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Author Topic: Boogerwoods - Rockwell, NC  (Read 1133 times)
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« on: October 28, 2013, 06:03:12 PM »

Attended 10/26/13

Scare Factor: 2.5/5 - I had heard about this haunt for several years and had to ask myself why someone would be scared by a place called "Boogerwoods"?  Well, getting there is part of the fun as there are creepy back roads and lonely highways to get there.  Suddenly you see (blinding) police lights and you're there. (They could tune down the lights a bit as one person in our group said he almost ran into a ditch because he couldn't see the turn.) I was impressed with the crowds and I could hear a plethora of strange and familiar noises coming from the deep dark woods just beyond the waiting area.  Suddenly, I heard a scream and looked up to see Michael Myers zip-lining down to the ground.  An impressive entrance, but Michael Myers?  Really?  Almost any other character they had would be more appropriate and MM wouldn't do something like that.  But then, my experience at Boogerwoods wasn't supposed to be what I expected...right?

Actors: (guides - 8/5) (all others - 2.5/5) - We were (fortunate) enough to get Floyd and Otis as our 'guides' and all I can say is "wow". They could be professional traveling actors working at other haunts during the season when BW isn't open.  Perhaps they are.  Who knows?  The comedic stylings and think-on-your-feet retorts made them two of the most entertaining actors I have ever seen.  They gave the performance of a lifetime to our group.  One unplanned(?) incident happened and they adapted so perfectly that I still wonder if it wasn't rehearsed prior. Unfortunately, no one else at Boogerwoods can match the energy and intensity of these two.  I would like to go through with other guides and see what happens.  Most of the other actors were good, but run-of-the-mill volunteers who did the standard moves that you would expect.  They would be fine anywhere else but I think the guides have set the bar so high that I may have been expecting too much.  The only other thing I didn't particularly care for (unfortunately most guided tours do this) is the story is told, then the lights go out, and then the pop.  It's a design flaw with guided tours but I really didn't complain because I was enjoying the reactions of the others in our party. (We had crack* in our group)

Sets/Props/FX: 4/5 - Most of the sets were really well built and detailed well.  I don't think I have ever gone underground (literally) in a haunt before and that was cool.  I didn't see any support structures so I was doubly impressed.  Plus they had a hand-built dinosaur that would make Kevin Alvey of Gore-Galore smile.  The last room is rather...interesting but not for the faint of heart.  You may want to bring glasses to protect your eyes.  Lastly, I can honestly say I have never seen a shark in a haunt before.  A $&#%&#@ SHARK!  Brilliant and "Bravo".

Length: 3.5/5 - Groups go through every six minutes so wait times can get a bit...long.  However there are a few characters wandering around and they were playing some cheesy horror movie on a screen while you wait.  I think we waited for almost 2 hours but it didn't feel like it.  It took right at 45 minutes to go through the entire haunt.  

Value: 4/5 - Boogerwoods is a charity haunt that raises money for Cystic Fibrosis and that alone makes it worth the price.  There are VERY few charity haunts of this quality and you get all your money's worth and more.  The food is decent and reasonably priced as well.

Overall: 3.3/5 (4.4 with Floyd & Otis) - Free parking! I came in not sure what to expect.  I absolutely got the unexpected.  Is Boogerwoods a particularly scary haunt? No.  Would kids be too scared?  Maybe.  Is it entertaining?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  When I put on actor workshops, I stress the value of being entertaining, even if you don't get the scare.  Would this place make as much money for CF without the guides?  No.  would this place be as fun with out the guides? No. Would this place even be a blip on the haunt screen without the guides?  Perhaps, but be glad that Boogerwoods has such dedicated actors and guides and you WILL have a fun evening here.  I applaud them for putting in such an effort for only a couple weekends per year to raise money for such a noble cause.

*'Crack' to actors are packs of 14-22 year old girls that scream at everything.
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Visited 10/26/13

Scare Factor: 3.75/5 – Boogerwoods 2013 is quite the adventure. It was a (long, long wait), then a packed-set woods walk, including a crazy ride through the woods and a far-out, caged-up tilted creep show. Great music in there, also – I was loving the show and being “lost in never-never land”. This place is super fun, thrilling and pop-scary. It’s a family affair: the scares were startles with several unexpected moving parts – one of them especially fast and heart-pounding!  Boogerwoods gets the points here with fun scare factor for sure. Of all the haunts I’ve attended this year, I got the most laughs being at Boogerwoods alone. It’s certainly the best guided haunt I have ever experienced. I voted for our two dentist-needing-janitor-looking comedic guides at the end: Floyd & Otis, because they were ridiculously funny and were in the show, too, fighting off the bad guys we encountered along the way.

