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Author Topic: Devil's Playground- Linden, NC  (Read 1450 times)
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« on: October 19, 2014, 08:37:35 AM »

Devils Playground
Date visited: 10/18/14

Scare Factor: 1/5
It's just not scary.  Winding black plastic hallways inside an old barn with unmotivated actors is a recipe for disaster.  I was kept visually entertained at times but the lack of screams before we went in as well as during our time inside was quite noticeable.  Everything was focused at the front of the group (which we were actually in) but after a pop scare they just kind of stared at you.  Props while cool to look at really didn't deliver any scares outside of one mirror.  After awhile it just seemed kind of tedious. 

Actors: 2/5
Numbers are ok but not spectacular.  Talent is lacking.  There was one woman with a medical set who was very, very, very good.  Otherwise you had people attacking solely the front of the group and having no idea what to do after the initial pop scare.  Upon entering one room a young man brandishing a cleaver looked at my friend and said "Yeah Im not going to scare you."  I was dumb-founded.  And he didn't and we moved on through more black plastic. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 3.5/5
This was the best part of the attraction.  They had some cool things- some very cool voice intros, some video boards, and a great mirror gag.  The rest seemed to be Spirit Halloween store fare and losts and lots and lots of black plastic. 

Length: 1/5
I'm guessing we were done in 10 minutes.  For a $20 trail that's just unacceptable.

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $20 at the door or $15 purchased online.  Online tickets are non-refundable that night only even with weather cancellations.  It's obvious they've spent money on some props but this is nowhere near a $20 trail in terms of length, scares, and actors.  Honestly $15 is pushing it. 

Free parking.  Concessions were available. 

Overall: 2/5
Devil's Playground was one of the haunts I was looking forward to visiting this year due to their website.  I had never visited them before and the website originally said no one under 13 admitted (later changed to admittance with an adult).  There were disclaimers saying "we are not satanists depsite the rumors out there" and such.  My curiosity was piqued.  It's in the middle of nowhere in what appears to be an abandoned either hog or poultry farm.  Driving in on a poorly lit dirt road between barns.......I was digging it.  The lack of screams from the attraction, though, was a sign of things to come.  Despite a minimal line we went through with another group.  My hopes were slightly elevated with a cool rules intro and elevator monologue......and then it fizzled.  The scares were sloppy to lacking and the actors seemed bored or just poorly trained.  To top it off the attraction is short.  My guess is that the attraction is young and they're the only game in town but to ask top dollar for that experience is nuts.  They have spent some money on some props but it doesn't matter if the actor in the room breaks character and literally says "I'm not going to scare you."  Hopefully they can build on things in the future but we left severely disappointed.

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« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2014, 08:02:22 AM »

Thanks for the review Packbacker, I'm the tech guy for The Devils Playground.  The owners invested quite a bit of money in the business including advertisement in radio stations and posters, etc...  Land owner fee, building supplies including adding electrical power to a NON powered building, which included permits and inspector fees. There are alot of behind the scenes legalities that need to be acquired, implemented. Fire codes to abide by, Then to top it off certain critical staff need to be paid. So yes it was a huge expenditure for a first year haunt. actors were mostly volunteers which we all know if you don't have the passion for something you will not be successful at it. Hopefully future events will improve by better actor selections and evaluating their enthusiasm beforehand but sometimes at a tight time frame you must go with what you have and try to motivate them. All said and done we did pretty good on providing a decent haunt for what time and money was invested. The owners and myself will consider all reviews and improve as we go along. Hopefully we can exceed expectations for years to come.  Thanks again all that supported us for our first year haunt 2014.

Kevin G.

Devils Playground 2014 end of year video.
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Kevin, I sent you a PM.  Drop me a note if interested...

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