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Author Topic: Kersey Valley Spookywoods *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 3422 times)
« on: October 05, 2013, 02:15:01 PM »

Visited: 9/31/13
Submitted by: 13moons

Scare Factor 3.75/5:  This haunted attraction is a true adventure for the whole family, a date night, or a pick over a movie or even Scarowinds – don’t miss a pure haunted night at Kersey Valley 2013. It’s more than just a haunted house, more than just a haunted show, more than a drive-through Big Mac haunt. The place itself is pure eye candy – it’s like a fantastical planet once you drive in the windy dirt road and get out of your vehicle. Monsters in the parking lot loom about and when you look down to get all situated – look out when you go to get out – the monsters will climb into your car so hurry up! Walking in, there’s awesome music (turn it up, please) and a pure display of haunted magic just being in the place. The walkways, the DJ – hey where was the video screen this year? And, the second interactive $1 show? Give me a disco ball in the line – keep me pumped. The first house was very cool but not scary – what happened to the crazy dark mazes? Look at the faces coming out of each part – if they aren’t emotional, change it. The tram ride was not as eye-popping this year but the re-opening of the (all-new) alien forest was bloody awesome! How do you get that great sound out there? The laser lights are mystical and disorienting – then it’s so quiet but loud with stimulation that wham! Actors freaked us out so bad my friend bumped into a tree!  The forest is maddening fun, and the gotcha at the end – never saw it coming! Spray paint those florescent lights green or something (the start and end ones) - that lighting reminds me of a shopping mall. And, it gave Him away already! The spaceship is awesome-give me some light or something besides that street lamp so it fits. The corn is lackluster but the castle made up for it in many fascinating, scary and fun ways.  But, other important points I know this Haunt to be took down the scare factor this visit. Remember, it was opening weekend, so take this with a grain of salt-see Overall score.

Actors 3.75/5: Actors were in high style and character in top-notch Spookywoods tradition. But, it was opening weekend and some of the sets were blank – the Opera room, the catacombs, the graveyard, the biohazard, the corn... But the ones present were present, attentive, and lurk-ey. Love them coming out of the walls – totally unexpected and scary as hell! Love it when actors are not in the ‘usual’ places. What’s going on in the venus fly room? Make it stroby or electric-y or have stuff hanging from the ceiling like Poison oak maybe? Now that would be really freaky! I come home with psychosomatic breakouts! Totally memorable. Can’t tell the difference between a prop and an actor in this show – the stillness is really good – the distractions – really convincing and very spoof-y – need more. Tons of silent jolts, perfectly-timed for terror-screams! Get that alligator broom out in the section with the plank missing near the floor or blow out some air puffs – that actor was really great but I wanted something to happen from the floor. Awesome interaction in a few key sets! The costumes other than the Hostess Girls are totally 100% over the top awesome! But, the set mismatch thing and the same thing for the women actors at the entrances – all dresses? Girls can be more than sexy witches – we like pants, paint, straw and body suits, too. Give me some bodies disguised as the theme they (re)present and give me some Men Hosts, mix it up. Swap characters around, need more actors overall – get your security people to act, too. Lots of MIB around there with supersonic ear thingies – make them play with us while they keep the show in order.

