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Author Topic: Camp Fear *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 1695 times)
« on: October 21, 2013, 07:11:04 AM »

Submitted by: packbacker
Visit Date: 10/18/13

Scare Factor: 2.5/5
The scares at Camp Fear are a bit hit and miss.  The location is fantastic as it harkens back to a an 80's campground slasher film.  The hayride continues to only be a hayride.  One or two actors could brighten up this spot so much.  As it stands the hayride is sort of a damper to the evening and does nothing to ramp up the mood.  The trail itself is a mixture of buildings, mazes, and free walking through the woods.  The most consistent scares come from the asylum which also seems to be the most heavily staffed.  There are actors around every turn and coming out from underneath the sheets laughing maniacally and shouting crazy things incessantly.  The chainsaw scare hit our entire group exceptionally well as did the "sinky ground" prop with concurrent drain pipe actor pop scare.  The zombie area fell flat as we simply wandered through the chicken wire unmolested and the actors near the cemetery broke character to attend to a fog machine.  The mazes are solid with the final one being super dark and tight.  Too many bare spots on the trail also drags down the scare factor. 
Actors: 2.5/5
Hit and miss is again the best description.  The actors here appear to be mainly kids teenagers and down.  I noticed multiple times actors just wandering around the campground; it seems they were free to come and go as they pleased.  At the zombie video area you could tell that actors weren't there...the guy running the video multiple times tried to find people or get them situated.  It wasn't incredibly busy while we were there but consistent enough that actors needed to be in place.  The talent was all over the place.  The asylum actors were the strongest but an acknowledgement has to go out to a young lady in the cannibal maze.  This girl was *everywhere* and kept screaming the entire time.  Her
enthusiasm is unparalleled.  Increased numbers and consistency could really help here.   

Sets/Props/Fx:  3/5
In general it's a low-tech trail but that's the way it should be.  The mazes are simple in construction but effective in utilization.  The "sinkhole" effect is cleverly hidden and very effective.  There is one animatronic electrocution chair and a spider with Godzilla sound effects (??).  The campers along the trail look great but again could use someone inside,underneath, or behind them.  Too many times actors on the trail were without masks or makeup.  They don't need to be decked to the nines but a 12 year old in a t-shirt and no mask is more than a bit disappointing.  The clown area looks great as does the doll room. 

Length: 5/5
It's a decently sized trail.  It can be a super long trail if you get lost in either of the mazes. 

Value: 3/5
For $18 the value seems a bit low with the inconsistent scares.  Camp Fear runs 1/2 price nights early in the season and at that price the value is high.  So it all depends on when you go and what you are looking for how this number plays out for you.

Free parking!  Camp Fear continues it's tradition of complementary hot chocolate, cider, coffee, and candy.  It's the nicest touch I've encountered at a spook trail year after year and it helps warm you up after a chilly evening in the woods or while waiting to board the hayride.  When driving to the attraction keep your eyes peeled- there are signs on the roads but they are not lit and you can easily miss the turn off if you're not using a GPS system. 

Overall: 3.5/5
So depsite some lower numbers on actors and scares this is a fun trail.  It's definitely not the scariest and at times (the hayride) is downright frustrating but it utilizes a terrific setting and doesn't take itself too seriously.  I spent the rest of the night muttering the words of one of the asylum residents ("NOT CRAZY"), enjoyed some complimentary cider, and trying to contemplate what spider mimics Godzilla.  It wasn't real scary but it was a very enjoyable stroll through the woods with an October full moon.
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 07:13:02 AM »

