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Author Topic: Sweet Dreams Scarehouse- Anderson, SC  (Read 752 times)
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Sweet Dreams Scarehouse
Date visited: 10/11/15

Scare Factor 5/5
There's nothing cutesy here.  It's bloody, gory, and intense.  The most vivid memory I have is of an actor beating a corpse incessantly with an oxygen tank.  WTF did I just see?  I rounded another corner and had a witch doctor blowing smoke in my face.  Sweet Dreams is so much more bloody than your average haunted trail.  It's not for everyone but I appreciated the darker tones.  Rooms were small so there wasn't much room to run; scares were right up in your face.  There was a great mixture of pop scares, stalking, noise (i love the clanking thrown chains), and excellent lighting.  The outdoor trail did not let up.  You think you are safe as there is more open space but plenty of pops and a chainsaw or three are out in those woods...

Actors 5/5
Plenty of them and I can't vouch for their mental stability.  The actors were all over the place- screaming, beating things, throwing things, in your face, giggling, and basically causing havoc.  The folks outdoors were well hidden and used good timing to sell their scares.  No one showed mercy- I could easily imagine these actors destroying the fragile psyche of a child.   

Props/Sets/Fx 5/5
Gory.  That's what I remember.  This should have been written closer to the date we visited but lots of tight hallways, very bloody sets, the aforementioned witch doctor with smoke was uber cool, and just overall solid makeup/masks.  The outdoor trail had a great smoke/fog tent and some smaller sets. 

Length 4/5
Whenever you find a trail that's clicking on all cylinders you want more.  My poor friend, though, was kinda done so I guess it's best it ended when it did.  I have no real concept of time as we did so many trails that night and screaming diana was living up to her name but it's plenty long. 

Value 5/5
Tickets are $20.  For this price you get small groups sent through a slightly insane indoor warehouse with a back guide and then a self-guided outdoor trail.  Sign me up!

Free parking.  No concessions noted but there was a bonfire with communal hay bales to sit on.

Overall 5/5
Easily the best of the four SC trails we did on our most recent trip.  It had the smaller haunt vibe to it....but they brought it.  Lots of screams from aptly named screaming_diana while I was amused to no end by the sets, wackiness, and overall bloody good times that was going down.  I was a bit skeptical with a relatively empty parking lot and back guides and no real buzz about the place.  That was put to rest early on and I realized this was my kinda trail.  Tight, dark, crazy, bloody, freaky, intense, long, fun, and with a truck out front marked "free candy" with bloody paint instead of a hearse.  Yep, its worth checking out.


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Sweet Dreams Scarehouse
Date visited: 10/09/15

Scare Fatcor: 3.5/5
Sweet Dreams Scarehouse is located along I-85 northbound and is easily accessibly via Exit 21 in Anderson.  It's appropriately at the end of a long frontage road that looks creepy and is in moderate to bad shape.  Pulling up the the haunt we saw a DJ playing tunes and an actor from the 'Walking Dead' signing autographs.  It was the week after the bad floods and the back 40 was wet but open.  We did hear a few screams emanating from inside as we approached the ticket window which added to the creep factor.  The owner was prowling outside and we chatted for a few minutes.  He had stayed open during the floods and did what he could to make the customers happy as the outdoor trail was closed.  He had a pretty innovative plan and I was impressed.  With that, we went inside.

Actors: 4/5*
The acting has definitely improved from last year.  Last year was a mish-mash of random actors in random scenes but this year they are much more interactive and I think a few of them were taking their job a bit too seriously.  this place has one of the best undead zombies with the most terrifying shriek I have ever heard.  The indoor actors played their parts well but it looked like the outdoor actors were having a better time getting up and in your face.  I saw the undead zombie both indoors and outdoors and it was horrific both times.  I missed the actor who 'bent over backwards' to scare you from last year, but there were so many new characters it really didn't matter.

Set Designs/Props/FX: 3.75/5
There was a lot of improved set designs last year.  The 'halloween store' props that were featured last year were missing and replaced with more effective and spooky props that automatically made the haunt better.  There was a lot more blood and bloody characters stalking you.  you can never go wrong with lots of blood.  Its a randomly themed haunt with many different rooms and passageways designed to confuse and creep you out and it works.  Last year's outdoor tunnel was shortened (thankfully) and the trail goes on farther and with more sets and appropriate props.  Great job.

Length: 3.75/5
It took about 25-30  minutes to go through everything so no complaints.  There was a DJ having a party and an actor from TWD so there were things to do before and after you went through.

Value: 3.75/5
From the website: Adults : $20.00 per. Kids 10 & under : $10.00. Pre-order your tickets online to get $2.00 off.

Overall: 3.75/5
FREE PARKING!  I think there was a small concession stand but honestly I didn't notice.  I know there is not a DJ nor 'Walking Dead' character every weekend, but this is a fun haunt that will give you plenty of startles and screams the entire time you are here.  If you drive down I-85, be sure to stop here for a great little haunt that won't fail to deliver. The Friday before Halloween, they are doing a fundraiser for a child with cancer. http://www.sweetdreamsscarehouse.com/

* In the essence of full disclosure, I did train the actors at Sweet Dreams Scarehouse this season

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