Set Design/Props/FX 4/5:  First house – very cool but not scary! What happened to the maze; the 3D sets, the darkness? Entering the alien forest – forget the Einstein tale and a mining kind of look-the long ass story lines are too hard to follow - can’t hear the actor and its mismatched; show me a panicked alien abductee in a pod or shredded-remnants of someone who barely escaped and needs me to hurry up and find grandparents or someone else everyone can relate to (I don’t have a sister so it didn’t get my solar plexus) toss me a flashlight and let us loose already – don’t give it away right off the bat! I’m not going mining. At the end of the forest – another fluorescent (ewww) – give me a winding tunnel or some kind of something before Him please. I could see – except the abducted girl- that was a snappy shock of fun! Match the entrance people to the sets – they have the same witchy tone. Give me a troll or Medusa at the corn (although the Corn Actress’ hair is totally awesome – make it snakes!) cuz they all look the same. The corn fencing is too…perfect. Give me some texture in there besides metal. Give me what I came for from beginning to end – give me more neon, give me more fog, lose the shopping lights unless you’re gonna sell t-shirts during the haunt, give me more ambiance - give me consistent atmosphere like in the rest of events. The dark maze additions/conversions throughout the castle – awesome! Make me go lower in the slanted one. Give me an option to go through that tube and get stuck – make it darker in there – strobe me out-cover the lights with fire-resistant colored something or put black bulbs in the castle. Make me run, make me do more stuff, make me make complicated decisions. Sounds overlap in some areas – love the haunted orchestra sounds – thunder and lightning or underwater bubble drips instead of other music so I can track it and take it into its full madness. The water tunnel – ok, make it blue at least. Put animatronics or props or something in those holes – fog me with ‘steam’ or if I’m underwater let me know - put a light with fog lines so it looks like underwater - give me a fiendish mermaid or a bloody shark attack or a violent stingray projector ghost. Bland in there. Turn off the constant flow there – losing my scare in there – drench me in a quick blast; or slow it to a sprinkle or burst the water on a wicked random timer– something I have to guess with. Turn down the lights in the open areas and spotlight the closer-in ones – give me some mermaid sounds – siren screams – mirrors- anything. Love the textured walls; the underwater sets! The squeezy stuff – make me dig my way out if no actors or props, make me work for it. The crash set – OMG! – totally wicked fun but where’s my subway crash? The crematorium-I missed it. Cream us with something else then if it takes too long to reset or keep it close and shut it off so I have to notice. This haunt has so much to offer – so much to see and take in-lots of cool, scary, fun new stuff this year – beefed-up and redone in many areas - just make me work harder for it.

Length 5/5:  This is a long haunt with a first house, a tram ride, a forest freak out, another tram ride, a corn maze, and indoor/outdoor endless castle with nearly everything imaginable. Just hanging out in the Town takes time to soak in, too – totally fulfilling for a first-timer or a haunt addict.  Many sets are 100% original - you won’t see them anywhere else in the world, and it takes time to get through it – if you dare.

Value 5/5:  Despite the bucks it’s worth it. Spookywoods is not a ‘normal’ haunt. It should be listed more like an adventure theme park – they even have haunted zip lines (check out the web site) and a 21+ only booze-on, party-down, all kinds of separate venues with bands, shows, freaky stuff to do and have done to you (tee hee) costume-out (there’s a competition if you want – zappy to see all the people coming out in total costume awesome-ness), plus freak show (I couldn’t watch it last year it was so contorted and freaky) Dark Circus Party October 24th/25th in 2013. Hey, wonder if they will have a tattoo parlor this year at Dark Circus? For the regular haunted attraction, paying for parking sucks ($5 cash per car-but at least they don’t charge per person by the carload! – don’t even think about it). You can buy tickets using a credit card if you want. I saw litter being picked up by staff so I get the $5. Help us out - put some trash receptacles out there in the lots under those fluorescent lights so staffers can be scaring us instead. Concessions are decent and the fudge is really something – like YUM and that’s like a special thing to me – just wish they had chocolate-dipped caramel apples, dark chocolate dipped fresh strawberries, champagne (sparkling cider in cool plastic champagne glasses), and fudge hot chocolate. At Spookywoods everything is haunted – even the bathrooms…and I don’t feel like I need to wash my hands after I wash my hands if you know what I mean. Clean, professional, safe, and excellent customer service. You can pay extra for a VIP pass and if it’s busy, do it. Spookywoods does not compare to other haunts nearby because it is a different ‘genre’ of haunt. It’s a whole haunted Town plus and then some. Go, it’s one of the best in NC – it’s the only one like it in NC, so don’t miss it.

