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Author Topic: Wicked Whimsies- Pfafftown, NC  (Read 514 times)
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Wicked Whimsies
Visit Date: 10/25/13

Scare Factor: 3/5
Wicked Whimsies is a unique trail that has a coherent theme throughout- the enchanted forest where nursery rhymes and fables come to life.  Think about how twisted these stories are and how grim they can be (Hansel and Gretel).  Fantastic concept that is a bit hit and miss on its delivery.  It's much more entertaining than scary.  Most scares are pop scares from screaming children.  There was a unique area with hands grabbing your feet and an adequate maze.  If a transition could be made from straight screaming to diversionary scares it would be more effective. 

Actors: 3/5
There are some incredible actors here but the majority are children who do little more than just scream...and scream....and scream.  Raggedy Ann and Andy were amazing queue actors who kept us fully entertained.  I watched them chase a 10 year old kid for probably a 1/4 mile...chuckles like that keep you warm on a cold evening.  Additionally "the hag" in the intro set does a wonderful job of introducing you to the forest and the storyline.  She can ad-lib well and completely sells her character.  The remainder of the crew is hit and miss- the mad hatter does seem insane but could do more to scare, the pop actors have questionable timing, and a lot of times are limited to just screaming at you.  But man can they let loose!

Props/Sets/Fx: 3.5/5
Some sets are amazing- coming out of the maze to see the giant toadstools and the mad hatter was enough to give me a little bit of goosebumps. The candy house, the jack in the box, and giant pumpkins are all amusing.  Masks/makeup ranged from very solid (Raggedy kids and the hag) to average.   

Length: 3.5/5
There are a good number of bare spots along the trail.  The trail takes around 2o minutes to traverse but feels a bit short with the gaps in it.

Value: 4/5
It's an amusing if not scary $10 trail. 

Free parking!  Limited concessions available at the end of the trail.

Overall: 3.5/5
The concept of a coherent nursery rhyme theme at this trail is malevolently clever.  With some polishing of actors and some additional sets it could really develop nicely.  As it is, it's a very entertaining, cheap local trail.  While we found the scares lacking it was a unique take on some childhood memories.  I feel confident in saying I've never walked through a set full of 3 foot tall psychedelic mushrooms nor watched a life-size Raggedy Andy doll chase a small child through a field at break-neck speed.  While not a destination haunt if you're local this one delivers a unique and fun trip through the woods.

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