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Author Topic: Midway Wicked Woods *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 3989 times)
« on: October 21, 2013, 07:12:34 AM »

Submitted by: packbacker
Visit Date: 10/18/13

Scare factor: 5/5
I was a bit worried that Midway Wicked Woods would begin to lose it's charm for me.  How wonderful i t was that I could put those fears to rest within five minutes of starting the trail.  The trail has been re-worked with some fantastic new additions as well as your old favorites.  Scares are well divided between actor scares and well timed props.  The initial house has some fantastically hidden scares that you will not see coming and you always have to be leery of an actor behind you at all times.  The props are incredibly effective with snakes swinging towards your head, moving furniture, a creepy see-saw moving on it's own, and a truly terrifying school bus.  I'd be remiss not to mention the initial hayride featuring the most intense chainsaw scares on a moving vehicle I've ever witnessed. 

Actors: 5/5
Relentless.  Brutal.  Intimidating.  The clowns at Midway steal the show as they harass the hayride occupants as well as the queue line at the entrance to the actual trail.  They're witty, demented, and not afraid to violate your personal space.  If you show fear they will grab onto it like a pitbull and will not let up.  The remainder of the actors here should not be short-changed, though.  From beginning to end we found actors who had great timing and doggedly pursued the scare.  Multiple times we had people in our group cornered, chased, and reduced to running like there was no tomorrow.  For sheer relentlessness no one compares.

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
The clown car is consistently my favorite prop among all the trails I visit.  I adore it and want one of my own!  The props this year on the trail seemed to be both more numerous but more effective/better timed.  We were consistently marveling at a prop or set only to have something explode towards us and/or an actor appear unexpectedly.  The hidden rooms and moving objects in the first house are incredibly effective and harken back to the thoughts of a traditional haunted house.  The jack in the box prop late in the trail literally had my clapping in devilish glee.  The maze is not as frustrating as last year but remains just as dark and claustrophobic.  I must have uttered "wow!" or "look at
that!" at least a dozen times on this visit...which says something as I've visited the trail at least once a year for the past five years.  It looked amazing!  My one complaint would be the 3D clown area needs a scare or two- actors, an animatronic, something.  Looks great but falls a tiny bit flat.

Value: 5/5
You get your money's worth here.  $20 trails, for me, need to be at an elevated level in all facets to deserve that price tag.  Midway delivers in all facets- scare, actors, props, and length - to justify the ticket price.  I smiled from beginning to end and would gladly pay to go back.  When compared to the $20 non-featured haunts we've attended this year there honestly is no comparison.  Worth every penny!

Free parking!  Midway is conveniently located right off I-40 with a nearby gas station.  Food is available on site. 

Overall: 5/5
As I mentioned earlier in the review, I had a deep concern that Midway Wicked Woods was going to slip for me due to familiarity.  How I love to be wrong!  Midway delivered on point to every expectation last night.  I was constantly amazed at the additions/changes to the trail and was impressed at the actor dedication to the scare.  One had to be called off as he drove one of our group of the trail in her flight of terror.  Start to finish I was happier than I could have imagined.  Halfway through the season Midway has once again captured my #1 trail of the season (to date!).  Check them out and be sure to say hello to the clowns!
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 07:16:09 AM »

Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/18/2013
Scare Factor:   5/5
This is the scariest haunt I have lived through yet.  At times I wasnít sure Iíd make it out to write this review.  The scares started in the parking lot when the creepy parking attendant jumped at me as I tried to exit the car.  Walking up to the ticket booth I witnessed a girl sobbing as she exits the tractor rideÖshe never made it to the actual haunt.  At this point I am terrified of what is to come.  The tractor ride was a nightmare.  Clowns, with chainsaws, were everywhere.  I tried to escape by crawling on the floor but there was no escaping.  They found me.  They donít care if youíre crying, terrified, screaming, or peeing yourself you are at their haunt and they will do all they can to scare the crap out of you.  The scares get even more intense once you get to the haunt.  The waiting line to get into the haunt was pure hell.  The clowns that once tortured me on the tractor where back in their little clown car to terrorize me once again plus you have a whole new set of clowns waiting to get you at the entrance.  If youíre scared of clowns youíre screwed!
Actors:  5/5
Midway is home to the most brutal clowns around.  These guys are pros and will stop at nothing to scare you.  If you show fear youíre in trouble.  The actors are very in your face, they surround you, and they will separate you from your group if given the chance.  I noticed I had all sorts of bright colors on my shirt when I got home.  I finally realized it was clown makeup!  Thatís how close they will get.  There are a lot of perfectly executed pop scares but most actors pop out, harass, and continue to chase you.  I panicked and ended up off the trail running for my life from a monster chasing me with a chainsaw.  Stay on the trail because the monsters will follow you wherever you go.  Alone in the woods with a monster is NOT where you want to be!  The movie character that terrifies me the most is Jeepers Creepers.  He launched at me, chased me off his bus, and continued to frighten me as I ran through the trail.  He looked so real, so scary, and just plain evil.  Not once was an actor out of character and they were all very persistent in trying to make people scream.  The actors are what make this haunt so incredibly intense.
Set Design/Pros/FX: 5/5
I hardly recognized Midway this year.  They changed things up drastically from last year.  I have to be honest and say I missed the entire first room.  I remember walking through the door and then being outside.  I never opened my eyes in that house.  The parts of the haunt that I actually did see looked amazing.  Looking out through the woods and seeing the brightly colored clown town in the distance was a beautiful sight.  The jack-in-the box made me pee myselfÖ.Iíll say no more about it.  Some of your biggest fears will become a reality here.  Whatever youíre afraid of youíre likely to encounter it here.  Whether itís snakes, spiders, moving walls, unstable flooring, total darkness, tight spaces, clowns, monsters of all kinds, ghost inhabited swing sets, chainsaws, or graveyards theyíve got it all.
Length: 5/5
Midway is a long haunt that sends you through wooded trails, various haunted buildings, and a long dark maze.  You also take a very haunted tractor ride to the haunt entrance and get harassed by evil clowns while in line so you feel like you are actually in the haunt as soon as you pull into the parking lot.  The entire experience is very long.
Value:   5/5
A haunted tractor ride, a clown car full of evil clowns, a long haunt with exceptional actors, great props, a colorful 3D adventure, a maze, and a vortex all for just $20 a person!  Thatís a steal!
The offer food and drink for purchase after the trail but if youíre like me youíll be too exhausted and traumatized to stop and have a snack!
Overall Impression:  5/5
Wow!  This is one intensely scary haunt that I wonít soon forget.  There are no dead zones throughout the trail.  You will be entertained, terrified, screaming, crying, or peeing the whole time.    At the end I collapsed to the ground, vision blurry, and almost in tears, but I made it!  Dry pants needed but I survived. 
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 07:17:47 AM »

Visited: 10/18/13
Submitted by: jonesm

Scare Factor: 5/5
Midway has been my #1 trail of the season for the last two years, and I'd be surprised if anything unseats it this year!  Not only is it scary, but the scares are so well thought out and executed that you find yourself stopping when you'd normally be running just to marvel at what they've done for you.  Nobody does it better.  I saw people refuse to get off the tractor that takes you to the trail, and people who wanted to be too cool for school break down and run like they had to.  I don't want to ruin any of the fun, but rest assured this is
what a good, creepy thrill ride of a haunt should feel like.  Fantastic from top to bottom!

Actors: 5/5
There's no one facet of Midway that really carries the weight of what makes it work, but this might be the best troop of monsters in the area (along with Hacker House).  Just making it through the line feels like a bit of an accomplishment because all those daggum clowns!  Relentless seems to be too soft a word for them, as they will needle, roast or downright berate you if they think they can get a rise out of you.  Then once you get on the trail, it's just more of the same.  The scares feel real often, and the actors really seem to
enjoy getting you.  As with everything else on this trail, the overall effect is just right!

Sets/Props/FX: 5.5/5
This is where I felt things took the biggest leap forward this year.  Midway has always had above average sets, but in years past they've counted on their taste to achieve the right effect, but rarely have just bowled you over with their sheer design.  Not this year.  We repeatedly had to stop and just absorb the glory of what we were walking through.  There was one rise you come over in the woods where the whole trail lays out in front of you, a moodily lit cabin over here, a mysterious neon...something over there, it was truly a sight that stops you in your tracks.  The 3-D clown house could have used a monster or two, but man it was well done 3-D (Here's a tip, when you get 3-D glasses, make sure you
look down!).  Being set in a KOA campground, Midway has always had a naturally creepy location, but this year the design really took it to another level.  The best get better!

Length: 4.5/5
I docked them half a point because it seemed to be over so quickly.  Maybe it was because I was so thoroughly enjoying it, or maybe it was because we solved the maze in record time, but it really seemed to fly by this year.  But that's just nitpicking, it's plenty long enough to be worthwhile, and has above average length.