Overall 4.5/5:  Stay in the friggin path in the forest or you’ll get lost and if you do go outside the marked path and get bitten by a spider or a snake or whatever else happens just like regular WOODS, guess what! It’s on us – there’s a reason for the markers! Don’t be going to this adventure in stilettos either because you’re gonna run – wait for the Dark Circus to do that. All things haunted are at Spookywoods – the scare park, the town set, the atmosphere, the homemade fudge; the $1 slot machine is totally outlandish – be sure to watch up close to get the full effect – and check yourself in the bathroom mirror for blood spatter at least once while you are there. Seriously. Go to the restroom. Maybe put a short, sheer black curtain over the slot machine cubby to keep it to the slotters – one of those super-tall, screwdriver-eating actors (or a zombie actor) could stalk that area – that slot machine is easy to miss and People, don’t miss that slot machine! It’s scary, it’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s sexy, it’s playful, it’s creative, and you never know which one you’re gonna get.
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Date Attended:  10/5/2013
Submitted By: Sissyhaunt

Scare Factor 1.5/5 – In the past, Spookywoods was one of my favorite haunts. Arriving hopeful and a bit nervous, I was sadly disappointed with the scare factor. There were no actors in the parking lot area and very few once you enter the midway area. The few I did see were grouped together and talking to each other. 

Actors 1.5/5 – I will give props to one of the actors on the midway, he came up to us and stuck a screwdriver up his nose. However, this was more of a freak factor than a scare. I did not experience the energy level of the actors that I have in the past. The tram ride from the house to the forest area had only one actor who jumped on the tram then jumped back off again. That section was completely dark except when you passed the train which blows its horn and turns lights on. The lighting in the forest section gave away the actors before you got to them. Getting back on the tram to go to the cornfield you pass sets that were completely dark and had nothing going on at all. There was one actor in the cornfield that managed to make me scream and my 6’4 son jump. There were sections where you went too long without seeing an actor and when you did come across some they didn’t have the energy factor that makes a haunt great. This brings me to the actors in the vampire section. I know actors have an extremely taxing job and probably get very tired of going through the same motions over and over again. However, there is never an excuse for actors to be verbally abusive to patrons. We had an older group of people in front of us. When we came to the vampire section we stopped because one of them needed to rest and they were huddled in a corner out of the way. We overheard one of the vampires yell at that group that if they needed a break they needed to get off the da*n trail. That got that group moving and then we heard one of the actors yell, “Where the fu** are they?”. When we entered that section the actors were just standing in a circle swearing about the patrons ahead of us. I KNOW that the owner would not have approved of this.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – The set designs and special effects at this haunt are worth seeing. Spookywoods has always had some of the best props and designs around and you can tell that a lot of work and effort goes into this. While I did miss the scares I did enjoy looking at the sets. In some sections you went too long without anything going on, but it gave you time to appreciate the sets. I loved how they made the house into an Inn, it looked amazing. They have a lot of security personnel throughout the haunt which makes you feel safe, but they do stand out and were a bit distracting. Some of the sections were too brightly lit so you don’t get the eerie feeling that adds to a haunt. For those who are adventurous they offer a haunted zip line for an additional fee.

Length 5/5 – This haunt takes about an hour to go through not counting the wait to park or being in line so allow plenty of time to be here. They do move people through pretty quickly.

Value 5/5 – Sundays and Thursdays tickets are $20.00 and on Friday and Saturday are $25.00. For $35.00 you can get a VIP ticket that gets you into the haunt faster than the regular tickets. Military gets 50% off when the tickets are purchased on site. For the length and set designs and props this is a good value. There is a $5.00 parking fee so make sure you bring some cash for this.

Other 2.5/5 – Spookywoods is a family haunt. It is one of the few haunts that I think is safe to bring smaller children to. It is also a great place for teenagers or for a date night.

