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Author Topic: Spookywoods-Archdale (Greensboro/Highpoint), NC  (Read 541 times)
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Visited Friday, October 10, 2014  

Scare factor: 4.5/5 -  Spookywoods has overhauled the entertainment value in 2014. Applause! Coming back with a bang after taking a hit from a major winter snap...I got entertainment from the queue actors freaking me out to some feindishly fresh stuff I've never seen anywhere. The first set- the Geister Haus- just blew me away!  I was on total haunt joy ride. The fright lights forest jaunt was glaringly fun. The ghost stables were new and...hold on, what was that anyway? The corn maze was at an all-time high - seemed longer, too. The Castle is eclectic, engaging, funky, fun - just loaded with pure haunt adventure.                                                                                                                      
Actors: 3.5/5 -  Loved them when I saw them, just need more and sprinkled throughout. The Old Europe costume and makeup flair is fitting for the distinguishing stare scares. Queue actor kudos! Maddeningly interactive. Lots of silent and creepy snarl scares from brave and talented stalking characters.  Congratulations scaring the breath out of Tony as he toured with our group!  That was just scary. Awesone subway actor and sanitarium girl. Characters reveal juice and authenticity in their own unique way/s. Top-notch acting enterprise,  just didn't get enough of them.

Set design/props/FX: 4.5/5 - Impressive coordination of animated and still props that kept me paranoid the whole time in the closed sets. Plenty of surprises for even the hard2scare crowd.  If something didn't move in the first set it didn't matter because the exquisite delight with such a fresh approach was plenty satisfying.  Places that need more love are the glitter fields - sound, fog,  props - not sure how the glare is for people in the back. Super cool crowd prop this year! The Corn was plain fun, could be way scarier.  The Castle.  Oh man what's up with the vandalism look? It shakes up the Old Europe Edinburgh feeling.  So much going on in that set gawking, getting popped and nabbed while finding the way through a myriad of haunt obstacles...nonstop. More FX and prop visibility would enhance the impact. Nice job reworking this key set post disaster! Some of the materials need more polishing. Great new Asylum set - a fresh design for a classic theme. Very cool FX in the pumpkin patch and collective feeling along the midway. It all just makes Halloween real somehow.

Length: 5/5 - Moving at a smooth pace, except for a 5-minute crimp at the Corn, it was easily an hour of nonstop haunt fun and entertainment.
Value: 5/5 -$25 regular ticket; VIP Fast Pass: $40, Immediate Access: $50. There's also a cool deal where you get to act in the show - makeup and all - and hunt your pals down called: SCARE University. Go to the web site.  $25 works for all that comes with this professional haunt experience including outstanding customer service. Many new offerings in 2014 are due to direct customer feedback the owner has implemented. Cool!
Overall: 5/5 - Spookywoods 2014 delivers the haunt experience for the haunt newbie and the hard2scare crowd with plenty of surprises. This is a must have haunt experience hands down; it brings the magic and delight of the season alive in vivid color.
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