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News: Visit a haunt in Virginia this season!
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Author Topic: Booger Jim's Hollow- Blacksburg, SC  (Read 477 times)
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Booger Jim's Hollow   Blacksburg, SC
Visit Date:  10/11/13

Scare Factor 3.5/5
There are two distinct types of scares at Booger Jim's Hollow.  One type is your regular haunt scare: actors, props, sets., chainsaws, etc.  The other type is simply the trail itself.  Booger Jim's Hollow is wedged into what appears to be a bamboo forest in the middle of frickin' nowhere.  The trail winds up and down the hillside in a truly frightening and plainly dangerous fashion.  Plywood bridges, muddy slopes, roots, and tight squeezes make the natural environment downright scary.  Looking at the traditional aspect of this haunt it's pretty run of the mill.  The super tight sets add to the ambience and you have faces and hands coming from everywhere.  It's a unique scare to have a chainsaw aimed at your feet as you're on a 60 degree downward slope worried you're going to fall into a precipice in god knows where SC.   

Actors 3.5/5
Decent numbers and they don't let up.  Without goading they gathered the name of my trail mate and made sure to harass her.  My worry is that with their exuberance that they're going to freak someone out to the point that they hurt themselves, though.  These kids are raring to go.....they were screaming, laughing, hooting, and hollering while the intro story of Booger Jim was being told.       

Props/Sets/Fx 3/5
Lots of sheets with some standard props.  I wish I had more time to look at masks, makeup, etc but I was literally transfixed on not falling. 

Length 4/5
Decent distance for the money.

Value 3.5/5
This is a hard value to ascribe.  They were scarier than the other ten dollar trails we hit but the trail conditions have to factor in.  Their heart is in the right place and afterwards I realize that it felt like fun......but I can't shake the real dangers that are on this trail. 

They're open until 3am.  Insane!  The parking area is in front of a church then there is a walk back past some houses to the entrance of the attraction.  We thought they were closed.....drive back to check and see.

I'm not sure I can give a number here.  This trail frankly is dangerous.  They say they've never had an injury....hard to imagine when servicing the post-bar crowd at 2-3am.  The traditional scares they deliver are solid.  Lots of menacing with good timing.  Too much of the time, though, I spent making sure I wasn't going to break my ankle, fall on my face, or plummet through a plywood bridge.  It's definitely unique.  The spirit is there....they really, really want to scare people.  Take these people and give them a safe, flat trail and I think they'd do quite well. 
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