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Scare Factor - 4/5:  I have gone to Hacker House now for the last several years every year.  The scare factor is very good, it has remained just as scary every year since I first went about 6 or 7 years ago.   There are numerous scares throughout the haunt, and it is not possible to go in without being scared at least several times.  What made it a little scarier is the face that me and my brother went and we were the only two people to go in that night, we arrived late.  The actors did not back down at all and really made it an enjoyable and unsettling experience, it was great.

Actors - 4.5/5:   This is always an area of strength for Hacker House, always has been I believe.  The actors do their job well and stay in character and really set the tone for the haunt.

Set Design/Props/FX - 4/5:  I am really impressed that every year Hacker House seems to add new and different sets and props.  You get so immersed in the experience of the haunt, which is  strongly due to the top notch environment set by their sets.  Well done once again this year.

Length - 4/5: It took us about 25 minutes to go through the entire thing, which is pretty good.   Especially since there were only two us going through with no waits or stoppage.  We went straight through and it still took us almost 30 min.  I am satisfied with that. 

Value - Weekend special, $15/person.   A excellent price for one of the best haunts in the area.  Well worth it.

Other -  I just have to say that once again I am very impressed by Hacker House and the quality of their haunt, great job guys!

Overall Impression - 4.5/5-  Hacker House puts themselves near the top once again.  Good price, great actors, great sets/props and just a great time yet again!
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