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Author Topic: The Hill Has Eyes - Franklin, WI  (Read 693 times)
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Dates attended - 10/24

Scare Factor: 4/5 - The Hill Has Eyes is inside The Rock Sports Complex on the site of an old landfill in Franklin Wisconsin.  There are baseball fields, mountain bike trails, and a ski lift.  The ski slope rises menacingly from the surrounding flat land and looms over the entire area.  When the night falls, the lights from the hill radiant with an eerie glow that makes you feel uneasy as you approach.  HHE is divided into several haunts: Hooded, Failed Escape, Hunger Hollow, The Scare Lift, and CarniVORE.  Hooded is one of the more unnerving experiences as you have a hood placed over your head and forced to walk single file along a looong path.  Failed Escape takes you deep into the Wisconsin woods.  Hunger Hollow takes you even deeper into the woods and introduces you to your eventual fate.  The Scare Lift (chair lift) takes to up the top of the hill into the unknown, and eventually to CarniVORE, their evil circus carnival.  Each of them if frightening in it's own right, but combined makes for a truly terrifying experience.  To enter the first attraction, you go into a 'party tent' where a DJ spins tunes and a bar serves drinks while waiting to go through.  Oh, did I mention that a this place serves a LOT of alcohol? The Rock has a great bar on site as well as the party tent and another bar in 'The Pit', where you wait to enter Failed Escape and/or Hunger Hollow.

Actors: 4.5/5** - The actors in Hooded are psychotic paramilitary types that take no guff from any customers and are not afraid to let you know it.  Failed Escape introduces you to Junkyard Ray and other hillbilly types that are not to be trifled with.  Hunger Hollow is filled with cannibals and transitions nicely from Failed Escape.  (Be sure to say 'Hi' to Black Billy, or else). A few actors wander around The Pit entertaining and horrifying the crowds waiting in the queue.  Occasionally, the chainsaw guys would chase a few patrons out of one haunt and up the hill.  Hunger Hollow ends with a few actors inside a church with a scene that would generate WAY too much controversy if this was in the South.  It's pretty cool and the actors are great, but the Bible Belt is not ready for it.  The Scare Lift has no real actors and CarniVORE is filled with many sideshow freaks, clowns, and circus performers.  The actors provide a great combination of pop scares and interactive dialog with the groups.

Set Design/Props: - 2.5/5 - HHE is 99% outdoors and the deep Wisconsin woods makes for a very creepy atmosphere.  The staff at the entrances warns customers not to venture off the path for fear of falling into the adjacent river.  A lot of the scenes look crudely constructed but it works very well with the theme of the haunt.  A few animatronics look a bit out of place in the woods, but the actors do what they can to make them scary and effective.  I am not a huge fan of gun props in haunts but there are quite a few at HHE, especially in the first attraction.  There are several chainsaws scattered throughout the haunt.

Length: 5/5 -  You can easily spend 2+ hours here if you want.  They do a good job of pacing the crowds thorough the various haunts and I never saw any groups combine into a conga line.  They send groups of 3-8 people through and it works.  I never saw anyone wait more than 10-15 minutes in the Pit in order to enter Failed Escape or Hunger Hollow

Value: 4/5 - Tickets range from $25-$45 depending on day of week to how much of a VIP you wish to be.  No complaints and well worth it.

Overall: 4/5 - FREE PARKING!  LOTS of beer and a few places to buy snacks.  The main bar on site has a pizza delivery service that will bake you a fresh-made pie and deliver it to you anywhere in the complex.  Overall, this is ultimately a destination spot where you will spend a couple hours here.  A scary haunt with a party beforehand, a cool location (5 minutes off I-94 and 10 minutes from the Milwaukee airport), great actors, a nice apres'-haunt bar, and nothing beats a cool October night in the greater Milwaukee area.  Last year they were voted the best haunt in the greater Milwaukee area and that's saying something given it was only their second year.  This place is going to be one of the big boys in the Upper Midwest in just a couple years and I recommend it to anyone willing to make the drive.

**I trained the actors in 2013-2014

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