Actors: 4/5 -   All points go out to the 100% volunteer staff with impressive acting skills, too. The hostess let us know there were over 100 actors on site that Saturday night. Although I did not see 100 actors in our clan of 12, going through with private character-driven guides per group probably makes each visit a very different kind of experience. Since Floyd & Otis were our guides, they got most of my actor attention. The actors in each of the scenes did a great job playing out each of the mini-stories where interaction, characters, and costumes matched like going to some haunted festival with distinctive actor-owned booths. Floyd & Otis were impeccable, hysterical, and stayed in character even when one (they looked like twins but one was taller) lost his flashlight, one hit his shin diving into the van, both kept tripping over the roots, and one got popped in the face by a swinging doorway! They made constant  “funnies” along the way without foul language but lots of silly innunendo and great ad-libbing without saying “ouch” once – I know one of them hurt his shin but he kept on scaring and didn’t even cry. These guys get a 5/5 along with the cage boys and the serial killer, but some of the others just didn’t play with us as much as they could have, hence the 4/5 here.

Set Design/Props/FX: 4/5 – Now I know why this place is called Boogerwoods!  Gross in the disco hall, ya’ll. Animatronics added to the show’s fun factor and pop-jolts, along with some good splashes and overall effective set designs. Each scene was quite random but had its own unique entryway, making it clear where we were and what it was about. I appreciate that, it added to the overall feeling of being in a connected experience. Some of the sets were plain silly takeoffs, but once inside, Floyd & Otis played it well, luring us into the gotcha!  Folks in our group were excited to get in the cage and the pre-teens with us had never been to a haunt before. That says something that we all just climbed into the “flatback” cage for nearly five whole minutes (unable to get out) without any pushback! Fog, lighting, sound, water features, some blood and guts zombie gore, black lights, strobe, disco balls, and underground dirt tunnels added to the show’s overall random scarefun factor. One point off only because the scene designs were predictable 8x out of 10, except the boa that fell right on top of my head out of nowhere and the interactive moving parts.  

Length: 3/5 – Boogerwoods needs to last at least HALF as long as the wait to get into it. We lucked out to get in only after waiting 90 minutes (thank you!), but because of the guided nature of the show and the max occupancy per group, throughput is like a kinked-up hose.      

Value: 5/5 -  For the dedicated cause, for the love, for the heart, for Floyd & Otis, and for the absolute fun, it didn’t matter what we paid. And, we paid for VIP passes, too. It ain’t cheap, it ain’t fun waiting so friggin long to get in with lines that like move like sticky snails, but it was worth every cent. It was sold out when we arrived at 6:45pm. As we were leaving (nearly three hours later), cops were turning people away at the gate. You have to plan for this to get in: http://www.boogerwoods.com/.

Overall: 4.25/5 – After three years of trying to make this haunt I am delighted to finally be a Boogerwoods fan. There is nothing much else nearby, and it takes a l o n g time to get inside, which is my main boo-hiss. It’s just about all you can fit into one fun haunted night. However, the scaretainment for hard-core haunt goers is completely satisfying and seems to work just as well for 10 year olds, too. Fun, fun, fun!

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I tried to think of a logical solution that could explain what I had just seen — a solution that excluded the assumption that I was insane.
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Visit Date: 11/1/13

Scare Factor: 3/5
I don't find Boogerwoods particularly scary but I always find it entertaining.  They lost points for me this year for two reasons.  Our group was just too big to fit into a lot of scenes.  We started as a group of 12 and added a random lost guy at one point.  We barely fit into some rooms,. ran out of 3D glasses, and had to double up in the flatbacks.  Secondly our guides struggled a bit with the pitter patter in between scenes and didn't maintain distinct personalities.  We were still entertained with some screams here and there but the large group size really put a damper on things.

Actors: 3.5/5
There's an eclectic mix here of kids, adults, monsters, and people that just seem to be hanging out.  The monsters, in general, go all out when they appear and sell the scare.  One in the hospital was doing backwards somersaults as we ran away.  The chainsaw maniacs were ruthless!  Most of the actors with speaking parts did a good job with a few stuttering moments.  The guides we had were not as strong as years past and struggled to establish both their identities as well as the scene.  A special shout out to Michael Myers at the end.  Bravo, sir, bravo. 

Props/Sets/Fx: 5/5
Flatbacks, the dinosaur in Boogerassic Park, a ton of great costumes (Club Booger especially), and the most realistic dead fish smell ever. 

Length: 4/5
There were some technical difficulties due to weather the night we were there so a portion of the trail was closed.  The whole enchilada took about 25-35 minutes to go through. 

Value: 5/5
Regular tickets are $15 and all proceeds go to charity.  Even if you aren't scared you *WILL* be entertained.  If you are in a hurry the VIP tickets are worth the extra cash.  You will skip 30 min to 3 hours in line that way.

Free parking!  Concessions, t-shirts, photo opportunities and more are all available on site.  Tickets are limited and are sold on site the day of only so beware!  Also lines move slowly so take that into consideration in your planning for the evening. 

Overall 3.5/5
Boogerwoods remains the most unique trail I visit year after year.  A full volunteer staff running a limited date trail for charity.....that doesn't suck.  This is honestly the only guided trail I've ever visited that works well.  There are some hiccups here and there and the scares are a bit predictable but the amusement factor is off the charts.  There are some unique scares and some fantastic props in use.  Despite my quibbles this will be a trail I continue to hit year after year.

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