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Author Topic: Slaughter House Horror *Official* Reviews 2013  (Read 1699 times)
« on: October 28, 2013, 10:53:19 AM »

Submitted by: Screaming_Diana
Date Attended: 10/26/2013
Scare Factor: 4/5
Itís a dark, grungy, gory, old slaughter house so of course itís scary.  Itís more than a little unsettling walking through the slaughter house with chopped up bloody body parts hanging all around while also hearing chainsaws and screams up ahead.  You wonít have to wait until you get into the haunt for the scares to start.  Jason is patrolling the parking lot, Michael silently stalks the line, and thereís some crazy monster jumping around all over the roof of the slaughter house.  We had a first timer in our group and she was terrified.  This made it a little less scary for me but a heck of a lot of fun.  She showed fear and these monsters knew exactly when and how to target her.  It was nice seeing someone other than me screaming and running for a change.   
Actors: 4/5
You will get to meet the slaughter house family including: Cousin Eddie, Cousin Levi, and Uncle Randy.  You will also encounter many of your favorite movie monsters like Freddy, Michael, and Jason.  You just never know where one might be hiding.  Freddy scared the crap out of me!  While a few more actors are needed the actors here are working their butts off trying to scare you.  You will likely see these actors show up again and again through the trail.  Most of the actors have great costumes and I noticed several very unusual masks. The actors with speaking parts do a great job telling their story, especially Cousin Eddie who was all over the place in the first house.  I did notice a couple kid actors who were a little off on their scares but with that said there was one creepy little monster kid that stalked and harassed me over and over again.  He was a scary little thing!
Set design/Props/FX: 5/5
The actual slaughter house looks awesome.  I got an uneasy vibe walking through the hanging corpses and seeing all the severed limbs lying around.  It reminded me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.  The conveyer belt was a highlight for me!  They have several cool animatronics, hanging slaughtered pig corpses, a fantastic looking graveyard, and you canít forget Justin Beaver!  The dimly lit church glowing through the trees looked superb.  The maze could use a couple more actors but nonetheless you are stuck there until they decide they are through with you. The haunt consists partly of a walking trail and also a very comfy wagon ride.  There are some bare spots on the ride but donít worry there will be more than just your group on the wagonÖ.a monster or two might join in.  I donít know what kind of saws they use here but they must be supercharged!  They were the loudest chainsaws Iíve ever heard.
Length: 5/5
Itís a decent length with the walking trail and the wagon ride.
Value: 5/5
Itís a good value.  They cut the murder ride but they still incorporate the wagon ride in the trail and they circle you back through the trail which makes it a little longer so I say the price is right!
Free parking with parking attendants that are helpful in directing you where to go.  The staff was very friendly especially the girls at the ticket booth who were all smiles.
Overall Impression: 4/5
Overall I had a great time at The Slaughter House.  Itís not a fancy over the top kind of haunt, which I like.  Huge animatronics and fancy props arenít needed when you have dark woods and good actors.  I ran out of the trail screaming but was laughing as I drove out of the parking lot watching Michael climb into a car terrorizing a terrified victim.  If you are into a gory old school type of haunt this is the place for you. 
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2013, 09:35:29 AM »

Submitted by: packbacker
Visit date: 10/26/13

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
The first house is non-stop scares once you get going.  Cousin Eddie kinda lulls you into thinking you are safe and then the scares begin.  People or props are exploding at you from every direction.  Who is real, who is not, and what's behind the next corner?  It's intense!  The scares slacken a bit in the woods after the jeep ride sans Freddy who got some huge screams from our group.  It should be noted that the Slaughterhouse Horror Experience has the most intense chainsaws I've encountered this season.  You can easily hear them revving in a malevolent chorus from across the street.

Actors: 3.5/5
The named characters in the haunt (Cousin Eddie, Cousin Levi, Uncle Randy, et. al) are top notch.  They have their speaking parts down, can roll with the bunches, and can sell the scare when needed.  Everyone in the first house knows their marks well and delivers with relentless glee.  There are parts of the trail that feel a bit sparse.  Freddy did an admirable job terrorizing our group on the jeep ride as well as his "lair".  The maze was a bit sparse this year with only one character terrorizing our group...but he managed to re-pop multiple times. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
The first house is a thing of beauty.  It starts off feeling like a back-country general store which quickly devolves into a carcass strewn meat locker and backwoods habitat for the Slaughter clan.  There are small touches here and there that are just warming to the heart- the saw blades on the outside of the house, the mason jar lighting, and my favorite....the body part conveyor belt.  Costumes in the first house are great.  It really feels like an offshoot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre come to life.  The cathedral edifice is quite beautiful rising out of the woods beyond the cemetery set.

Length: 4/5
The trail length is great.  I miss the murder ride but it's a unique experience to combine the two and have the trail continue after the ride. 

Value: 5/5
It's worth every penny of the asking price. 

Free parking!  No top 40 music here in the queue area.  Hard rock especially Rob Zombie and other suitably dark music is blaring to get you in the mood.

Overall: 4/5
Slaughterhouse Horror Experience delivers a more adult trail.  There's not nudity or language but you can tell that the design of it is to make you feel like a grungy 70's horror film (think The Hills Have Eyes).  It succeeds in almost every aspect.  There's a palpable joy the haunt gets from eliciting those screams in the woods and in the butcher shop.  A few more actors in those woods and it's going to be an elite contender for old school terror. 
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