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Author Topic: The Original Hollywood Horror Show- Snow Camp, NC  (Read 945 times)
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The Original Hollywood Horror Show
Date visited: 10/21/2014

Scare Factor: 2/5
The rumors I had heard are true- nice to look at but not very scary.  There are two prop scares that I can remember and the rest are actor driven.  The problems are multi-fold:  group size for this attraction is way too big (8 in our case), some sets were devoid of actors, scares were often times a pop at the front only, and just minimal actor motivation.  On top of these issues is the fact that there is a front and back guide.  The mood is kinda gone when you keep hearing "Step up!" or the back guide chatter into the walkie-talkie "leaving the pirate ship".  Ambiance is blown....and then when the chainsaw goes off when your part of the group is still 20 feet away....sigh. 

Actors: 2/5
There is a need for more actors here.  A few sets were actor-less.  It was a Tuesday night....but if you're collecting $ you need to be fully staffed.  Several actors seemed bored.  One zombie bride in the graveyard literally only half-way got up out of her plastic deck chair to menace the front of the group.  The mummy missed his cue completely and never left his coffin.  The pirates were trying hard, the other graveyard denizens as well as Freddy Krueger did a good job of trying to go for a second scare.  The Frankenstein queue actor followed my two friends through the entire haunt.....he was trying and got a few gasps.

Sets/Props/Fx: 5/5
There are some fantastic looking things here.  I would hesitate to call it hollywood level props overall as I saw a few things I have decorating my house/yard but there is a full size pirate ship, an airplane crash (I still didn't grasp that scene), buzzsaw, large cemetery, freddy's boiler room, a great looking Pinhead with a flayed body, and more.  I could spend a few hours going around looking at their sets.

Length: 3/5
It's a combination indoor/outdoor trail.  15-20 minutes in duration.  You never really stop as there are front and back guides so trail duration is likely static for all groups. 

Value: 2/5
It looks good but scares are minimal and group sizes are large.  $2o feels too steep for the overall experience. 

Free parking.  Concessions on site as well as a museum of sorts with celebrity autographs and movie props.  There is also a Last Ride simulator on site for a $5 fee.

Overall: 2.5/5
I'm glad I went because I've heard a lot about the place over the years.  It looks good but honestly it's not a trip I'd make yearly.  It's just not scary.  Cut the group size in half, drop the guides, and add some actors and I could see this being a repeat haunt for me.  I think the guides are because they are worried about people touching their props.  The bigger haunts in the state can do without guides so I'd think they could here, too.  It just kills any vibe you are experiencing to hear staff's walkie talkies going off.  Plus as a large group if you are in the back you're missing at least half of the scares/reveals.  When it's not busy there's no need to usher everyone through together.  Actors need some more motivation/training.  Overall I had fun but you're left feeling a little hollow knowing you paid too much for the overall experience.

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