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Author Topic: Terror Woods- Lexington, NC  (Read 628 times)
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Terror Woods
Visit Date:  10/25/13

Scare Factor: 1.5/5
There are a few effective pop scares but in general things here aren't super effective.  There are a lot of timing issues and simply obvious scares.  The first maze was completely devoid of actors and the second one was chalk full of them but we were bored enough by that point that the effectiveness was gone.  The trail needs to be tightened up with some timing issues addressed.  It's a charity trail so in general my expectations are significantly lower....but they still were below average in scare delivery.  Without actor ad-libbing and involvement there also was no concurrent entertainment factor.

Actors: 2/5
The majority of the actors are kids/teenagers.  Timing is often quick triggered with the pop before the group is fully into the room/set and 90% of scares are directed at the very front of the group.  Numbers overall were adequate with some sets completely devoid of actors.  There was little follow-through on scares until the final maze.  Multiple actors broke character before/after/during scenes.

Sets/Props/Fx: 2.5/5
There's an occasional cool prop or set piece.  Most are standard fare.  Some of the set pieces in the mazes are frankly dangerous with a lot of unsanded wood that has to be walked around, through, or over.  Costumes and makeup were severely lacking.  Masks were generally adequate but combined with jeans and a Hollister shirt the illusion is quite brief.

Length: 2.5/5
It's a decently sized trail with multiple mazes but the lack of scares and concern for your safety make you just ready to end it sooner.

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $13 to $10...with a $5 upgrade for a fast pass.  Even for a $10 trail it's not worth the money.  They'd be better served just having a jar for donations out front. 

Free parking if you can find it.  Concessions were available at the entrance area to the haunt.

Overall: 1/5
Terror Woods is a charity trail so you try and go easy on them but this whole set-up is rife with problems.  To start, parking is questionable at best.  We pulled up and had one person shine a light directly into our driver's eyes...without trying to direct him. To our left was a guy in a neon vest...who also did nothing to direct us.  We made a U-turn in someone's front yard, doubled back and found both non-helpful people now just gone.  After purchasing our tickets we had what felt like a used car salesman upsell to fast passes with the assurance that the lines were over an hour long wait.  For $5 more we could ride down in the hearse and skip the lines!  We partook as we were attempting to hit a 3rd haunt and an hour long wait would be detrimental in that quest.

The hearse ride was uncomfortable at best- there is nowhere to sit with a full length coffin in the back.  My large posterior was crammed between the top of the coffin and the front partition which is enough space to make a super model uncomfortable.  The driver seemed confused as to his destination and in his talents driving this hearse.  Upon arriving we ask where we should go for fast passes only to be told the wrong direction.  Eventually we found the right queue line....except there really was no line.  The folks there would take about 15 minutes to go through...that was $5 per person well spent.  Sigh.  We were entertained in line by a television screen displaying the menu for the Halloween dvd.  Woooo.

The trail itself was disappointing across the board and dangerous/painful at points.  Within 3 minutes I had a power tool shoved into my side and had tripped over 2-3 stumps.  Acting was inconsistent, the trail was poorly marked, and multiple stumps/holes/hazards littered the trail.  Multiple times I left a house/maze through an obvious exit which simply ended in woods.  Obviously this should have been manned by an actor...but time and again was not. 

I'm all for smaller trails, charity trails, and low tech haunts.  When, however, you have a trail that is so poorly planned that you exit wrong multiple times, risk injury from stumps and power tools (there's a disclaimer on the ticket apparently) and basically lie to sell fast passes I have no more sympathy for you and simply become upset.  This trail needs a major overhaul- for safety and enjoyment's sake.  The skeezy upsell at the front also needs to be addressed.

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