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Author Topic: Wicked Whimsies- Pfafftown, NC  (Read 496 times)
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Wicked Whimsies
Date visited:  10/10/15

Scare Factor: 2/5
Wicked Whimsies is, to me, a kind of a beginner trail.  There's nothing wrong with that but folks in search of constant or big scares are going to be disappointed.  The trail is based around fairy tales .  They do a good job of realizing most of them and it's much more of an entertainment focus than a scare focus for me.  We had several children in front of us that were experiencing their first haunt ever and this seems to be the ideal place for that to take place.

Actors: 2/5
The majority of the actors on the trail are kids.  Their talent levels are quite variable.  The folks running the Alice in Wonderland sets are strong while others had timing / lines issues.  Chainsaw Steve working the parking lot patrons is fun and knows when to startle folks and when to throttle down (pun kinda intended).  The trail does suffer, though, from several areas that seemed devoid of actors.  I guess it's hard to have pop scares in the woods between sets when everything is fairy tale based but it just seemed sparse overall.

Sets/Props/Fx: 3/5
Wicked Whimsies doesn't feature any big props or set pieces but then again this trail doesn't need them.  What they have works well in most instances.  I really enjoyed the whole Alice in Wonderland area- the building, props, and costumes all interplayed very nicely.  The slide was a fun touch not found in most haunts and the Wicked Witch setup was cute.  Some of the other areas, though, kinda felt overlooked.  The three little pigs and Jack in the Beanstalk sets felt barren. 

Length: 4/5
For a $10 trail you get a decent romp through the woods but again there is a moderate amount of downtime.

Value: 4/5
Wicked Whimsies is a budget trail at $10 per ticket.  If you know going into it that scares are minimal and that it's more for experiencing a cohesive themed trail then $10 is a solid asking price.

Free parking!  No concessions were noted.

Overall: 3/5
Wicked Whimsies is themed and fun but lacks significant scares.  If you're ok with that going in you should enjoy it.  If you are looking to scream non-stop you should look elsewhere. It's a great low scare trail, beginner haunt, or just a break from Jason, Freddy and Michael. 

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