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Author Topic: Midway Wicked Woods - Statesville, NC  (Read 2790 times)
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Date Attended: 10/5

Scare Factor: 5/5 - If there's a scarier haunt in NC, please tell me. Midway as usual continues to horrify. The location is great, creepy in itself. Scares start right away, on the hayride, when you are attacked by tons of actors and chainsaws. I had two first time visitors with me, and they were horrified on the hayride because of what they saw. Two women were kicking, screaming, on people's laps, hiding, from the actors that jumped on the hayride. They DID NOT let up, ever. They continued to terrorize her, while still scaring the others on the hayride. When we got to the line, the chainsaw man continued to terrorize them even more. They went at this forever. At one point, she was on the ground, surrounded by four actors, and she was kicking and screaming. A great reminder before you go in that Midway does not play around, and they will stop at nothing to torture you. As we get in, we are immediately immersed in one of the best haunted trails around. The first house, with all the bugs and snakes and dead bodies, was very , very creepy this year. My group went very quickly through there. It is quite unsettling. There are lots of snakes striking at you, bugs, water, animatronics popping at you, coffins falling on you, to make you want to get out of there as quickly as possible. The rest of the haunt delivered exceptionally well. The graveyard was nice, lots of actors. The bus was great. The maze, yet again was awesome. No shortage of scares here. Our group of 6 (all came here together, so we didn't split up) were thoroughly impressed.

Actors: 6/5 - As I said in the Scare Factor section, they saw someone's fear and DID NOT LET UP. They continued to attack, many actors, right up in your face never backing away. The queue line actors were awesome. They were extremely hilarious, even if sometimes a bit rude. They had me cracking up , with all their funny ad libbing, mainly about our group being a total sausage fest. The actors inside were very, very intense. They were right up in your face, right behind you, right in your ear. They did whatever necessary to try to scare you. The Jason actor was horrifying, as he stalked you for a good while. The clown actors in the 3D clown section were nice, a step up from last year, when I didn't recall any actors being in there. The bus actors were good. The slaughter house actors were really good, making good use of props. There are a good bit of chainsaws here. Once inside, about three actors were seen terrorizing people with chainsaws. There was no shortage of horror, no shortage of actors. There were probably six or more actors in the cemetery section. There was not a single dead spot on the trail. We were so lucky to be behind a group of 15, and we ran into them once. The actors did an amazing job of holding us back, getting right up in our faces, telling us to stay here and if one of us moved he'd kill us all. The actors here are very threatening, and I loved the character that every single one of them brings to life.

Set Design/Props/FX: 5/5 - The first houses were amazing. If you have a fear of bugs, snakes, or dead bodies, you will find yourself running with your eyes closed tight through the first house. This house plays more on other fears, yet still is inhabited with a lot of actors. Snakes usually don't bother me, but I found myself speeding up through the snake sections. There were so many amazing props and animatronics in the first building, it was quite amazing honestly. The coffin room is old, but still delivers every single time. The slaughter house had awesome, bloody, gory sets (my favorites). The bus was awesome, always impressive. The clown section had some new animatronics, that were very cool. The props here always impress me. There are a few spots were you almost have to get down and crawl, and some really tight squeezes and two claustrophobia tunnels. There are so many props, no spots without something to look at. This is not a black plastic type of haunt. In fact, there wasn't a single piece of it anywhere in the haunt. Everything here is very advanced, professional,  detailed, and very good.

Length: 5/5 - From the time we got on the hayride to the time we walked out of the vortex it took us almost two hours, counting time spent in line between the hayride and the actual haunt. No boredom there, however. There are lots of actors roaming around, scaring people and doing a great job of keeping people entertained. The haunt itself is probably 45 minutes long, with no trouble at all in the maze and moving quickly (guy in front of the group went pretty fast). First timers could spend a solid hour in here.  The length never disappoints, everyone feels tired, and lucky to have survived by the time they escape the Midway Wicked Woods.

Value: 5/5 - It's $20, which I will have no problem ever paying for this good of a haunt. It's a true experience, with entertainment and horrifying scares. I never feel disappointed leaving Midway. It's such a long experience you feel like you really get your money's worth. The first timers I was with thought that it was definetely worth $20. I've been to other $20 trails and this one exceeds any of them, by a long shot. The wait in line is so entertaining you feel like you are getting your money's worth while waiting! Those actors ad lib so well, it's definitely worth the money to come see what evil and comedy these guys have up their sleeves. I have been here the last 4 years in a row, and felt it was a good value every single year. Nobody will ever leave here feeling ripped off.

Overall: 5/5 - Midway is the best haunt in NC in my opinion. Granted, I haven't been to every haunt in NC but I've been to a lot of the best. I left Camp Fear previously feeling like it was a good experience, and then this completely blew that out of the water. Midway continues to impress me, every year I go. The actors this year just seemed so brutally evil, so brutally awesome. The scares here are very consistent and in your face. They had me jump a few times. I always have a great time at Midway, and I am never disappointed. If you go to one haunt in the year, go to Midway Wicked Woods. Do not miss this one, it's very fun, very evil, very scary, very entertaining.  

Other: Parking was $2 this year.
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