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News: Visit a haunt in Virginia this season!
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Author Topic: No Man's Land- Blacksburg, SC  (Read 857 times)
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No Man's Land   Blacksburg, SC
Visit Date: 10/11/13

Scare Factor  2/5
Your mileage may vary.  We were the only group at the entire haunt so we did get the full focus of the actors.  I was kind of bored while my trail mate was screaming and running.  The haunt begins with a haunted doublewide.  Parts of it look to be rotting off and the atmosphere starts out eerily enough.  A lot of gore and screaming happens in the trailer.  Soon enough you're outside and come across a junkyard type set and then veer off into a trail through the woods.  The majority of the time there is a simple pop scare.  Only at the end of the trail is their chasing/harassment....and in that instance they followed her to the car and chased her around it for quite some time.  Again your mileage may vary as we were the only people at the trail.  It should also be noted that there are significant bare spots along the trail.  No props, no actors, just some caution tape and lighting  as we headed towards the teepee at the end. 

Actors 1.5/5
No Man's Land is definitely lacking in numbers.  Some added actors for pop scares between scenes could really elevate the trail. Timing is often suspect and there is little interaction until the end of the trail.

Sets/Props/Fx 2/5
The indoor sets are much better than the outdoor ones.  Good gore with if memory serves an animatronic or two.  The outdoor scenes are much more bare bones.  Makeup is pretty minimal. 

Length 2/5 
Overall its  a decent length but the bare spots bring this rating down a bit.  I'd say it was a 15 minute trip at a fairly languid pace.

Value 2/5
This was on par with the $10 trails we visited in South Carolina.  The length, sets, and paucity of actors doesn't make this a super value.

Free parking!  The parking is poorly delineated but there was no crowd so we didn't have any issues.  There's a fire barrel out front to warm your hands if needed. 

Overall 2/5
In the end No Man's Land is pretty run of the mill.  Nothing exceptional but it has room for improvement. 

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