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News: Visit a haunt in South Carolina this season!
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Author Topic: Treedine's Haunted Farm -Upstate SC (Piedmont - near Greenville)  (Read 785 times)
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Treedine’s Haunted Farm- Upstate SC (Piedmont)
Visited on 11/1/13

Scare Factor:  2.75/5  - Other than the crowd being scarce the day after Halloween on a Friday football night, the place should get a 3.25/5 for real haunt fun with physically-interactive set design, in-your-face actor stalking, and startle factor. At the ticket window, the Owner explained there’s two attractions on the land with two price tags: a haunted trail with a ‘warning’ scare factor and a maze haunted ‘house’ with a ‘moderate’ scare factor in 2013.  Not seeing/hearing enough other guests flailing around screaming took down the scare factor, but not the one-to-one fun with actors and sets. This haunt is one of my personal favorites in the upstate (near Greenville) because it’s different, fun, startle-scary, claustrophic scary, and even psych-me-out-scary with the doors that won’t open and multiple sets to do, not just see. It’s more physically interactive than most haunts: climbing upstairs in real sets, wobbling over several swinging bridges and funky walkways, getting stalked on a real boat ride, sliding down a long tube, and ducking in dark mazes was like a being in a haunted playground. The scare factor is lower because of lack of sound in most places and it being the end of season, and a few mangled and tattered edges along the way.  However, the fun factor is one of the top for the Upstate because of the clever ways Treedine’s does its gig: a “pass the baton” style of different guides await between some rather long sets, but not positioned like haunted tour guides telling stories per se’; each one was an agent of the dark waiting to lead us to the next set through the dense and unmarked forest with only a flashlight. The physical dexterity required to get through this haunt was completely refreshing and entirely fulfilling, reminding me of being a kid in a haunted jungle gym at times. A super time!

Actors:  3/5 – The flashlight guides were regular teens not trying to act and when we got to the next set, they would call out the intro to prepare us and the costumed-out actors inside. They kept the pace going, and it was always someone new when we got out of the set/s, which was freaky. We learned only one guide had called in late, so we got an actor for that part instead of a regular teen, but inside each set was a great bunch of plentiful actors relentlessly working it. I got a boatload of startles and one actor got me repeatedly, but he wouldn’t tell me his name. He had this high-pitched “eek” that eventually irked me, and he gave up when I finally said enough, thank you. I could tell they loved their jobs, had some great costumes and kept the juice high, especially in the interactive woods sets. In the maze house actors were more like actors-stuck-inside the house, ad-libbing being stuck in there with us and there were fewer in that part, but there were lots of  good twists and turns and dark. There were tons of actors all over the place and a few key star characters who took Jason, especially, to a whole new level, which was very impressive.

Set Design/Props/FX: 3.75/5 – Multiple cool and fresh sets mixed up in this haunt. They use nature, indoor structures, and some kind of alternative building material in the dark mazes that is not tarp.  It was more like black industrial-curtain type material which worked great - not loud or cheapo feeling, except where it was torn.  The layout of both events was unique; different than any haunt I’ve been to this year. Really tight passages more than once in the dark then wide open rooms then up and down hallways again was a fresh mix of unpredictable-ness. The playground-style use of chutes and ladders, swing bridges and walkways, and the creepy boat ride I can’t say enough good stuff about. The smell of the moisture was sharp at times, but the black was effective and daunting. The lack of sound is my biggest gripe in this haunt and kills the score in a big way for overall scarosphere. But, the sets were exceptionally unique more places than not. Many of the black mazes were long and playing “hide and seek” in the dark was highly adventurous in the doll house. Different scenes were clearly marked and the use of strobes and black lights worked well. Not a lot of bell and whistle lasers or animatronic props – real actors with beating hearts gave Treedine’s many of it’s golden moments within its funky build. The last set of the maze house, I couldn’t figure out how to even get inside the thing. Once an actor and my pal showed me in, I got all mixed up, which was super thrilling! Fantastic spinner and use of strobes and black lights, too. However, to me, there were too many chainsaw exits. I’m just over the chainsaws.

Length: 4.75/5 – Not a 5/5 only because I wish there were a way to connect the two separate events better without walking back across the parking lot. In years past, they had a hayride that connected the events but they don't anymore. The longer trail was about 25 minutes but we got to take our time because there were only a few other groups there when we were (it was around 9:30 or so, too, early for a fright night Friday) and the indoor house/trail was more like 15 or 20 minutes.    