Submitted by:  Screaming_Diana
Date Attended:  10/18/2013
Scare Factor:  3/5
The haunt is located down a long gravel road that leads to a campground.  The setting is fantastic for a spook trail.  The trail begins with a very slow tractor ride to the haunt entrance.  The hayride is not haunted but it should be.  There are so many missed opportunities for a great scare.  All the old rundown campers just sitting around would be the perfect setting for some great scares.  The haunt itself had a mixture of scares from pop scares to actors frightfully screaming as youíre stalked through one of the mazes.  Danielís Mom is sure to make you laugh as she tells you the story of her bullied son while you warm by the fire and wait for his arrival.
Actors:  3/5
There were some very stand out actors but also some weak actors that didnít seem all that into their part or were just completely off on their timing.  The young girl in the maze was very enthusiastic popping out all over the place screaming.  You could hear one asylum lady repeatedly say ďIím not crazy, Iím not crazy, Iím not crazyĒ throughout the entire asylum.  This was very effective and worked great to set the mood in the Asylum.    Danielís Mom is always entertaining and made sure everyone was bug free this year!  Most of the actors had on minimal makeup and low key costumes.  Jason was an exception.  He could be found roaming the waiting area, posing for pictures, or getting in one final scream as his victims loaded the hayride.  Most of the set scenes had an adequate number of actors but there was a lot of empty space between sets that lacked actors or props.   
Set Design/Props/FX:  3/5
The actual setting for this haunt is perfect.  Riding through the campground gave me an eerie feeling.  Thereís something about an old camper that just makes you feel uneasy.  The Asylum is always a highlight.  Thankfully most of the crazies are behind bars but beware a few have escaped.  3D clown town is always scary fun and this year you got a bonusÖ.topless male clowns!  You will meet an evil dentist, go through a disturbing doll house, and pass over some very squishy ground.  The video about the zombie outbreak is long and the actors didnít have things together but if done right this could really work.  At the first maze you will have three options so choose your path wisely because only one will set you free.  The second maze is a more traditional maze where you will have to feel your way through the darkness.
Length:  4/5
Itís a decent length.  With the long, slow hayride and Danielís Mom telling her story the haunt is slow to start but after that everything moves at a steady pace.
Value:  3/5
$18 seems a little high for this trail but they do offer complementary hot beverages and candy.  This is a very nice added touch and the folks in my group said the hot chocolate and cider was very yummy!
The wait time to get on the hayride can be long.  They do have a nice sheltered area for people to sit and a sitting area outside if you need to warm by the fire.  Keep in mind Jason is also hanging around out here.  Restrooms are within a short walking distance.
Overall Impression:  3.5/5
I screamed, I laughed, and all in all I had a good time.  The haunt is family friendly and even offers a slightly less frightful trip through the trail if you request it.  Some of the folks actually camping here have their campers all decked out in Halloween dťcor which added a neat little touch.  If you like clowns, zombies, dolls, crazy people, strobe lights, fog, and darkness I think you will fit in well here. 
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2013, 11:11:15 AM »

Date: Not given
Submitted By : regncguy

Scare Factor: 3/5 I really liked the setting for this haunt. Down in a very dark campground and was a great night for haunting. You start off with a very long hayride that could have really started it off right, but no scares. After you get off the ride, it is a fairly long walk through the woods. The asylum had some good pop scares and the maze was a back and forth assault by a couple of actors that really knew how to pop in and out of the area.

Actors: 3/5 There were a couple of actors that were just fantastic and they really were working hard on getting a scare everywhere they could. Look for the young girl in the maze, she was everywhere. I liked a couple of the kids in the asylum also, they kept repeating phrases that just added to the spooky tone that they were trying to set up.

Sets/Props/FX: 3/5 They don't go all out on props or sets, but what they have was not bad. The setting out in the woods with no distracting lights shining in really gives the opportunity for some scares. They use a lot of mis-direction in the mazes and do a good job of having you circle around and back to utilize the space that they have.

Length: 4/5 I don't have any real complaints about the time you spend on the trail. With the way it is laid out, you spend quite a bit of time figuring out how to get out of the mazes.

Value: 3/5 For the length of the haunt it is not too bad. But for the amount of scares that they do, $ 18 is a little steep.
Other: I really liked the Coffee and hot chocolate and cider that they offer and then they had candy bags at the end of the haunt. A very nice touch, especially if its a cold night or you have taken your kids there.

Overall Impression: 3.5/5 I like this haunt, not for the number of scares or the over the top sets, but for a low budget type haunt, it would be a very nice date night haunt or a haunt that you could take the family to and not traumatize your kids for a life time.
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