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Author Topic: Harvest of Horror at Denver Downs- Anderson, SC  (Read 608 times)
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Harvest of Horror at Denver Downs
Date visited: 10/11/15

Scare Factor: 2/5
Four attractions-
hayride 1/5  If you are scared of chainsaws well they have them.  For 90 seconds.
Bates Motel- 3/5   this one could be really good in groups of 4.  Of course we went through as a group of 7 with college students too stupid to put their left foot in front of their right foot.  There are actually some solid sets/scares here IF you can get in the room to see them.  I really liked the set-up and maintenance of the Psycho theme throughout.
The House 1/5. One scare.  And a slide.  Not worth the effort it takes to walk up the steps to the slide.
The trail  2/5  A few pops here or there but nothing to write home about.  The most amusing part was the farting prop in the outhouse.  His gas mimicked my emotions after finishing the trail.

Actors: 2/5
The actors just don't have much to work with.  The strongest ones are in the motel section.  There's very little, if any, talking or interacting with patrons.  Screams, "Get out", "stay with me", and more screams.  They didn't really need more actors.....just more for them to be able to do.  Talent level is hard to judge when you're out of their section is 4.8 seconds.

Props/Sets/Fx: 2.5/5
The motel exterior looks cool.  I really dug it.  There was a cool bed set-up / scare.  The elevator had a neat drop panel but was weak on its hydraulic settings.  Costumes varied from cool to a dude in a stocking mask.  The house is just a waste.  The trail suffers from being too well lit.  Farting guy is fun but that's kinda it.  I'd love to see the Motel expanded and made into its own haunt.  Ditch the rest, charge appropriately, and call it a day.

Length: 1/5
We were done quick.  Like it took us longer to walk to the hayride than to finish the three walk-throughs kind of quick.  The attractions are all short and bluntly lack quality outside of some hotel sets.  It seems to be more geared to families and pumpkin patches and such rather than a true haunt.  I couldn't run to hayride back to the parking lot quickly enough.

Value: 1/5
Tickets are $25 for four "attractions".  Sounds like a good deal doesn't it?  Well the attractions put together might be as long as a single haunt I normally visit.  The hayride has actors on it / interacting with it for under five minutes.  The hotel is the strongest part of DD but again is less than ten minutes in duration.  The house is less than 5 minutes in duration and the trail is also under 10 minutes in length.  Besides it being short for the money group sizes are large and outside of the hotel scares are super light.  The house and hayride honestly aren't even worth doing.  Make the hotel $10 with a small group and I'd give a value of 4/5.  As it stands though this is just not worth the inflated asking price. 

Free parking.  There is no sign announcing that you are at HHaDD.  We had to ask a parking attendant who mumbled and walked away from us.  Parking is a free for all after entering through the unmarked gate.  There seemed to be thousands of things for small children to do but we did not check out the corn maze area.  Concessions and merchandise were available.

Overall: 1.5/5
I liked the look of the Bates Motel.  A few of the sets/scares were well done.  After that, though, Harvest Horror felt like an immense money grab.  Short attractions, giant group sizes, and low level scares.  When we finished I was kind of in amazement that I had just paid top dollar for that experience.  While I'm often content to admire set pieces, try and figure out effects, or laugh at screaming Diana do what she does best I was just frustrated.  Calling the hayride or the house an attraction is just a sham.  The hotel makes for a solid "event" and the trail has some OK parts.  Groups sent into the hotel were wayyyyyyy too large on an evening that was not super busy.  We were able to sweet talk the house ticket taker into letting us go as a group of two so there's that.  It was still disappointing to see a single scare in the house area...but hey cool slide.  Kids will probably love this place.  You can stay all day and get the farm/maze/baby haunt experience.  Anyone over the age of 10 will probably be disappointed if they've been to any other haunted attraction before. 

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