Value: 5/5 – For $20 and located within a 16 mile radius of at least six other haunts in the Upstate, both attractions were satisfying in length and worth it hands down for the special footprint and interactive haunt experience to be had. I’m not going to dock the overall value on this because I didn’t leave feeling ripped off, but parking used to be free and it’s a buck now, which felt like nickel-and-diming to me, just make me buy a soda instead.

Overall: 3.5/5 – This is one of the best haunts in the Upstate. I don’t know why more Frightseekers don’t go except that it’s further away from the Golden Triad. From tons of haunts to choose from in the Upstate (general Greenville, SC metro area) and the caliber of many haunts in the Upstate, this one is a must-not-miss top favorite South Carolina haunt-way better than most in SC in general. Living near the Upstate, I’ve been going when I can since 2005 and I am never let down by what it brings, which gets tweaked every time. It’s not well advertised like some of the others, and the Owner is humble and kind, but it’s been around for over twenty years, so they don’t suffer – the Owner even said numbers climbed last year when other haunts were challenged. Please add this to our list next year and check it out in 2014: http://www.treedines.com/index.htm. They are open one last night tonight, November 2, 2013 if you are looking for some fresh fun.
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Date attended: 11/1/13

Scare Factor: 3/5 - We happened to arrive at Treedines on a slower night so we had a lot of time to enjoy the attraction.  They have some really unique landscaping that makes the creep factor just that more intense, including 'tunnels' made from live plants and an interesting take on Crystal Lake.  There are plenty of dark and silent areas that make you wonder if things are lurking in the shadows or just around the next corner.  I didn't particularly like the layout of the attraction as the separate trails require you to cross the parking lot but once you're in the respective haunts you quickly forget any inconvenience.  they have multiple guides walking you through the forest and I really liked that.  It gave the aura of unpredictability as none of the guides tried to point you in the direction of the incoming scare.

Actors: 2.25/5 - Since there was not a large crowd, I think the actors spent a lot of extra time interacting with us.  That was a good thing in that we got some extra attention, but it was not a good thing if they are not effective actors, which many of them weren't.  The majority of them were in street clothes and masks and simply yelled at us.  My companion would ask them a question and they would break character and answer it.  Not something I want to see.  That's what the guides are for. While we walked the trail, a couple would follow us along while slowing moaning our names.  It was creepy but got old fast.  once they realized this, it became more of a challenge for them to come up behind us and yell.  I even heard "Boo" a couple of times. *Sigh*.  Saw a few trademarked characters (Jason, Michael, Leatherface, etc) and even though they were appropriate for their areas, my feeling on trademarked characters is well-known.

Sets/Props/FX: 3.5/5 - There were some really interesting sets in the forest, including the only 'real' boat scene that I have ever experienced and it was pretty cool.  I enjoyed the slide and having to climb up and down to reach certain areas.  There really wasn't too many detailed sets as this main trail is in a VERY dark and creepy forest.  The landscaping at night gave off an unnatural vibe and it was cool.  However, the sets inside the scenes were effective and well done.  the one thing that i really did not like was that complete lack of sound effects.  There was one area in one of the mazes that had a repeating voice, but there was no music in any of the rooms.  Clown and/or kid's rooms should at least have creepy music playing and the lack of killed it for me.  The dark maze was dark and confusing and my companion, (the maze lover) actually got a bit lost.  i think I was lucky and got us out of there.

Length: 4/5 - No complaints.  It took a good 30 minutes to get through the first maze and 15-20 for the second.  I think when this placed is packed, it will take much longer.

Value: 3.75/5 - No real complaints again.  One price can get you into two mazes or you can pay for one or the other.  The food, especially the hot dogs was good and cheap as well.

Overall: 3.3/5 - NOT free parking. Even though it was only $1.00, it still seemed a bit odd.  Where is that dollar going?  Makes you wonder.  The concessions were tasty and cheap.  I did not see any merchandise for sale.  There are several haunts in the nearby area so this will make a nice compliment to a night of hitting 2-3 haunts.  I enjoyed my visit to Treedine's and I think that with a little bit of actor training, this could be a real special place.


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