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News: Do something scary... go to a Haunted House!
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Author Topic: Lake Hickory Haunts - Hickory, NC  (Read 706 times)
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Lake Hickory Haunts
Date visited: 10/10/15

Scare factor: 4.5/5
Lake Hickory Haunts seems innocent enough, the ticket window is in an old convenience store and we pulled up not expecting too much.  We were told to get there before 6:45 so we could see the parade.  Parade?  Well, we got there at 6:40 and proceeded to the ticket window where they told us to go stand over there so we could see the parade(?)  Well 5 minutes later, all questions were answered as there was a procession of creepy and spooky characters as they walked and drove from the upper areas (where I assumed they got ready) to the lower area and the haunt.  There was a hearse, creepy clowns in golf carts, several waves of walking dead, pirates, and a golf cart equipped with a flamethrower(!) It was pretty cool.  After a quick visit to the ticket window, we made our way down to the haunt where we were treated to yet another ceremony at 6:59, the playing of the National Anthem. As the solemnity of the Anthem faded, we heard a scream and hoards of actors charged us from around a corner and ran through the crowd menacing and terrorizing everyone.  My companion and I looked at each other with a 'WTF did we get into" look.  Little did we know...

Actors: 4.75/5
For a 4th year haunt, LHH have some pretty seasoned actors.  We opted for the deluxe boat ride and were treated to a very drunken pirate. (think undead Jack Sparrow) who guided us through the treacherous maritime passage. Wink  After disembarking, we went up a path and were harassed by serial killers (including 'Jason') before entering the circus.  The clowns were perfect and led us into the asylum and other areas while making us feel welcome and yet tried to kill us.  The mad doctors, asylum patients, and other horrors within were very effective and gave us no end of screams.  There was a "Freddy" in his lair who while effective, along with Jason were the main reasons I did not give them a 5/5 rating.

Set Design, Props, FX: 4.75/5
Frankly, I was impressed with the amount of details LHH has in its scenes.  ALL the areas were well done and filled with great and realistic props that suspended reality to truly bring the terror to you.  There were some good homemade looking scares and a smattering of some props I have seen in other places but they do a unique take on them.  The clown areas were fun to go through, the asylum areas were quite realistic, and even the pirates ship has some interesting attention to details with some cool props. (watch what happens when guns are fired).  I was thoroughly entertained.

Length: 5/5
If you do the boat option, you would be hard-pressed to get out of there in under 45 minutes. Absolutely no complaints and I was a little surprised find out it when was over.

Value: 4.75/5
From the website:
Short-Tour Admission (Shorter wait time) Does Not Include Haunted Boat Adventure Adult $15.00 Child $9.00
Full-Tour Admission** Includes Haunted Boat Adventure Adult $22.00 Child $16.00
Fast Pass (Skip The Lines) Includes Haunted Boat Adventure $30.00
**Full-Tour Admission (including the Haunted Boat Adventure) has a sell out point! Wait line will get very long as we get closer to Halloween. Be sure to come early in the season and early in the night to experience the Haunted Boat Adventure!

Overall: 4.75/5
FREE PARKING! There's a decent concession tent with homemade grub (hot dogs, nachos, drinks, etc).  There is a midway area with some games and a merchandise shed as well.  the midway is a bot small and cramped, but it doesn't feel like it. awarded Lake Hickory Haunts the Inaugural Victimís Choice Award for the 2014 Haunt Season with over 1700 votes and it is well worth the award.  I would make this an essential haunt to visit when in the Hickory/Unifour area and I will certainly make an annual pilgrimage to Lake Hickory Haunts for now on.

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