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News: Visit a haunt in South Carolina this season!
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Author Topic: Escape Room!!!  (Read 404 times)
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I'm not sure where this fits in, so I choose General Topics as I just want to chat about Escape Room!!!  Please don't give any specifics on completing the event in any discussion.  I don't want another team to do better than us because of spoilers!!  I want to go back and dominate!! 

We attempted to survive the Escape Room in the Winston location last night.  The story right now and through the end of the year is the Zombie Room.  What a great way to get started in the Halloween season!!!  After we were done, I was still wanting to run and dodge things and keep solving puzzles!  Now I am incredibly hyped for the new haunt season.

If you go, do  read the back-story info online before you get there as the clues will help you.  This is ultimately a team building exercise, so work together!  I personally loved the zombie setting and intensity.  It definitely added some encouragement to think things through and work fast! 

It had a feel of a haunt experience, but you are an active participant.  You have to use your brain and your team members to survive!  This is no line up and walk through haunt.  I think save your SpookyWoods money and get a group to do the Escape Room! 

I would like to hear about other locations.  Is it worth traveling to another area, or just enjoy ours close to home and wait for the next story?  There may not be a huge amount to talk about on this with the no spoilers..but I definately want to  share and hear about more opportunities like this!
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