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News: Visit a North Carolina haunt this weekend!
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Author Topic: Campground Massacre - Fort Mill, SC  (Read 410 times)
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Visit Date:  10/11/13

Scare Factor: 3/5
As it is probably the closest haunt to Charlotte, I’ve visited this haunt 6 times over 7 years and pretty much know where the scares occur.  So I try to base my judgment on our group of 8 (20-40 yr olds)during the haunt.  While chainsaws are overused in almost every haunt, you can’t argue with effectiveness…and these were no different.  There were also quite a number of ‘boo’ scares that startle you know matter if you know it’s coming.  Some of the rooms/rvs you walk through were creepy through the use of some effective set design, setting up some good pro or actor scares. 

Actors: 4/5
I think these guys have gotten better to be honest.  I’m a stickler for looking out for actors breaking character, and none did during our walk through.  This haunt has been around for almost 20 years and a few of them have been doing this for  a decade or more.    It’s nice to see a ‘familiar’ face year after year.  Michael Myers got a new mask I see and Freddy is pretty good, also that chick in the strobe hall was effective…and if you count that speed demon of a tractor driver…he’s a great actor as well.  (I know I’m going to die on that thing one year)

Props/Set/Fx 5/5
Always amazing.  There has been a ton of money invested in this department, and not wasted.  Great lighting and fog, we went on a cloudy night and the fog seem to settle just nicely in the woods.  Some great walkthroughs, from the crusty RV to the black light lit graveyard all were effective.  CM even has some gigantic props that I don’t want to ruin, but quite impressive.

Length 3/5
The loss of Nina’s Mansion hurt.  But it was no fault of theirs.  Fire Marshall shut it down until a sprinkler system was installed (I was told the price for installation and it was on the better side of 5 digits).  But they have added on to the trail to try and make up for that absence.  The trail is about 75% in the woods with the remaining percent divided up between rvs/cabins/rooms.  I’d say a good 15-20 mins for a walk through.

Value 3/5
The price hasn’t changed and is still $20.  Hit it up the first two weekends of the season for discounts.

Free parking.  CM operates on a KOA close to Charlotte and I-77.   With big city growth, it has finally reached Fort Mill, SC and CM.  Years ago you would park in some gravel field surrounded by woods and tiki torches, now a fancy new Publix resides.  Retail is taking over, and I wonder just how long the KOA will still be there and what the fate of CM will be.  I really hope the haunt continues.

Overall 3/5
Still one of my yearly haunts.  Ambiance is everything for me, and while they can’t do anything about city sprawl, I prefer the outdoor haunts.  Small groups, good set design, and good actors made for a great night.
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