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Author Topic: Vander Haunted Trail- Fayetteville, NC  (Read 684 times)
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Vander Haunted Trail
Date visited: 10/19/14

Scare factor: 1/5
I attended the trail with "screaming_diana".  She earns her screen name by being terrified of almost anything.  She has been scared by a toaster in her own house before.  When your trail fails to scare her and we can literally carry on a full conversation on the trail you're doing things wrong.  Really, really, really wrong.  Groups were too large, scenes were devoid of scares, actors didn't care, and props were an after thought.  After three minutes honestly I was ready to quit as the writing was on the wall on how this was going to play out.  Nothing like going into a dark maze in a huge group with a sloping ceiling such that you whack your head while ramming into the butt of the guy in front of you. 

Actors: 1/5
Bad.  Just plain bad.  There were a fair number of children (at midnight?!?!) working the trail.  Unlike some child actors they were not effective but were just annoying in their screaming.  We encountered one woman in the woods who was texting.  Someone called her on it and she said "Yeah I'm texting.  Hope you're scared."  Actors time and again failed to deliver scares.  Just staring at people or in other instances we would get stopped by an actor before a set only to enter the scene and find no actors.  One gentleman asked us how we were enjoying the trail and I was honest that it was the second worst one I had ever done and related the story of the texting diva. He apologized and said, "yeah after 11 or so a lot of them just don't want to act."  Here's a thought- close earlier or find people that want to do the job.  Asking people to pay money for that level of disrespect is ridiculous. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 2/5
Some cool 3D.  That's about it. 

Length: 1/5
I didn't time it.  It doesn't matter how long it was when there are no scares and bored actors.  I seriously considered asking if we could just leave the trail and go to the parking lot.

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $15 with a fast pass for $25.  Groups are large, actors are lacking in skill/motivation, props are poor.....there is no return on investment here.

Free parking.  Movie being shown while you wait and concessions available.
set ups, low scares, etc
Overall: 1/5
A  truly disappointing experience.  I attended last year and it was low scare but entertaining.  This year they were much busier (there were 4 total people at the place last year) and standards had fallen to epic low proportions.  I have done a lot of trails and had a lot of poor scares, bad set-ups, etc.  It's a known risk going to so many trails.  This, however, falls into the "screw you, pay me" category.  There is an obvious we just don't care attitude that is pervasive throughout.  Huge groups going through the trail, actors texting and sassing patrons, empty sets, and a dearth of scares while asking mid range prices is simply an affront to my senses.  I often give the large corporate haunts a lot of grief for the  livestock experience and lack of scares......but they look good and would fire an employee on the spot for texting on the trail.  This was do what you want night while we make bank.  This experience comes in second on my all time worst haunted trail experiences.  It can't touch Wompus Woods but they are a solid number two on that infamous list.  If you are in the area may I suggest Stoney Point Trail of Terror for a much more entertaining and scary time.

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No need for me to write a review...Packbacker pretty much summed it up.   It was a horrible experience!
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