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News: Do something scary... go to a Haunted House!
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Author Topic: Marr Branch Haunted House- Mt. Olive, NC  (Read 698 times)
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Marr Branch Haunted House
Date visited: 10/3/15

Scare Factor: 4/5
Marr Branch seems to pride themselves on being offensive, gory, and more adult themed than the average trail.  The entire place exudes an atmosphere of backwoods debauchery.  The scares are a solid mixture of animatronic props, air bursts, sound usage, and actor experiences.  Despite the rules saying that they will not touch you our experience found this to not be true.  One group member was grabbed multiple times and temporarily restrained in one room.  Groups of actors would often descend in one room to encircle and terrify.  Most of the time scares were elongated as long as the group would allow.  Things are never rushed and several scares are very well placed so that casual trail-goers wouldn't see them coming.  I was caught completely off guard to find an actor stand up menacingly *through* a very bloody mangled corpse. 

Actors: 4/5
The queue line actors here are solid.  One is a mute demented backwoods man who silently stalks line-goers while the other is a bearded blood-smeared man in a dress who never stops talking.  His pitter-patter is tight and he warns you about what you are going to experience.  Remember this place is definitely NOT a family haunt so there is language used.  A special shout out also needs to be given to the actor in the initial room.  He plays a revival preacher trying to "save" the redneck heathens.  He is fantastic in his delivery and sets the tone for the entire haunt.  These guys, for the most part, have the guise of demented inbred gorehound rednecks down.  I caught one breaking character and randomly saw a uncostumed person with a cell phone in one room. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
This place shocked me with the animatronics that it held.  There weren't tons of them but the ones that were there were high quality and not what I was expecting from seeing the unassuming, backwoods exterior.  Gritty, grimy, bloody, and brutal describes it best.  Mutilated naked corpses, body parts you don't normally see on haunted trails, and some dampness are all featured.  Most costumes are solid.  I'm still not sure what one of them was but it appeared to be a pumpkin like creature on half-stilts with an unnatural sound eminating from it. 

Length: 3/5
About a 15 minute trail.  We only attended one of the attractions since the swamp feature was rained out.

Value: 4/5
Each attraction is $12 with a combo ticket available for $20.  The swamp was closed so we only did that house.  For the size and price they packed a lot into their trail.

Free parking.  Concessions were available and a movie (featuring nudity for those easily offended) played in the queue line.

Overall: 4/5
It's a different trail.  Marr Branch is definitely more adult themed.  It's not over the top but there is some language, fake nudity, and things you aren't going to see and hear at a church haunt.  I was sold after the opening set where a "preacher" told us how he was trying to save the redneck denizens within......to no avail.  The scene was unnerving and well delivered.  Proceeding forth it was kind of like a de-evolution of mankind to its basest components.  Personally I appreciated something a little different but this place is definitely not for everyone. 

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