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Author Topic: Madworld- Piedmont, SC  (Read 715 times)
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Date visited:  10/11/15

Scare Factor: 4/5
Your mileage may vary.  We were part of a super slow group that became a large super slow group.  Our group "leader" got lost somewhere and screaming Diana and myself continued on just the two of us.  After separating from our group the scares amped up tremendously.  We did not see/hear another group for the remainder of the trail.  This is NOT the norm as groups are sizeable and frequent so buyer beware.  Madworld is a combination house and outdoor trail.  The house is fairly tame in the scare department and also suffered from some severe footing issues with mud and standing water.  There is a mix of actor, prop, noise, air, and liquid scares.  Personally I felt the scares amped up out in the woods and outdoor sets.  Of particular note was an aerial actor, Freddy's boiler room, laser swamp, and laser vortex rooms.  Scares were well executed and occasionally unexpected. 

Actors: 4/5
The queue line actors were excellent.  Freddy has the laugh down pat and he and Jason staged a little battle for the crowds.  The "doll girl" was chasing around anyone who showed fear and delivered some solid startle scares.  Inside the trail the actors were decent in most sections.  They have a hard job as groups are coming through quickly or coalesce into giant blobs of humanity.  Timing was solid and generally aimed at the middle of the group.  Freddy again stole the show in his boiler room area delivering movie dialogue lines with the best of them and harassing our small group well into the woods.  My biggest complaint is the drastic overuse of the phrase "Do you want to play a game?"  If I heard it once on this trail I heard it at least twenty times.  Enough!  There was minimal verbal interaction with patrons due to the volume throughput.  I was impressed, however, at the amount of secondary stalking/scares the actors could put out despite the frequent group times. 

Sets/Props/Fx: 4/5
Madworld has some really cool stuff going on here.  I adored both the Exorcist bed set (with Pazuzu!) and Freddy's boiler area and bed victim.  I hadn't seen either set-up pulled off well before so great job!  The laser vortex is a very cool effect especially with an actor introducing their arms into the laser beams.  There are some really crazy (like worried I was going to hurt myself) floors in the house section that put carnival funhouses to shame.  One actor gets to do some aerial work which is fairly unique in my travels.  Early set-ups seem more old fashioned with black plastic and hanging sheets.  Later sets increase in detail.  Actor masks and make-up are good overall.

Length: 3.5/5
It took us roughly 30 minutes to finish the trail.  We could have trimmed that to 20 to 25 without the unbelievably slow guy leading our group. 

Value: 4/5
Regular priced tickets are $20 per person with a fast pass available for $38.  We were lucky enough to break off from our group (I'm still not sure where they went) so we were able to experience over half the trail as a group of two.  Even though we were literally the first group in/out the actors were on point.  As a group of two the value is amazing.  At one point we were a group of conglomerated 12ish and it was a conga line effect that lost scare value.  Your mileage may vary.  Lines were extensive at opening and we were told that groups go through every 90 seconds.  I think we were just very lucky to get the intimate experience we did so take that into consideration if you are averse to the larger cattle call type events/attractions. 

NOT free parking.  It's $5 to park but attendants will literally walk you to your space.  Besides the house/trail Madworld offers an escape room attraction available by pre-booking only.  There are concessions on site, a gift shop, and a bonfire area.  Queue line actors are numerous and more than willing to mug for the camera....or chase around those scared kids.   Trail footing was suspect in many places due to a large amount of rain but they made every effort to reduce standing water and give extra traction.   

Overall:  4/5
I've said it multiple times but I think that if we had stayed in our group that my rating in multiple categories would be less.  This review, however, is how I experienced it and I have to say that once we liberated ourselves from conga line hell that I had a fantastic time.  Fun sets, great effects, and interactive actors harassing just the two of us at a large scale haunt.  I was impressed at the creativity in spots could tell that the majority of the actors were well seasoned.  I'd return in the future but I just fear the line effect dampening my first visit memories.  Regardless it's worth a visit if you're in the upstate area.

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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 02:36:12 PM »

Date visited - 10/09/15

Scare Factor 3.5/5
Madworld is one of those haunts you see billboards up and down the interstate and then there it is (meaning you can see it from the highway).  They have been around for 4 seasons and they keep improving their show each year.  This year we pulled off the highway, up the access road, and were greeted by a guy standing in the middle of the road directing people into an off-site parking lot.  I told them we weren't going to the haunt and he let us pass where we promptly drove down the road to the main entrance and pulled right in and parked next to the gate.  The main gate is impressive and doesn't show much of the sinister interior.  They still have a giant fire-spouting  tower on-sight that the owners control remotely.  It promises more creepy fun inside.  One new thing Madworld offers for 2015 are a pair of 'Escape Rooms'. More on that later.

Actors: 4/5
The actors parading around the 'midway' are very good and know what to do to illicit scares from those waiting in line. My only complaint was that there was a 'Jason' walking around.  (My feelings towards trademarked characters are well-known, but Madworld DOES pay royalties to the studios for the rights to them).  I was told later that he was one of the supervisors filling in while someone else took a break so I'll cut them some slack.  The other actors are very menacing and fun to watch.  the characters along the trail were fun to watch as they attacked our party and the (returning) characters that man the hotel do it as good as any actor I've ever seen.  I loved the addition of flying actors and the ones who work along the laser areas.  There is a NOES-themed attraction with a pretty convincing Freddy.  Overall, I think the actors have been well trained to their parts and the variety of characters will keep you entertained.

Sets/Props/FX: 4/4
There doesn't seem to be a lot of major changes to some areas of the show.  In other places, there are some major differences and additions to the trail and buildings.  All of them are well done and designed well.  Madworld is a 'general themed' haunt with many different areas and characters. The hotel is a staple, with great actors and sets that make you think you're descending into some terrible place from which there is no escape.  Watch for the plumber (and hold your nose) as you pass and be careful of the creatures in the fog tent and laser rooms.

Length: 4/5
 The trail is roughly 30 minutes so no complaints.  The escape rooms that Madworld debuted this season will take you 45 minutes before being allowed to 'escape' so if you plan to try it, be prepared.

Value: 3/5
Tickets are $20 which are good for what you get.  A fast pass is $38 which I think is a bit much given the queue lines are entertaining.  I didn't see a lot of fast passers going in and perhaps that's why.

Other: (Escape Room)
The Escape Rooms are booth cool and have very different puzzles.  If you don't know what an escape room is, you are locked in a room with a group of people and you have 45 minutes to find the key to get out.  However, there are clues you must solve in order to find it easier.  One of the rooms has a 'zombie' on a chain and every 5 minutes the chain lengthens by a couple feet.  If you don't solve the puzzle by the time the clock runs down, the 'zombie' gets loose and proceeds to attack and infect everyone until the staff opens the door.  they owners says about 50% of the groups make it through the 'easy' room (no zombie) and the 'hard' room (with zombie) has had exactly ZERO people solve the puzzle.  If the rooms work out, they plan to open them up possibly year-round for corporate groups, civic organizations, etc...

Overall: 3.7/5
No free parking this year.  It's $5.00 to park in the main lot or satellite lot and grabbing the shuttle.  There are food trucks for food and concessions, a large bonfire are, and a gift shop selling t-shirts caps, and various other things. Access is very easy via I-85 exit 35. The haunt is fun and scary, the Escape Rooms are challenging and by reservation only, and the atmosphere is spooky.  Madworld is a fun trip for anyone passing through the upstate.  There are quite a few quality haunts within 30 minutes of Madworld and it's worth a road trip to check out 2-3 of them (which is quite easy to do). http://www.madworldattractions.com/
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