Overall Impression 2.5/5 – This is a good place to go if you enjoy special effects and super set designs. If you want to experience a haunted attraction but don’t want to be too scared this is the one to go to. Even though the vampire section soured our experience the rest of the actors and the attraction were pleasant.
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2013, 08:18:42 AM »

Date Attended:  10/5/2013
Submitted By: Waya

Scare Factor 1/5 – I have enjoyed spookywoods in the past but was disappointed this year. It took forever to even get to the parking area combined with the fact that you did not even see the first character until you hit the midway. It reminded me more of a carnival atmosphere than a haunt.

Actors 1.5/5 – In my opinion too few actors for the size of the haunt. There were several LONG dead spots throughout the haunt and very few of the actors had any energy.  There were a few that remained in character and one particular in the miday that did well entertaing the guests and did a great job with a screwdriver.

Set Design/FX/ Prop 5/5 – The set design and f/x have always been excellent,  they do put alot of time and money into them, but again when you have long dead spots it is more site seeing than anything and if you have no energy from the actors it makes it worse, alot of the areas were over lit so it took away from the suprise when a character did come out.

Length 5/5 – The length of the haunt is pretty good but you feel rushed through everything which takes away from the experience.  At times you felt like you were being hearded like cattle. I feel the buildup is half the fun.

Value 4/5 - costs range from $20 to $35 for a vip pass and $5 for parking. There is lot to do when you get inside which again lends to more of a theme park setting with alot going on to do but a low scare factor

Other 2.5/5 – Spookywoods is not what I would consider an extreme haunt but more family friendly geared more toward small children and teens

Overall Impression 2.5/5 – This is a good place to bring the family if you don't want to get too scared and enjoy the fx and design.
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Submitted by:  Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/17/2013
Scare Factor:  4/5
This was by far my best visit to Spooky Woods.  We were there on a slower Thursday night so we got a lot of attention from the actors.  We went through most of the haunt as a group of five so this really amped up the scares.  We didn’t miss scares due to huge groups being shoved through at once.  I can’t count the number of times I screamed and sadly I must admit my screaming started at the ticket booth and didn’t end until I walked through the gate to leave the haunt.
Actors:  4/5
The actors seemed much improved from past years or maybe the smaller crowd that night gave the actors the opportunity to act at their full potential.  I’m not sure but either way they did an excellent job.  Pop scares were well timed and aimed at all areas on the group.  Our group was stalked and I was even cornered or surrounded by monsters a few times.  They eventually let me go but they had fun harassing and scaring me before they did.  Each set was well staffed with actors.  When there was a spot that lacked an actor there was always something cool or scary to look at.  The majority of the actors in the decontamination zone didn’t do much.  It seemed a bit odd to walk past them and they never attempt a scare but I guess the not knowing if they are going to jump out at you or not is scary in its self.  The monsters will get in your face, they will get very close, but they will not intentionally touch you.   Some of them were close enough for me to feel their breath on the back of my neck.  That’s a very creepy feeling.
Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5
It looks amazing.  The first part, the house, was very detailed and equipped with moving chandeliers and mirrors.  It was very well designed and had a lot of perfectly timed pop scares.   You take a couple haunted trolley rides to and from different sections of the haunt.  These are mainly people movers but beware the trolley will be invaded by monsters several times along the way.   The walk through the woods didn’t have a lot of extravagant props but they were not needed.  It was dark out in the woods but you’re given a flashlight that dimly lights your way, sometimes.    The pitch black maze at the end of the wooded trail is a nice new touch this year.  The lights shining over the corn maze looked spectacular and the sudden blazes of fire just added to the excitement.  They have several interactive animatronics, an eerie graveyard, statues that move and even plants that come alive, zombie attacks, and a haunted moving subway bus.  There is a lot to take in here.  You might get wet in the sewer and you never know what’s hiding behind those stone walls.  The plane crashing into the ocean was fun but what lies beneath the sea was frightening.  Sharks and evil mermaids are waiting for you.  A vortex is fun but this one will test your walking skills with its moving floor.
Length: 5/5
This is a longer haunt.  It has four sections with waiting lines to enter each one.  We didn’t wait long at any of the stopping points but that is likely to change further into the season.  Arrive early and plan to stay a while.
Value: 3.5/5
If you’re just there for the haunt the admission price might seem steep but if you plan to stay a while and enjoy all that Spooky Woods has to offer you’re getting a decent deal.  Hang out in the midway for a bit and enjoy having your picture taken with the monsters, watch some magic tricks, dance to a live DJ,  have a snack, buy some fudge, or purchase a cool souvenir.  There’s a lot to enjoy here.  There is a fee for parking so carpool if you can.
This haunt is a family friendly haunt.  It’s not exceptionally gory, although you might get sprayed with blood (actually water) a few times.  They have very nice, clean restrooms but watch out for the mirrors they can be a bit tricky.
Overall Impression:  4.5/5
I was very impressed with Spooky Woods this year.  I think going through the haunt in smaller groups really heightened the scares for me.  I loved watching the magician perform his magic tricks.  The grossest part of the night was the magician asking me to push a screwdriver up his nose.  I’m serious I pushed a real Phillips head screwdriver up a magicians nose while hanging out In front of the Fudge Packers fudge shop.  It was awesomely disgusting and certainly not something I had encountered before.  I was well entertained for sure.  My whole experience here was great this year. 
« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2013, 07:09:29 AM »

