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Author Topic: Mountain of Terror- Asheboro, NC  (Read 2002 times)
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Mountain of Terror
Date visited: 10/24/14

Scare Factor: 5/5
Mountain of Terror got me to jump.  That's not easy....in fact it's the first time this season it's happened.  Bravo!  We went through as a group of three on a slow night.  My trail-mates were screaming, running, crying, peeing, and leaving the trail due to being terrified.  Darkness is utilized to its maximum effect here.  There is a section where you carry a glow stick walking through the woods and it is D..A..R..K.  You cannot see the actors as they cat-call the group.  Chainsaws are plentiful but well timed.  I think all the scares are actor driven.  The maze is fairly unique in that there are chainsaws in it as well! 

Actors: 4/5
The number of actors seems to have drastically increased from my last visit (2012).  One of my biggest complaints in the past was dead space with no actors.  That has been addressed in a dramatic fashion.  These guys were everywhere.  We also went on a slow night so we probably got more attention than normal.  My favorite part was their use of names.  At one point screaming_diana's name was echoed by at least 10 different actors throughout the trail.....literally just passing it down the line.  Actor talent varied from just a pop scare to the pop and stalk.  One actor would throw out grisly rhymes while another quick witted one started with some Journey lyrics based off a comment I made.  Fun times.  I docked them a point, though, because of folks breaking character.  It wasn't egregious but noticeable several times in the trail.

Sets/Props/Fx: 3.5/5
There are no real big props here.  Honestly there doesn't need to be anything like that around.  There are some small buildings and sets with minimal props until you get to the "main cabin".  This place is more like a solid structure that had some grisly set pieces (loved the girl in the cage!).  There is then a full maze and of course the Terror Slide!  Actor costumes were generally decent with a few that were a bit lacking.   

Length: 5/5
It's probably pressing Trotterville in terms of length.  I'm guessing we spent close to 45 minutes to complete the trail.  No complaints!

Value: 4/5
Tickets are $20 with a $3 discount available with canned food.  It's at the upper end of the local price range.  That being said I had a fantastic time and didn't blink at paying that amount.

Free parking!  I think they had concessions but we arrived later in the evening and did not investigate.  There was a movie playing for those in the queue line. 

Overall: 5/5
My last two visits to Mountain of Terror (2011 and 2012) were underwhelming at best.  It was repetitive and sparsely staffed.  Honestly I wasn't too keen on going last night but decided to give it a shot.  WOW!  We did benefit from small crowds but still the entire trail has been re-worked.  It's longer, darker, and decidedly more staffed.  The actors are much more enthusiastic than in years past with a lot of verbal harassment and good timing.  The more permanent house was kinda claustrophobic and delicious in the scares it delivered.  The maze was brutal with multiple chainsaw wielding actors who always knew where we were.  Trying to recover in the parking lot was fruitless as the actors were "done" for the evening but managed to surround one of my friends causing me to worry she was going to run through the barriers and into the pond that is on property.  So so so much fun.....and again the only trail this year to get me to jump! 

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Sounds like this trail has stepped it up a lot...may need to check it out if I can work it in.

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