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Author Topic: Aberdeen Fear Factory- Aberdeen, NC  (Read 478 times)
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Aberdeen Fear Factory
Date visited: 10/8/2015

Scare Factor: 2/5
As will be mentioned several times in this review, we attended AFF on a Thursday evening.  I'm not sure if what we experienced was normal staffing numbers or decreased because it was a school/work night but there is too much emptiness at this attraction.  At one point we entered a cabin where a young lady was still getting into makeup and audibly said "What are they doing here?".  Two of her co-workers were also just hanging out devoid of their costumes.  After that debacle we went through at least 4 sets that were devoid of a scare.  I'm not sure if someone wasn't at their post, something had broken, or whatnot but it got tiresome to think to yourself "This looks nice but why am I here or what am I missing?"  One of my favorite scares from our first visit two years ago sat sad and empty...and due to that it became hard to tell even where to proceed on the trail.  In the areas that were populated scares were decent.  There is a scenario with a couch that was a new one for me that was excellent, a good diversionary pop scare at the end of the clown region, and a few startles here and there through the rest of the trail.  Chainsaw quotients seemed to have been upped this year.  The hearse ride I've been so fond of in years past was also missing on this trip- I'm not sure if it's been discontinued or retired but its omission was a gigantic bummer.  The wild hearse ride around the parking lot was both the scariest and most anticipated part of this haunt for me on a yearly basis.

Actors: 2/5
Bottom line- there aren't enough.  Multiple empty sets and a few out of costume.  We were the first group through of the evening however they opened late AND I personally heard them check in with all actors that they were opening in ten minutes.  It's unfortunate to pay top dollar to wander through empty rooms or find actors unprepared for your appearance.  The actors that were there were decent.  Their sense of timing was good and conveyed a menacing tone.  There were a few places for speaking parts and these were generally delivered well.  The gentleman in the electrocution area really sold his part well and the "gatekeeper" at the church had a great little schtick that he kinda had to do because again no scare in the empty chapel!  Again the actors that were present were into what they were doing and having fun....they just needed another ten people to work the place. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
Aberdeen Fear Factory has re-worked many of its sets, added some props, and in general looks like a good professional haunt.  There are some very large props here including a dragon, alligator, hell-a-vator experience, vortex, and a unique couch gag that had me clapping.  Sets, in general, have an authentic feel to them and they cram a lot inside this warehouse.  The cathedral set looked fantastic but yet again lacked any scare (prop or actor) at all.  The 3D area is well done with one prop in the ball pit area that delivers a solid scare.  Actor make-up and masks are generally solid.  Twisty the Clown looked magnificent. 
Also the entrance has been re-done with a wonderfully demented clown mouth as your portal into AFF. 

Length: 3.5/5
I keep meaning to time our adventures but I failed to do so yet again.  I'd wager it took us 30-40 minutes to finish the attraction.  It's a hefty indoor length (claimed to be largest totally indoor haunted attraction in NC) but when 1/4 of your sets are devoid of actors or scares it becomes less of a positive to have a long trail. 

Value: 2/5
Aberdeen is expensive.  Tickets are $25 per person with discounts for military ID only.  That's top tier prices in the state of NC.  It's a long-ish trail with some nice props but frankly it's over-priced for what it delivers.  We have yet to check it out on a weekend so maybe Thursdays are just "off" nights but after wandering through multiple empty sets my wallet was feeling a little remorse.  Drop the hearse ride and the bang for your buck drops further.  If "off" nights are harder to staff then a decrease in ticket price would be an appropriate move to make.

Free parking!  Aberdeen Fear Factory is cash only with a ATM on site.  In years past there has been a concession stand offering alcohol.  I assume that it is open on weekends this year as a sign with beer prices was seen but the window was shuttered.  A small selection of T-shirts was available.  They take your photo so theoretically this is also available for purchase but we did not explore this option afterwards.  I need to give a special kudos to the staff of Aberdeen Fear Factory as well.  I managed to lose my phone inside the haunt- something that's never happened to me before.  I think the aforementioned vague couch gag caused it to tumble out of my pocket.  Staff was alerted and managed to find my phone and return it while not disrupting the show.  Major thanks to them for handling that in an awesome fashion!

Overall: 2.5/5
Even though I had a lot of fun last night I keep thinking about the empty sets, no hearse ride, and the high price.  Personally for me it comes down to either filling the empty spaces or dropping the ticket price.  $25 per person is the highest we are going to pay in North Carolina this year so the bar is high.  Stumbling onto unprepared actors or simply multiple sets completely devoid of them is a big let-down.  It's a shame, too, as it seems like they've done a lot of work and this year finally feel like a professional haunt.  Things *look* great and all the building blocks are there for this place to be amazing....and then you enter another empty room.  If you've never been it's fun though still a longshot at justifying the price. 

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