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Author Topic: Goodbye 2013 Haunt Season  (Read 1048 times)
Completely Haunted
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« on: November 02, 2013, 10:29:17 PM »

Haunts I Visited in the 2013 Halloween Season

1.   Hillside Horror                              9-13-2013
2.   Haunted Major Graham Mansion     9-27-2013
3.   Hacker House                              9-27-2013
4.   Stoney point Trail of Terror                9-28-2013
5.   Vander haunted Trail                   9-28-2013
6.   Trotterville                              10-3-2013
7.   Haunted Mill                              10-4-2013
8.   Hickory Grove Haunted Trail        10-4-2013
9.   Campground Massacre                   10-4-2013
10.   Lake Hickory Haunts                     10-5-2013
11.   Haunted Pyramids                             10-5-2013
12.   Aberdeen Fear Factory                       10-10-2013
13.   South Carolina Fear Farm                10-11-2013
14.   Booger Jims Hollow                             10-11-2013
15.   No Mans Land                                10-11-2013
16.   Tunnel of Terror                           10-11-2013
17.   Field of Screams                                  10-11-2013
18.   Scarrigan Farms                           10-13-2013
19.   Planet of Terror                           10-13-2013
20.   Spooky Woods                              10-17-2013
21.   Camp Fear                                      10-18-2013
22.   Midway Wicked Woods                        10-18-2013
23.   Freedom Park Haunted Trail        10-19-2013
24.   Castle of Horror                           10-19-2013
25.   Woods of Terror                            10-20-2013
26.   Trail of Fear 2                               10-22-2013
27.   Hell Hound Hollow                         10-24-2013
28.   Forbidden Forest                            10-24-2013
29.  Terror Woods                                      10-25-2013
30.   Wicked Whimsies                         10-25-2013
31.   Darkside Haunted Estates              10-26-2013
32.   The Slaughter House Horror                    10-26-2013
33.   Harvested Farm Nightmares      10-26-2013
34.   Haunted Forest Reborn                 10-27-2013
35.   Terror by the Creek                         10-28-2013
36.   X-Treme Fear                            10-30-2013
37.   Boogerwoods                               11-1-2013
Hacker HouseóThe return visit                11-2-2013

Itís been an interesting season to say the least.  I ended up at the emergency room after the South Carolina haunts, almost went blind at Midway, and lost a shoe at Hacker House but it was a great Halloween season and I cannot wait to see all you guys again next year!
Completely Haunted
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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2013, 12:52:16 PM »

Man I'm tired.  I accompanied screaming_diana on all those trips.  I don't want to do the math on the mileage nor the expense but it was a helluva lot of fun (and exhausting time!).  By my count 20 of the 37 were first time visits.  There's a lot I won't return to any time soon but also some "rookies" that I'm hoping to add to the annual rotation.  I still owe Hell Hound Hollow a review...otherwise I think there are reviews up for all of them.  We didn't have a single rain-out which is just amazing.  If memory serves we only missed two that we were scheduled to go to (Nightmare on Scales Street and a 3rd lexington area attraction...zombie factory or horror woods). 

Wanted to give a gigantic thank you to NC Haunts for selecting me for the review team- would not have been able to do this crazy schedule without that position!  Also a thank you to all the haunt owners and actors- I can only imagine the time, expense, headaches, and heartaches y'all experience each year.  Even if I give a place a bad review, I know that 90% of the time there are reasons for the things that are done or that at least the heart is in the right place.

I've done some "awards" in the past and will list some here.  Would love to hear other people's stories/favorites/etc.  As always realize that experiences and opinions are subjective- to each their own, your mileage may vary, etc etc.  I could do a lot of worst ofs as well but am going to be nice!

My Top 5 of the season.

1.  Midway Wicked Woods
2.  Hacker House
3. Xtreme Fear
4. Major Graham's Haunted Mansion
5. Aberdeen Fear Factory

Rookie of the Year: (new to me not necessarily a brand new haunt): Major Graham's Haunted Mansion.  Runner up- Aberdeen Fear Factory

Best Actors: Hacker House

Best single actor:  the grandma's house guy at X-treme Fear

Best clowns: midway wicked woods

Best clown house: Lake Hickory Haunts

Best hayride: Midway Wicked Woods

Best non hayride haunt conveyance- Aberdeen Fear Factory hearse ride

Best guides:  Boogerwoods.  Runner-up Trail of Fear 2.