Value: 5/5
I think it's just in line with its market value, but honestly it could cost twice as much as it does and it'd still be worth the money.  This is what you're looking for in a haunt, and if you go to only one trail this year, this would be my recommendation.

Overall: 5/5
In case you couldn't tell, I'm a fan of this trail.  I think it's the very best in the region going in and yet every year they find some new way to impress me all over again.  This year, I think our experience is best summed up by everybody's favorite canary in the mineshaft, Screaming Diana.  She went BLIND for a few hours afterward!!  There was some talk of a migraine, but I'm pretty sure it was the trail.  So there's my overall review: it's so scary you might go blind.  If that doesn't excite you, you're on the wrong website.  Don't miss
this one, it's horror done right!
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2013, 11:09:38 AM »

Midway Wicked Woods
Submitted By: regncguy

Scare Factor: 5/5 Oh my goodness, if you want to be scared, and I mean really scared going through a haunt, don't miss this one. Everything is an in your face, maniacal pace fright fest. Everything is well placed, well timed and well thought out.  I don't get easily scared but they got me several times, especially the lady in the slaughter house, shame on you, you took a few years off my life....

Actors: 5/5  A haunt can have great sets and fantastic props and over the top makeup, but if they don't have good actors, then it is just a good looking haunt. This is not the case at Midway, from the clowns to the clowns, yeah did I mention the clowns, they were all high energy in your face madness. You will not be disappointed with them.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5  You have to see the clown car (see a theme here), but you can't really miss it. I loved the slaughter house, the snakes that come after you, and on and on. I spent a lot of time looking at a set and then had an actor all over me. Beyond having great actors, it was a very visual haunt with more to look at than you will be able to.

Value: 5/5 For $20, you will not find a better value or scare for your buck than any I have been to this year. Truly one of the best values you will find.

Overall: 5/5 I absolutely loved this haunt. From the actors to the sets to the atmosphere that the woods provide, what a great time. You will not be disappointed in the drive to Statesville from anywhere in the state, this one is tops for me this year. 
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2013, 09:34:27 AM »

Visited 10/26/13
Submitted by: 13moons
Scare Factor: 3/5 Ė Midway Wicked Woods 2013 is a fantastic haunt experience. Since itís on a KOA campground, they get to use real fire, and the tiki torches add to the wicked woods tone Ė but itís not a campy haunt whatsoever. My fourth year to go and third year to review this haunt, MWW is like four parts (besides the three lines to get into the haunt). The first part is the haunted Hazcar ride getting to line #3. The second part is a crazy house jam-crammed with great startle scares, surprising moving props, and intense actors loving their jobs! The third part is the wicked woods trail with indoor and outdoor spook scenes and plenty of noticeable additions and improvements providing a steady surge of edgy stimulation along the way. A few scenes were light on actors, as they seemed to conglomerate mostly in the first two parts. However, with so much to wind around and explore Ė including a new 3D set, it was highly satisfying.  The fourth part is the black maze which seemed less than a-mazing this year: there was light in some places, and I got a splinter from lightly touching the sharp plywood walls. There wasnít any sound except for one actor who was giving away how to get out when I wanted to go down every row and figure it out myself. That maze needs some love, yaíll Ė it has the capacity to be one of the best! After the maze was over, the long trail back seemed more defined and there was one cool prop along the way, but that was it. Yes, itís lonely out there walking home and I still want to play! At the end, although Mom might have been a dude in a dress this year, Mean Mom only wants to rifle through my collection of haunt bracelets with big scissors and cut my MWW ones off. Please, yaíll, stop cutting off my arm band before itís over!  It just kills my buzz and I cannot see through my tears in the very last, very awesome, but too short spinner.

Actors: 3/5 Ė The actors in the first parts were digging their characters, especially Nipples the Clown. Loved the new strobe room with the supersonic instructions from a mouth-less crazy actor and blaring strobes - quite the disturbing and disorienting introduction! The scaretactic acting was like ad-lib theater in the first parts including scares coming from unexpected directions, but some of the characters were in street clothes.  Need more actors overall in the woods parts and maze. It seemed like, although there was more to see this year in the woods which kept me busy with suspense, it was more a prop experience than actor-owned scares in many woods sections. What happened to the awesome winged gargoyle and dirt girl?  The first two parts, there were juicy actor interactions! Deeper in, the actors kind of lost their function overall. In the woods, character energy was muted along with the whole sense of lived and embodied character feeling. But, the sets/props/fx kept me on edge and highly scare-tained, so I had a haunted helluva time despite the MIA actors.

