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Author Topic: Hallowed Grounds Mill - Hildebran, NC  (Read 711 times)
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« on: October 20, 2015, 11:19:20 AM »

Hallowed Grounds Mill
Date visited 10/10/15

Scare Factor: 2.75/5
Hallowed Grounds Mill is in fact, in a real textile mill right on Hwy 70.  Literally on Hwy 70.  I mean the front door is less than 10 feet from cars rushing by.  There's nothing they can do about it but it does make things a bit uncomfortable while listening to the screams inside.  HGM is a guided tour and I think they were short-staffed as they were only allowing one group at a time through the haunt.  They did have a few actors working the queue but there was only so much they could do given the proximity of the highway.  A little spooky music playing outside would definitely help.  I spoke to the owner and he did say he should be able to set something up some hopefully that was quickly fixed.  They redesigned their haunt from last year to make it longer and to prevent groups from running into each other.  It makes sense when you see it.

Actors: 3/5
The actors are in your face and since it was one group at a time, they would follow you throughout the haunt and attack again and again.  The haunt is divided into several sections and the actors in each section played their characters well and did stay in their areas.  The axe-welding bunny was different and absolutely perfect for its area and 'Piggy' made people in my group gag in more ways than one when we entered his domain.  I was told that there were a few missing actors and there were some empty areas where it showed, but there were plenty of others to make up the slack.  It was early in the season and the actors are volunteer, so I'm sure with a bit more experience and tweaking, they will be in fine form by the time of this writing.

Set Designs/Props/FX: 3/5
There are the standard labs, mad medical staff, and dark maze among other scenes, but there was one scene that I was absolutely surprised by. this was the scene with the bunny.  I had never seen this particular theme in any haunt before.  Many of the props are handmade and range from mill equipment, junk, everyday items, and even paper mache' was used in several scenes.  The lighting and fog was better than last year and made things rather disorienting and creeped out members of my party. There were a couple of store-bought props but they did not deter from the haunt at all.  The requisite chainsaw at the end surprised everyone who thought it was over.

Length: 2.5/5
We spent over 30 minutes in line and 20 minutes to go through the haunt.  I think the lines will move faster with multiple guides but there was only one today.  It seemed longer with the lack of queue line entertainment.

Value: 3/5
$15.00 for adults and $9.00 for kids under 12.  They have LOTS of free ticket giveaways on their Facebook page. Be sure to check those out.

Overall: 3.35/5
FREE PARKING! There are no food concessions that I could see but I think they sell t-shirts.  There are some great scares, others need some refining.  There is a noticeable improvement in the set designs and themes  and this young haunt will continue to get better and better with time.  I would rate it a bit higher if it wasn't for the wait and lack of queue line entertainment but that's an easy fix that I'm sure they've addressed.  I think Hallowed Grounds Mill is a nice addition to the Unifour area and everyone passing though the area (3 minutes off I-40, exit 119) should check it out. www.facebook.com/HallowedGrounds


Completely Haunted
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Hallowed Grounds Haunted Mill
Date visited: 10/23/15

Scare Factor: 3.5/5
For a guided trail Hallowed Grounds can still deliver the goods.  Scares are generally well hidden with actors using good positioning and timing.  We were the only group there so maybe we got more attention than the average customers but we were followed around here or there.  The guided part of the trail kills any continual vibe from scene to scene so your nerves settle easily.  There are some genuinely creepy areas and an exterior that belongs in a horror film. 

Actors: 3/5
The ones that were here were enthusiastic and often times persistent in their scare tactics.  We were the only group in line and in the attraction so we got a little extra attention.  Several areas felt empty or under-staffed.  One lady in the doll room delivered a great performance as a psychotic child.  The clowns were brutal in their yelling, laughing, and trapping of customers.  There could be some offense at language that was used if you are overly sensitive.  Outside the mill these guys did not let up- at one point screaming_diana was trapped in a corner of the building by three actors.  They persisted in their terror up to the road. 

Sets/Props/Fx:  3.5/5
Housed entirely in an old mill there are some interesting sets here.  A whole section is devoted to Alice in Wonderland which is a fun diversion from the norm.  The entire attraction is well lit with spooky mood lighting throughout.  Masks and costumes are solid with some unique looks here.  The Mad Hatter looks amazing and the psychotic rabbit was even better.  The crazy foggy clown fence area at the end is disorienting and well done. 

Length: 3/5
It took about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete the attraction.  Your time may vary as we were trapped by actors in the final set for awhile while they played around with our group. 

Value: 3/5
For $15 it felt a bit short and over-priced. With coupons the value increases.

Free parking in the Food Lion lot across the street.  No concessions available. 


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