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Author Topic: Haunted Forest Reborn- Burlington, NC  (Read 758 times)
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Haunted Forest Reborn
Visit Date: 10/27/13

Scare Factor: 1.5/5
The trail is guided moreso for directions/safety rather than establishing a scare.  You wind through black plastic "rooms" and then go back out to the main trail.  It's confusing and cuts down on the scare factor significantly.  There are pop scares occasionally through the trail but the set scenes generally aren't very effective.  Chainsaws are plentiful with a plethora at the end.  Props generally are not used for scares; they are all actor driven.

Actors: 2/5
No one here has any speaking roles and most appear to be kids.  They're having fun but quickly break character and can't sell a scare if the initial pop fails.  The guide is not in costume nor an actor- they are there simply to direct you where to go or to avoid roots/stumps/etc.

Props/Sets/Fx: 2/5
The headless  bride looked good.  Otherwise the sets are black plastic and the props are minimal.  There is a fog tunnel halfway through the haunt which was interesting but the rest was spartan.

Length: 2.5/5
It's short-ish but without more varied scares it doesn't need to be any longer.

Value: 1/5
This is much more of a home haunt.  $12 was very steep for what we got for the money.  While the trail was amusing it was generally very basic.  It felt more like what I'd do at my house given enough land. 

Free parking!

Overall: 1.5/5
I think if I was local and spent $5 I'd feel different about Haunted Forest Reborn.  For $12, though, the trail felt very over-priced for what is delivered.  Driving that distance was all on me but it was a let-down for everyone but our guide who was doubled over in laughter at screaming_diana.  Their heart seems to be in the right place but it needs a lot of work to be anywhere near a $12 trail or anything more than a home haunt.

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