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.75/5 Ė Awesome near back-to-back sets out there in the woods. MWW 2013 seemed to rely more upon sets, props and fx than actors for the entire second half. Itís probably difficult to overhaul MWW in just the few months of planning and preparation time for our one month of haunt thrills, and clearly they have put some scare intention in that woods section and revamped some key areas. MWW 2013 is a true wicked wonderland of new and revamped set design delight from start to finish Ė except for the black maze and lonely, long walk home to Mean Mom. That maze is like the peak of MWW even though its been around a few years, someone needs take proud ownership of making it perfect-the best in NC. Thereís not a whole bunch of mazes like that around and so please care for it, keep it freaky, keep it slick, bring on the moving walls and secret passages, kill the lights, amp up the atmosphere (sound, textures that donít hurt, and actors who are wetting their pants to give us our claustrophobic scare of a lifetime). Make your niche on that godforsaken maze Ė itís ready for total haunt bling, so bring it, please!  For folks who have never been, it has been one of my top favorite haunt mazes and it can only get better from here.

Length: 4/5 -  I love this haunt but not the lines. Three lines: the ticket line, the line for the ride in, and the line for the intro house. Even paying $27 for a VIP you have to wait in the ticket line which was about 45 minutes just to buy a ticket. We saw an entire group of about seven people just cut in and no one did anything about it even with the man yelling fire over it five people back from the window. For $27, I want my own VIP ticket booth, please. Once inside, after about an hour of waiting and paying VIP, it took about 35-40 minutes to go through. Maybe it was shorter because the maze actor was pushing us to the exit instead of letting us enjoy the splintering claustrophobic joy of the black maze. Then, the walk home without playmates and grief with the bracelet digging Ė Iím being accosted and questioned about which bracelets are MWW for crying out loud! Iím just going to say the haunt was 30 minutes because of that jaunt with no haunt and then the time it took for Mean Mom to pat me down out of character, only wanting to snip me off. Seriously. Stamp our hands then Ė itís probably cheaper than paper and you can use different stamps/ink pads every night Ė with different ink pads and stamps itís still cheaper than paper bracelets! Itís just not worth the let down from my experience as a customer. If someone is really going to come back and try to slide in without paying, theyíre gonna bring different friends next time anyway, whatís the rub here?

Value: 3.5/5 Ė Value and length were integrated into my MWW 2013 experience this year. This haunt is close to 77 and 40, so itís easy to get to from anywhere in NC and thereís free parking. But, itís almost a destination with the line wait and distance from other haunts. We drove a little too fast just to get there and barely made it by the (too) early closing time of 11pm on a Saturday night the weekend before Halloween. Iím not sure if the ticket lady was having a bad night, but she seemed a little overwhelmed and not oozing happy haunt love. The first two line/s were empty of scares or fun (talking to other guests was fun, but we created that ourselves). There was some pop music going but I couldnít enjoy it at such a low volume...was that Pink or Muse? Thatís some low volume if you canít tell Pink from Muse. There was no one to go to and ask questions, no one to scare me, and people were grumbling in that line. Some people got in their car and left. One group just decided they were going to cut 45 minutes ahead and push their way into first place without waiting like the rest of us. Although a grown man almost to the ticket window was really pissed, watching him flip out over the line cutters was scary scenery.  But, no one was there to take care of his concerns or to even hear his legitimate upset. For $27, thereís no VIP value, not on a busy Saturday night nearly closing time.

Other: 5/5- The concessions are disguised as being some ordinary concession stand. Where else can one get real homemade, hand-cut French fries made fresh at midnight? A delicious dose of carbs in the darkness.

Overall: 3.5/5 Ė MWW 2013 is a fun haunt but not my favorite this year. In 2011, it was my #1! I recognize the hard work  - it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I can clearly see the intricate labor and steaming creativity these folks have poured into making this haunt even better than 2012 with the great sets in the woods section, especially. Sometimes it just takes more than one season to get new stuff really integrated and still pay attention to other parts that work so well. I hope the maze gets the love it needs because MWW maze has made a serious impression on me in the past and if youíve never been, itís one to check out. I recommend this haunt for people who are looking for a great time with scares, adventures, creative sets, and pure haunt adventure especially if youíre close to Statesville. Not much time left, so get it while you still can!
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