Visit Date: 10/17/13
Submitted by: packbacker

Scare factor: 4/5
For me this was the scariest Spookywoods has ever been.  It seemed to be a slower night so the groups entering the haunt were smaller.  We went through 3 of the 4 sections in a group of five and never ran up onto another group.  In small groups the scares are much more intense.  You get to see them all and they can linger.  We had actors menacing our group for minutes rather than seconds.  They trapped one person in a corner and just went to town delivering the scare.  Scares come from all directions and types- pop scares, props, liquids (you WILL get wet), sounds, attacks from above, and moving areas with the plane crash and subway cars.  Your mileage may vary as I think the larger the crowd the lower the scare factor but our visit on a Thursday was drastically scarier than in years past.

Actors: 4/5
We had stalking and harassment from Spookywoods actors this year which is a first in all the years I've visited.  Again it was a slow night and your experience may differ but we noted a marked difference in the attention patrons received as they came through the attraction.  Timing, as usual, was impeccable as the middle or rear of the group received the majority of the attention.  A few areas seemed a bit under-staffed but those that were there for the most part seemed into the swing of the season.  A special note should be made of the magician on the midway.  He's incredibly entertaining but can also deliver a scare when the time is right.   

Props/Sets/Fx: 5/5
Year in and year out Spookywoods is the best looking haunt with the latest and greatest props that I visit in a three state radius.  Regardless if you get scared or not you will marvel at the sets, props, makeup, and the general spectacle. It felt like there were more "getcha" props this year with the snake, shark, spiders, spider-woman, plant, etc.  The subway cars remain an amazing set and the vortex with sliding floors makes it the most fun one to walk through in the area. 

Length: 5/5
Four attractions and two tram rides.  You cannot ask for much more.

Parking is $5.  It is what it is and it's not going to change.  The parking staff was much more pleasant this year.  There's full food service, souvenier stand, a DJ, and other attractions.  I heard a rumor of a haunted bathroom but did not witness it.

Value: 4/5
The value depends on the night you attend.  Prices are higher and crowds are larger on Fridays/Saturdays.  "Off" nights are cheaper, crowds are slighter, and your value increases exponentially in terms of financial savings but more importantly in terms of the scare factor. 

