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Author Topic: Ripley's Haunted Adventure, Myrtle Beach SC  (Read 283 times)
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Haunt Name: Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, Myrtle Beach SC
Date Attended:  10/13/2013
Submitted By: sissyhaunt

Scare Factor 1/5 – The group size minimalizes any scare factor they are trying to accomplish here. We went through in a group of 12, which means anyone from the middle on back of the line misses any scare or startle factor. While I understand that this is a haunt geared toward tourists it would have been more successful with a maximum group of 5.

Actors .75/5 – The best part of the actors was their makeup. I expected a little more out of them since Ripley’s is such a huge industry. They were so scripted that they seemed more bored than scary. The first section you  come to is a room that is roped off separating you from any interaction with the actors. There is a doctor and two “attendants” that are taking a supposed mental patient back to his room. The doctor then proceeds walking around the exam table telling you this is an asylum and to be careful of the patients. He then gives you the rules and all of this takes place over a very long 5 minute period. None of them seemed to take any joy in what they were doing.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 3/5 – The sets looked good. The actors and the sets didn’t seem to mesh very well though. There is no interaction between you and the scene. It was more like visiting a museum than a haunt experience. I missed a lot of what was supposed to happen in each section because I was the second to last person in a group of 12.

Length 1/5 – The length is approximately 10 minutes. It seemed to me to be much longer though because by the time I entered the set whatever was supposed to happen had already happened so I missed out.

Value 1/5 – Ticket prices are $14.99 for adults, ($2 off if purchased online), and $9.99 for children 6-11 years old. We purchased a combo pass that included Nightmare Haunted House which is less than a block away. With the boredom of the actors, no interaction and the group size I did not feel this was a good value. If I were to do it again, I would skip this attraction and go straight to Nightmare Haunted House.

Other 2/5 – I gave this a higher score because the sets were very well done. This is a tourist spot, which makes parking a challenge. There is a lot of potential to make this a much better haunt. If it wasn’t so scripted, the actors had more energy and some interaction with the patrons this could be a fairly good haunt experience.

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