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News: Visit a haunt in South Carolina this season!
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Author Topic: Scary Dairy Haunted Hayride- Harrisburg, NC  (Read 953 times)
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Scary Dairy Haunted Hayride
Date visited: 10/24/14

Scare Factor: 2/5
Your mileage may vary.  What are you looking for in a haunt?  Big props, relentless actors, and screaming yourself silly?  Pass on this one.  Low level scares for the family?  This is probably the right place.  There is no real atmosphere of fear but more childish giggles and the worry that the tractor pulling the hayride is going to get stuck in the creek.

Actors: 2/5
It's hard for these guys because you can't corner a patron.  Even pop scares are difficult because you are working in a wide open field in most cases.  The actors were mostly kids having fun.  Chainsaws were brandished at the base of the hayride and a few kids jumped on to try and elicit screams.  I did have an 8 year old girl ask me if I could squeal like a pig as well as a Santa Claus like hillbilly threaten to cut off my finger.  So there's that.... 

Props/Sets/Fx: 2/5
There are a few sets here but mainly there are some cheaper hanging props.  Actors costumes varied from store bought masks to some smeared makeup.  There was one ghost/demon on a pulley, some chainsaws, a drop down spider, and a guillotine and electrocution set (Barack Obama as the executioner....) as well as a haunted single-wide.  What was different was the use of actual firecrackers and I'm pretty sure a 12 gauge shotgun.

Length: 3/5
The trail is limited to a hayride only.  Trip duration was 15-20 minutes I would guess.  For $10 you can't expect more.

Value: 3/5
Your mileage may vary.  This is a pretty family friendly haunted hayride.  If you are looking for big scares you won't get much out of this but if you want to take some younger kids on a Halloween adventure this is going to be a great value for the family. 

Free parking!  Concessions were available on site.

Overall: 2/5
For me it wasn't great but I'm not the target audience of Scary Dairy.  I laughed here and there but was never surprised/startled/etc.  It's probably a great trip for the family but not for those without kids or that have any tolerance level for scares. 

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