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Author Topic: Maze of Terror - Albemarle, NC  (Read 910 times)
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Maze of Terror in Albemarle, NC
Date attended: 10/11/13

Scare Factor: 2.75/5 - This haunt is waaaaay down Hwy 73 between Concord and Albemarle along a VERY dark stretch of road.  Once you get there, you see a HUGE cornfield, a few buildings, and headlights from large vehicles off in the distance moving slowly through the fields.  It's genuinely creepy.  The offset is that this is a family friendly event during the day with a pumpkin patch and kid-friendly corn maze so there is a lot of non-scary stuff hanging around.  You can't really see any of the trail since you are shipped out to the far end of a corn field in what our guide called the 'Redneck Limo' (needs a much better name).  There were clouds of fog wafting over the corn and a few screams coming from that general direction and that alone made it pretty eerie.

Actors: 2/5 - There are a of couple actors  in the Redneck Limo that make the ride out to the entrance entertaining. I personally liked a few of the actors as they got in your face and made menacing gestures, but some of the actors just seemed to go through the motions.  Being in a cornfield, they could easily be heard before making their move.  I really didn't care for the guide as he talked too much between scenes and kept trying to inject comedy into the maze.  Constantly telling us what we were walking up to killed a lot of the scares and at the least, prepared the group for what was next.  He constantly tried to get us to see things and acted surprised when the scare came from exactly where he told us to look. Several actors had multiple scares in different areas of the maze and that was nice.  You will see a few trademarked characters (Michael Myers, Ring girl, etc). lurking about and a lot of actors in masks, including a few kids.  The guide did make a point of mentioning one person's name in our group a bit too loudly and you could hear several actors calling her name throughout the maze as we went through.  At the very end, there is a VERY surprising room that will leave you scratching your head and wondering if that really happened.  No one is told that this will happen beforehand.

Sets/Props/FX: 3/5 - The natural setting of 15-foot tall corn and a very narrow trail at night is naturally creepy and they take advantage of it to the fullest.  The few buildings that we passed though had interesting characters and some good detail.  Unfortunately, the guide told us what many of them were beforehand so there was no big surprise factor.  the 'Twilight Zone' was unexpected for a corn maze and the cotton candy room was extremely clever.  A little less dialog from the guide would have made this room much scarier.  The unguided maze is fun and you WILL get lost and it's unlikely you'll find your way out without help.

Length: 3/5 - It takes a good 30 minutes to walk though.  No complaints.

Value: 3/5 -  The price is decent for what you get. More comments below.

Overall: 2.75/5 Free parking (that seems to be big news now), a large corn maze, a decent concession stand, nice looking t-shirts, lots of activities for the kids, including a pumpkin patch makes this a nice place to spend a couple of hours during the day.  At night, the daytime mazes closes as the haunted one opens and I don't think the kids activities are on in the evening.  I went on a Friday when two local high schools were having Homecoming football games so the crowds were light. The owners said that they have steadily grown over the past 7 years and have the capability to expand.  Is this a particularly scary haunt? No. Would I recommend it to kids.  No.  It is, however one of the bigger corn mazes around and it does give you a few startles and scares.  From what I experienced, it's worth the $12 you spend to get in.  There is a discount coupon on the website www.themazeofterror.com. I think this would be a nice compliment to a night of hitting haunts in and around Albemarle.  

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