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Author Topic: Harvested Farm Nightmares- Garner, NC  (Read 642 times)
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Harvested Farm Nightmares
Visit Date: 10/26/13

Scare Factor: 1/5
The cold, hard fact is that this trail is not scary.  There are long sections with zero actors and the majority of the time when you do encounter an actor they don't even pop at you.  I understand it's 40 degrees outside but if you're wearing a giant chicken head you damn well better do something than just sit there.  Prop scares were exceptionally minimal.  The corn maze is a long expanse of nothing that kills any mood set by the werewolf and chained monster.  The second half of the trail simply becomes frustrating with a continued lack of actors and a conga line of patrons. 

Actors: 1.5/5
The 0.5 goes to the werewolf actor.  You sir are too good to be here.  The biggest fault is the paucity of actors.  There were 2 entire actors in the crypt and 2 in the corn field that did anything other than stand there.  Multiple sets we walked through people just stared at us with no movement other than a head turn.  I'm still a bit baffled by a guy in street clothes and a chicken head sitting on a folding chair in front of a coffin who did nothing but stand up.  Inadequate numbers are followed up by actors who just stand there.  No scream, no chasing, nothing more than staring at you.  Once in awhile that's creepy; when it's the majority of the trail it's just a disappointment.

Props/Sets/Fx: 2/5
There are some good masks/costumes.  The walls of the crypt look good but without additional props (and actors!) it quickly becomes repetitive.  Instead of airbags there is a section where you walk through what I can only describe as mosquito netting.  It's black but see-through and uncomfortable.  It's a bit of insult to injury to come to a complete stop in a gigantic group stooped over in this pointless prop.

Length: 2/5
The trail is not super long but I was kind of done with things after the crypt set.  The lack of actors kills the vibe and you're simply power walking through the woods to get to your car because it's warmer and more entertaining.

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $17.  The distinct lack of scares and general apathy are notable and the let-down was palpable in our group.  Until this attraction is better staffed this is a $10 haunt all day long.

Free parking.  There is a non haunted corn maze also on site (I think our money would have been better served here).  There appeared to be concessions but we didn't look.  There was a DJ near the haunt queue belting out Halloween classics such as "Ice, Ice Baby".

Overall: 1/5
The big picture is that Harvested Farm Nightmares is severely understaffed and the actors they do have seem bored or put out.  Trails that ask over $15 a person for me get harder scrutiny.  Frankly I was thoroughly bored the entire time and spent my time walking through actorless sets noting how many scares were missed.  On the occasion we saw an actor the majority simply stared at us.  Groups start at roughly ten people and by the time we finished the crypt set we coalesced into a group of almost 25.  It felt more like the check-out line at Wal-Mart on the first of the month than a haunted trail. 

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