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Author Topic: Nightmare Dungeon- Greenville, SC  (Read 1418 times)
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Nightmare Dungeon
Date visited: 10/11/15

Scare Factor 1/5
Guided trails aren't scary 90% of the time.  Nightmare Dungeon is the epitome of this rule.  Our guide wanted to go home.  She was rushed and ran us from set to set.  Running like "I'm going to urinate myself if I don't get to the toilet in 90 seconds" running.  When you have to be told where to stand and are given a lame set-up line before a scare is delivered it's not going to work.  When the scare happens before you even get into the room it's not gonna work.  When a chainsaw fails to get screaming diana to scream it's not gonna work.  From a scare standpoint it was a failure on every single front.   

Actors 1/5
We ran past them.  I have no idea their quality.  Numbers were fine as rooms were tiny / cramped so more than one couldn't fit inside. 

Sets/Props/Fx  ?/5
Who knows.  We ran past them.  Seriously.  The Dark Ride was in a distant out-building and was too dark to see what was up. 

Length 1/5
Our "two" attraction experience at break-neck speed lasted probably fifteen minutes.  The "dark ride" (without the ride) scare section lasted under five minutes.  Believe me you don't want more to be added to the length due to the quality presented but regardless it's short for the money. 

Value:  1/5
Nightmare Dungeon claims to have three attractions with two for $20 and the third for an additional $10.  The first two are contiguous and multiple group members were flabbergasted when told they had finished the two promised events.  The other event was a truck ride away and short, dark, and decidedly not scary.  The entire experience was rushed, cramped, and boring.  Thirty dollars is the price for all attractions or $20 for the "two".  Regardless of how you buy a ticket the asking price to value ratio is absurd.  While I may not care for the bigger cattle call type haunts they can demand that ticket price for the experience they deliver with detailed sets and gigantic props.  Thirty dollars to run through a bunch of palettes to be lined against a wall for an obvious "scare" is highway robbery. 

Free parking.  I'm not sure if concessions were available.

Overall: 1/5
This was not the way we wanted to end our South Carolina adventure. Nightmare Dungeon looked promising with multiple attractions and being open EVERY day in October.  If it's open daily it's gotta be pretty good, right?  Sigh.  My trepidations started when I saw groups of twelve being admitted.  My worries grew when I heard zero screams inside.  I knew we were in trouble when our guide was so enthusiastic that we were probably the last group of the night and complaining that she had only smoked half a cigarette today.  I kept hope alive until I found myself literally running down a hallway with oddly placed walls such that anyone of a moderate size had to scrunch through only to miss another scare from our giant group size.  For $15 I would have been annoyed but for $30 I was just pissed off.  Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching....and screw the customer experience.  As a patron I felt like a bother.  Run to this scene, run to this scene, run to this scene.  Ok gotta smoke buh-bye.  The guy manning the queue area to the "dark ride" asked us how we liked it.  He could tell from four of our faces to not press the issue.  The dark ride was just salt in the wounds....wasted time and wasted money.  I can't give good details about actor quality, set quality, etc because we were literally on the run.  Painful, expensive, and frustrating.  Nightmare Dungeon isn't the worst experience I've had but it rates top five and it's by far the most expensive bad experience I've suffered through.  I can't fathom how they can charge (and seemingly collect without issue) such an exorbitant sum with so many good options in the upstate South Carolina region. 

"You can't piss on hospitality.  I won't allow it!"
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