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Date attended - 11/1/14

Scare Factor:  5/5 - Netherworld is located right off I-85 in Norcross Ga less than 1 minute off Jimmy Carter Boulevard Exit 99.  The lights and noise of the traffic only enhances the immediate feeling that this in no ordinary haunt as you approach.  Police are directing traffic and they have worried looks on their faces as if to say "it was nice knowing you".  The haunt itself is in a two-story shopping complex with an upper haunt and lower haunt that beckon you to your doom.  While the building itself is rather plain looking, outside there are giant animatronics and creatures warning you not to go inside.  Large numbers of scary characters roam the parking lot menacing patrons who are waiting to enter.  There are plenty of opportunities to get photos with really cool props and actors, watch the huge projections screens on the walls, (some NW trivia, parade footage, and other things), or dance while 'Netherworld Radio' blares music in the parking lot.  there were people literally sitting in lawn chairs for hours watching the entire spectacle and it does not disappoint.  There is even a special machine outside that for only 25 cents, gives you the opportunity to scare a group of people inside the haunt.  It was a great source of entertainment for scores of people while I was there.  Even though there are two (2) chainsaw guys at the end, you honestly don't really hear them due to so many other things going on around you.  The screams coming from patrons leaving are louder and more frequent.

Actors: 5/5 - I have been to haunts all over the country and have never found a better group of actors that work together as well as these.  Some have been with the haunt for so many years, it's as if they are now a part of it.  From riding a 20-foot tall animatronic horse, to a pair of chainsaw welding maniacs, the actors at NW never fail to deliver.  NW features a new major character each season and then that character roams the queue lines for years afterwards.  From The Collector, to Dolly the Porcelain Doll, the the Gargoyle, those actors NEVER break character and it was amazing.  This year the upstairs theme was 'Season of the Witch' so there were many witch-like creatures roaming the haunt and they were unbelievable in both looks and acting.  Downstairs, it was 'Spliced' and the mad doctors and their cloning experiments were portrayed by some of the most talented people I have ever seen.  There are plenty of other creatures in the haunts to give you nightmares and it's almost  too much information to process.  The actors assault and impress you non-stop from the beginning to the end.

Set Design/Props: 5/5 - Netherworld has to spend at least a million a year in theming, building, and redesigning the  entire haunt every year and it shows.  If you have never been, there's no way to properly describe the intense detail that goes into construction here.  Being in the business, I examine every little detail that I can and have seen things that less than 2% of customers would probably see but it's still added to the scene to make it more realistic.  I was completely blown away by the attention to detail and it still amazes me that next year it will be 75-80% different.  Even the giant animatronics, (some over 20 feet tall) are moved to different places in the haunt to throw you off.

Lengths: 5/5 - Despite waiting in line for hours, (which doesn't feel bad given all the entertainment outside) customers can get through both sections of Netherworld in about 45-60 minutes.  The upstairs haunt is longer than downstairs but You can visit either one first.  No complaints.

Value: 5/5 - Ticket prices range from $22-$28 up to $50 depending on day of season and if you want to get a Speedpass and skip the lines.  Totally worth it for what you get.  There were probably 4000-5000 people in line the night I went and a Speedpass avoids all that.  Merchandise is available in their gift shop and most is reasonably priced.  The machine that you can use to scare people in the haunt (see above) looks like an old arcade game and is probably the most fun you'll spend for a quarter.

Overall: 5/5 - Netherworld has free parking available but you might have to go offsite and walk a bit.  There are food vendors selling hot dogs, fried dough, and carnival food.  The gift shop is stocked with cool stuff, the actors in the parking lot will entertain you for hours, the photo opportunities abound.  The haunt itself will completely blow you away and that's why it's consistently one of the BEST in the US.  If you EVER get a chance to go to Netherworld, DO IT.  If you haven't yet put this on your bucket list, you should.  This is my personal favorite haunt in the country and I try to make an annual pilgrimage down there at least once a year.  They are open until the 8th of November in 2014 so if you can...GO TO NETHERWORLD!!!

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