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Author Topic: Trail of Fear 2- Newton, NC  (Read 749 times)
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Trail of Fear 2
 Visit Date:  10/22/13
 Scare Factor: 3.5/5
 Trail of Fear 2 really wasn't scary....but I had a great time.  In full disclosure we were the only group there from start to finish so we may have gotten some extra attention.  It's a guided trail with a full theme- travelling through the local carnival's freakshow.  Most scares were inside the set scenes but there were pop scares along the trail.  For the last 1/4 of the trail I think the entire acting crew followed us and would take any possibility they had to jump and scream.  The graveyard scene was the most notable where I think 20 people converged on our group en masse.  Along the trail the majority of the scares are predictable for dedicated haunt-goers.  On multiple occasions I could see the actor hiding behind the prop before the pop scare.  What worked for me, however, was the sheer joy these people had in trying to sell the scare.  From our surly goth kid guide Radu to the hoe-down hillbilly to the actors who were running break-neck speed between sets they all seemed to be having a grand time which made things enjoyable for me.  There were also a few prop scares (falling sign, the carousel) as well as a dark maze with some occupants. 
 Actors: 3.5/5
 The folks with set lines did a great job.  The Merrick brothers have their schtick down pat.  Our guide was able to tell the storylines but also ad-lib exceptionally well.  I was rolling after a line about him forming a gang to take the monsters's lunch money as was done to him in school.   I don't know if he is a cranky goth kid in real life or not but wow did he nail that persona on the trail.  The pop actors had some timing issues and didn't always sell things after their initial pop; some seemed confused on what to do with no to little reaction. 
 Props/Sets/Fx: 3/5
 It's low tech but that's not a problem.  The sets fit the nature of the trail quite well.  The carnival theme is well represented throughout in costumes and set-pieces.  Bat-Boy, siamese twins, a mermaid, and of course some demented clowns all make an appearance.   
 Length: 4/5
 The trail probably took us 20-25 minutes to complete with a decent amount of time lost in the maze. 
Value: 4/5
It's a $12 trail that occasionally has 1/2 price tickets (the night after we visited!)  For $6 it's a complete steal and for $12 it's still a decent deal...it was more fun than several $20 trails I did this year. 
 Free parking!  Limited but affordable concessions are available on site while bathrooms do not appear to be.  One member of our group utilized the ubiquitous wooded surroundings to address that concern. 
 Overall: 3.5/5
I had a helluva good time on this trail.  A lot of the scares didn't end up working out but the dedication and passion of those working the trail shone.  It was a blast to have more than half of the trail's denizens trolling along behind us to pop for scares but also to jeer our guide.  There's a lot of back and forth which provides a good number of laughs and endless entertainment value.  I wonder what it would be like on a busy night- if actors can give/take as well and also if they're still doing double duties between sets.  Regardless, I left laughing and happy to have made the hour plus drive to check them out.  Trail of Fear 2 (not sure what happened to #1) makes the cut for places I'll visit next year.

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