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Author Topic: Scarrigan Farms- Mooresville, NC  (Read 641 times)
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« on: October 15, 2013, 07:51:41 PM »

Scarrigan Farms
Visit Date:  10/13/13

Scare Factor 1/5
Scarrigan Farms fails to live up to its name for multiple reasons.  It starts with line management.  We went through as a group of five which was a reasonable size.  Within five minutes we had piled into another group.  To their credit a backstage person held us up and sent us on as a group of two.  Of course within five minutes we piled into another group, again.  Groups of 9-12 fall incredibly flat especially when you are bringing up the rear.  Group management aside, there are still a lot of problems and flaws.  The entire trail is radically under staffed.  The corn maze was simply a sad, boring trudge through vegetation.  The clown house was cool to look at but so many wasted opportunities.    The bus was the only solid scare along the trail. 

Actors: 1/5
This rating is due to both actor numbers as well as talent.  Firstly, there are way too few actors in this haunt.  The corn maze features three actors in the entire thing with two grouped together at the end.  The 3D "maze" features three actors with again two in close succession who both broke character as we were approaching.  The clown house had three to four actors but they literally just stared at us.  One finally yelled "Don't slip!" as we were shown the slides.  Sigh, so many wasted opportunities.  The middle section of the trail was both better staffed and better executed.  There was minimal chasing/harassment but it was better.  The gentlemen on the bus have good timing and seem to enjoy their work.  Bottom line....a lot more actors are needed. 

Props/Sets/Fx: 3/5
It looked great in parts.  The exterior clown facade is cool with the blacklight eyes.  The 3D areas are fun to look at and the few actors in this area have appropriate costumes.  The slides are quick and eerily dark.  There are some very uncomfortable areas where you have to stoop/crawl/squeeze through.

Length: 2/5
The lady running the queue line claimed it takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete depending on how fast you're running.  I didn't time it but I'd be shocked if we spent more than 20 minutes here including both getting stopped mid-haunt and finishing the corn maze.  Longer isn't necessarily better, though, as we were both ready to be done.  For a $20 price tag the haunt would be better served to be longer....but only if it can be staffed properly.

Value: 1/5
For $20 I'm expecting a more polished, scary/fun attraction.  Unfortunately Scarrigan Farm has poor line management, a dearth of actors, and a trail that just doesn't deliver.  Compared to other $20 trails in the middle of NC this one falls way short. 

Free parking!  This haunt has a unique area to wander around pre-show.  There's an old granite quarry that is now home to what appears to be some ornamental carp.  Sitting near a fire barrel watching the sun set over a quarry pond is kind of awesome.  Full bathrooms on site.

Overall: 1.5/5
Disappointment is the key word here.  It starts with line management.  You are given a ticket with a number and are supposed to be called in groups over the PA system.  The PA works in a very small area....literally I couldn't decipher it ten feet away.  You are then taken to the clown exterior, tickets are taken and you are separated into smaller groups.  Then the individual lines are emptied rather than moving across the front of each line.  Groups rapidly coalesce inside the haunt and scares go from few and far between to simply non-existent if you end up at the back of a group.  A paucity of actors further brings down the experience.  Some interesting visuals cannot be salvaged, however, and the evening concluded as 1/3 of the actors in the corn maze said "this way" and we exited into the parking lot.  Sigh.  Live and learn, live and learn.

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« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2013, 11:09:34 PM »

Scarrigan Farms
Date Attended:  10/13/2013

Scare Factor:  1/5
The scares are very limited here.  Maybe itís because we were one of the first groups through that night but the haunt lacked tremendously in scares.  We started out in a smaller group but it wasnít long before we were the tail end of a much larger group.  If there was a scare we missed it.  I did hear screaming a head of us so itís possible we just missed the scare due to our large group size.  Either way the scares were not there for me.   It doesnít take much to scare me so if I make it through a haunt with only a few startles thereís work to be done.

Actors:  2/5
One of my biggest complaints here is actors breaking character.  You could hear and see the actors chatting and hanging out with each other as you entered a scene.  This completely ruins the scare.  The actors leading up to the slide just stared at us.  I canít remember a single one trying to scare anyone in my group.  An occasional quiet actor is eerie but it was awkward for none of the actors to attempt a scare.  I was impressed with the actors on the bus.  They played their part well and had me a little panicked when I was trapped on the bus with only a monster with a chainsaw.  You got me!  The haunt lacks in actor number and skill.  The corn maze was basically just a walk to the parking lot through the corn.   

Set Design/Props/FX:  2/5
The clown entrance looked cool.  The pitch black slide was fun and little frightening all at the same time.  The clown area in 3D looked really good but lacked actors and scares so it didnít work.  The corn maze had great potential but sadly failed. 

Length:  1/5
If the haunt had delivered in scares I wouldíve been pleased with the length however I was bored and ready for it to end.   

Value:  1/5
When compared to other $20 haunts in NC this haunt just didnít deliver. 

While waiting you can enjoy sitting next to a fire or just sit among the rocks and enjoy the view of the beautiful rock quarry.   I noticed a few folks roasting marshmallows by the fire.   The music was slightly odd and didnít really get you in the Halloween mood but despite the strange music the atmosphere in the waiting area was fantastic. 

Overall Impression: 2/5
I had never heard of this haunt before and was very excited to see what it had to offer.  They let me down.  The best thing about this place was waiting by the rock quarry watching the fish eat potato chips.
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