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Author Topic: Boogerwoods CLEAN haunt and going to stay that way!  (Read 797 times)
Carolina Haunter
Mostly Haunted
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« on: November 01, 2015, 10:28:05 PM »

I read on some reviews about touching grabbing and what ever. This is not going to happen at Boogerwoods and never will as long as I am over it. Actors cursing, acting like they are taking drugs just don't don't get it. When Boogerwoods fans wait 4 to 5 hours to get in and then say when leaving they would wait again you must be doing something right for 38 years. So if you are looking for the new haunts way of haunting well Boogerwoods is not for you. We were haunting when haunting was not cool.
A Little Haunted
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« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2015, 01:44:09 AM »

Agreed 100%, we should be scary, but still fun for the whole family! Bad language, etc... is not scary, it's just wrong.
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