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Author Topic: Maze of Terror- China Grove, NC  (Read 567 times)
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Maze of Terror
Date visited: 10/17/15

Scare Factor 2/5
It's not scary for anyone who has been to a moderate to large sized trail.  It's heart is in the right place, though, as everyone is having fun.  Outside of the chainsaws I'm not sure our group got scared at all but I think they'd all agree we had fun.  There are a few props but most scare attempts are actor driven. Timing issues, breaking character, and similar problems bring the scare factor down significantly. 

Actors 1/5
Tons of kids are the backbone of this trail.  There's a lot of breaking character and twice we happened upon groups that were out of costume just hanging out and chatting.  Whoops.  There were are a lot of issues in terms of timing the scares and outside of the chainsaw folks no continuation of the scare.  The kids in the corn were more amusing than scary.  They were just running willy-nilly through the cornfield more talking to us rather than trying to scare us.  It's definitely amateur hour but it kind of was just amusing.

Sets/Props/Fx  2/5
Maze of Terror had a few fun sets.  There was gory bathroom, a cool set-up with an homage to Jason Voorhee's decapitated mom, a super slow vortex, and a decent corn maze.  Costumes and masks are where the trail falls off considerably.  There were multiple actors not in costume or make-up at all.  Masks were super cheap and generally were worn with regular street clothes.  It's hard to get scared by a kid in a GAP sweatshirt.

Length 4/5
It was longer than I'd expect for a $10 trail.  The length depends on how long you get stuck in the corn section.  It is an actual maze instead of just a bunch of twisting in the dark.

Value 4/5
Tickets are $10 which seems to be the right price point.  The length is decent with lower quality so it all evens out in the end.

Free parking....but it's kinda a chinese fire drill as people park wherever they please and we saw cars blocked in with no exit possible.  Amazing smelling BBQ was available for sale as well as t-shirts.  A sign also proclaimed that they had free hot chocolate.

Overall 3/5
I went in with low expectations and they were exceeded.  There are definite issues with the set-up but it's fun.  If you are looking for big set-ups or serious screams I'd look elsewhere but this trail reminds me of ones I went to growing up.  Low-key, low scare, but a good sense of down home fun.  Sets varied from decent and gory (loved Jason's mom's head) to minimalist.  The actors are 90% kids and their sense of timing is not well developed.  Twice we came across groups of actors just kinda hanging out.  Somehow I just smiled and laughed through that- probably due to the low trail price and chill nature of the whole operation.  Maze of Terror is never going to be a very scary attraction.  Look at it more as a fun way to relive some childhood Halloween memories and it can be a good deal of fun.       

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