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Author Topic: 2014 Recap, Best of, Awards, and General Musings  (Read 1014 times)
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« on: November 03, 2014, 07:16:30 PM »

I've still got 2 "post-season" events planned but sadly the 2014 season has pretty much come to a close.  By my count we did 32 trails this year over 3 states.  Failed to do reviews for 3 of them.....maybe this week.

First time visits:
Night Watch Haunt, St. Alban's Sanitorium, 901 Nightmare, The House, Razorback Hollar, The Devil's Playground, The Original Hollywood Horror Show, The Haunted Farm, The Myers Haunted House, Pinhead's Graveyard, Scary Dairy Haunted Hayride, Twisted Hollow, Reaper's Realm

5 of those will make the cut to yearly visits.

Some awards:

Scariest: Midway Wicked Woods
Runner up: Major Graham's Haunted Mansion

Most fun: Forbidden Forest
Runner up: Lake Hickory Haunts

Most unique:  Forbidden Forest.  Nowhere else did I slide down a "garbage chute" face first. 

Best set:  The Hewitt House at Woods of Terror.  Beautiful facade with a realistic, grimy interior.
Runner up:  The Clown House at Lake Hickory Haunts, The Christmas nightmare set at Darkside Haunted Estates

Best props:  Clamzilla- Hacker House.  Boat Ride- Lake Hickory Haunts  Flatbacks- Boogerwoods  Buried Alive- Reaper's Realm.  Gargoyle- Trotterville Horror  Ax Door- Nightmare on Scales Street

Best actors:  Hacker House.  Not a single one of them settles for just a pop scare.  Intense but witty at the same time.   

Best clowns:  Lake Hickory Haunts.  Maniacs (in a fantastic way!)
Runner up:  Reaper's Realm

Best hayride:  Midway Wicked Woods.  Fireworks, fireballs, and chainsaw wielding clowns with a clown car.
Runner Up:  The Haunted Farm

Best hearse ride:  Aberdeen Fear Factory

Best guides: Boogerwoods

Best screamer:  The Campground Nightmare
Runner up:  Midway Wicked Woods

Best midway:  The Haunted Pyramids

Best slide:  Mountain of Terror
Runner up: Forbidden Forest

Best cornfield:  Hillside Horror
Runner up:  Trotterville Horror

Longest trail:  Trotterville Horror
Runner up:  Major Graham's Haunted Mansion

Best Maze:  Mountain of Terror
Runner up: Hacker House

Best Michael Myers: Boogerwoods

Best Jason Voorhees:  Woods of Terror

Best Freddy Kreuger:  Lake Hickory Haunts

Best chainsaw attack:  Trotterville Horror
Runner up:  Mountain of Terror

Best 3D:  Woods of Terror

Rookie of the Year (meaning MY first visit....not necessarily a 1st year trail):  Reaper's Realm
Runner up: St Alban's Sanitorium

Most Improved (since my last visit): Mountain of Terror
Runner up: Lake Hickory Haunts

My Number One:  Midway Wicked Woods.  It just works start to finish for me year after year after year. 

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Looks like you had an incredible season at some awesome haunts!!

Whatever you do, don't fall asleep.
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