Overall: 4/5
I was incredibly impressed at our visit to Spookywoods this year.  Small groups, no "conga line effect", pursuit by actors, and some big props all worked out for my best visit ever.  The evening was a very pleasant surprise as past visits have been disappointing outside of the props and sets. 
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2013, 12:33:52 PM »

Submitted by:  Bethyboo
Date Attended: 10-17-13

Scare Factor: 3.75/5- I think Spookywoods was really fun this year.  When we first arrived a scary scarecrow in the parking lot tried to get in the car with me! This really set the mood for me and my group. I loved the parking lot monsters.  I attended on a Thursday night, sothe groups were small that went through each section.  (This always adds to the scare factor, as you can’t see what is coming ahead of you). I liked the change to the haunted house for 2013 and the flashlight tour was creepy and had plenty of monsters in those woods!  It was so dark and the flashlight kept going out so we didn’t realize the monsters were  close to us! The corn in the corn maze was tall this year and there was something in that corn trying to get us and others in our group were screaming with fright. The Spookywoods are the pentacle of this attraction, and had many changes for 2013.  I won’t give anything away, but the there were some really scary moments for me.  On the way out of the attraction a magician was showing us some tricks that was really fun and interactive.

Actors: 4/5- The actors in the parking lot, flashlight tour, corn field, and the woods are all incredible. The magician in the midway was a nice addition as well. I know Spookywoods puts a lot of work into their attraction and the actors were high energy and it showed. They never broke character and their makeup and mask were amazing.

Set Design: 5/5- Spookywoods has the most detailed set designs I have ever seen.  Many of them seem just like a move set design.  There are also many automated props that scare, mixed in with all the actors, so you never know what is going to happen. The Spookywoods section has a totally new theme at the entrance was incredible.   They always deliver bigger and better every year.

Length: 5/5- The length of the attraction is about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  It took us about an hour to go through the attraction.  Every section was spaced out perfectly and we never felt rushed or saw a large group of people in front of us.  It really flowed well this year.

Value: 4/5- Spookywoods tickets cost $20.00 Sunday-Thursday and $25.00 on Friday and Saturday night.  There is a VIP ticket for $35.00( if you want a shorter wait in line).  This is a value on a Friday or Saturday night. They also have discount tickets available online and at Costco if you look for them.  There is also a charge for parking of $5.00. I would carpool with friends to save money on the parking.

Other: 4/5 Spookywoods offers a Dark Circus attraction on October 25th and 26th for $30.00 or you can pre-purchase online for $15.00. This is a Halloween party with food, drinks, and exotic performances.   

Overall: 4/5- I really enjoyed Spookywoods this year! They are always evolving with new scenes and sections to the attraction. I highly recommend a visit to Spookywoods.  It is great fun for your whole family.
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2013, 11:10:17 AM »

Kersey Valley Spookywoods
Submitted By: regncguy

Scare Factor: 4/5 I really liked Spookywoods this year. That scares were there and as usual the sets really set the mood. The groups were broken up nice so the actors were able to really get the pop scares on before having to reset for the next group.

Actors: 4/5 In the past it seemed the actors were kind of bored. this year they seemed to have ramped up their energy level and did a good job at popping and scaring and stalking the group. I really liked that they didn't just concentrate on the front of the group and then everyone else just walks on by. The knew how to stalk this year !!!

Sets/Props/FX: 5/5 Not much I can say about the sets and the surroundings you go through. They are famous for it and they continue each year to add new things.

Length: 5/5 It is a nice long walk and ride and the sets are broken up nicely. It is long enough to make a full night of it but not so long that you are exhausted at the end. There seemed to be a more flow to the haunt this year than in years past.

Value: 4/5 Yes, it is one of the higher priced haunts in the area. But you have to consider everything that you see and experience at Spookywoods. The sets and FX are second to none and they don't come cheap. Saying that, don't just rush into the haunt, go and enjoy everything that is going on there and really take in all the sets.

Overall Impression: 4.5/5 The crowd management was nice, no conga lines that you had to endure, the sets are fantastic, the actors were on that night and it's just a great place to go and have a good time.
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