Best corn:  Hillside Horror.  Runner up Trotterville Horror

Best intro:  Forbidden Forest

Best ending:  South Carolina Fear Farm.  Runner up- Haunted Mill

Best Prop:  Clamzilla, Hacker House.  Flatbacks, Boogerwoods  Body part conveyor belt, Slaughter house Horror Experience,

Best set exterior:  Woods of Terror Hewitt House

Best Maze:  Trotterville Horror,  Runner up- Haunted Pyramids, Aberdeen Fear Factory

Loudest chainsaws: The Slaughterhouse Horror Experience

Best lighting: Hell Hound Hollow

Best 3D- woods of terror.  Runner up- Stoney Point Trail of Terror

Best free non haunt touch:  Camp Fear- Free hot chocolate, cider, or coffee

Best free midway/queue attraction- Stoney Point trail of terror- the full drag/dance show

Best DJ- Lake Hickory Haunts

Most unique haunt setting- Booger Jim's Hollow.  Runner up- Planet of Terror

Best vortex:  Spookywoods

Who got me to jump: South Carolina Fear Farm, Woods of Terror

"You can't piss on hospitality.  I won't allow it!"
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2013, 02:29:00 PM »

I don't know whether to congratulate you two, or reserve a nice rubber room for you. I will admit, I am impressed. Most I've ever done was 18, and that was exhausting. So kudos to you both.

Yes folks, it is the end of another season. I hope everyone enjoyed it at least as much as I did. We got a lot of good feedback from haunters and hauntees this season.

So now...the question is..............what are we going to do for a Winter or Spring get-together?
Completely Haunted
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« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2013, 02:51:18 PM »

I am tired, sore, and saddened that the 2013 season is already over.  I hit a good bit of haunts and conventions around the US and Canada and saw some incredible scenes, actors, props, and shows. Here's where I went and what I did (off the top of my head)  Anything denoted by a (*) denotes a personal favorite

Days of the Dead - Atlanta, GA
Transworld - St. Louis
The Darkness - St. Louis
Lemp Brewery - St Louis
Mad Monster Party - Charlotte, NC
Canadian Haunted Attraction Conference - Hamilton Ontario Canada*
National Haunters Convention - Philadelphia, PA
The Zombie Run - Concord, NC
Halloween Extreme - Orlando, FL*
Necropolis - Indianapolis, IN
Twisted Darkness - Kokomo, IN*
Fear Itself - Mishiwaka, IN
Niles Screampark - Miles MI (twice)*
The Haunt - Grand Rapids, MI*
Phobia House - Kalamazoo, MI
Terror Town - Toledo, OH
Scare Fair - Lima, OH
Dead Acres AKA: The Haunted Hoochie - Columbus OH*
China Grove Zombie Walk - China Grove, NC
MonsterCon - Furman, SC
Bennetts Curse - Baltimore, MA*
ScareFest - Lexington, Ky*
Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, OH*
Wicked World - Lexington Ky*
The Hill has Eyes - Franklin, WI*
Nightmare Halloween - Forest Lake, MN*
A Haunting Experience on Hwy 61 - Cottage Grove, MN
Terror by the Creek - Vale, NC
Haunted Pyramids - Lawndale, NC
Horror Fields - Sawmills, NC*
Salisbury Zombie Walk - Salisbury, NC
Maze of Terror - Albemarle, NC
Scarowinds - Charlotte, NC (twice)
Nightmare Factory - Havelock, NC
X-Treme Fear - Brown's Summit, NC
Woods of Terror - Greensboro, NC*
Spookywoods - Archdale, NC (twice)
Greensboro Zombie Prom - Greensboro, NC
Charlotte Zombie Walk - Charlotte, NC
Boogerwoods - Rockwell, NC*
Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, NC*
Treedine's Haunted Forest - Piedmont, SC
Madworld - Piedmont, SC*
Walker-Stalker Con - Atlanta, GA
Netherworld - Atlanta, GA*

I think I need to go lie down again... Tongue


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