the hell out of her room.  They quickly scurried back out the door until it was there turn.  The most memorable actors were the clowns.  There were itty bitty clowns that were all over the place and tall creepy clowns that kept sneaking up behind me.  They all seemed to really be into their part.  I encountered many characters with chainsaws and some were much unexpected.  Showing up in a scene where I never would have expected a chainsaw.  I was singled out several times and even cornered once or twice.  They can sense fear and the actors will work together to get an even bigger scare out of you.

Set Design/Props/FX:  4/5
The sets were very well done.  In the heavy fog room my friend and I got separated from our group of 7 high schoolers, got totally lost, and ended up joining another group to continue the haunt.  That was probably the foggiest room I have ever tried to venture through.  All you could see were flashing lights and fog.  I could barely make out the person in front of me.  My suggestion is keep up with the person in front of you because if you get separated youíre going to be lost for a while!   They make excellent use of things falling from the ceiling, unsteady bridges (in 3D), and they even have a long narrow tunnel you must crawl through.  They had a few very well placed animatronics and an awesome 3D clown.  

Length: 4/5
It took us a while to get through this huge warehouse.  Granted we did get lost in the fog room for a while so that added length but either way I think it was great.  

Value: 5/5
The hearse ride a lone might be worth $20!  With the hearse ride and the actual haunt I say itís worth twenty bucks for sure.  

I would plan to go early or on a Thursday because I bet lines get long during peak season plus I doubt you can get the full hearse experience on busy nights.  They have beer for sale but you must stay in the beer tent while drinking.  No beer drinking allowed in the haunt!  

Overall Impression: 4/5
I had a great time.  We went through in a smaller group, 6 people I think, so we got a lot of attention.  Nice props, friendly staff, great actors, and a ride in a hearse. What else could you ask for on a Thursday night?  It was great and worth the drive.  
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