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Author Topic: 2015 awards and recap  (Read 904 times)
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We still have some more plans in the works but since it's November I'd say I can pass out my completely unofficial and meaningless rewards!
We did 38 trails over 3 states.  We have an outside shot at doing 40 this year.....Netherworld is a definite.  Unfortunately reviews fell by the wayside this last week.  Maybe some mini-reviews in the future.

First time visits:
Kreepy Hollow, Madworld, Sweet Dreams Scarehouse, Harvest of Horror at Denver Downs, Nightmare Dungeon, Darkness Pines, Treedines Haunted Farm, Dead End on Kay Drive, Butcher Ridge, Dobson Trail of Terror, Marr Branch Haunted House, Maze of Terror, China Grove Maze of Terror, Zombie Hollow, Castle West, Zombie Scarefest

Three to five of those could make the yearly visit list. 

Some awards:

Scariest:  Major Graham's Haunted Mansion
Runner up:  Sweet Dreams Scarehouse

Most fun: Reaper's Realm
Runner up: Darkness Pines

Most unique: Forbidden Forest   
Runner up: Darkness Pines

Best queue line actors:  Madworld
Runner up:  Lake Hickory Haunts

Best set:  The Hewitt House at Woods of Terror.  Beautiful facade with a realistic, grimy interior.
Runner up:  The "pit" at Reaper's Realm, laser swamp at Hacker House, the asylum at forbidden forest, the clownhouse at Lake Hickory Haunts,

Best props: Clamzilla at Hacker House
Runner ups:  The couch at Aberdeen Fear Factory,  the swinging bridge at Reaper's Realm, Buried Alive at Reaper's Realm, bottomless pit bridge at Darkside Haunted Estates, flatbacks at Boogerwoods, clown car at Midway Wicked Woods

Best actors:  Hacker House.  No classic characters here- each actor has their unique character and less than three are relegated to just a pop scare.  The most verbally interactive in the business. 
Runner up:  Forbidden Forest

Best clowns:  Midway Wicked Woods
Runner up: Lake Hickory Haunts

Best boat ride:  Lake Hickory Haunts
Runner up:   Treedine's Haunted Farm

Best hayride:  Midway Wicked Woods.  Although it's short there's a clown car and chainsaws.  Score.
Runner Up:  Darkness Pines, Wompus Woods

Best guides:  Darkness Pines and it isn't even close.
Runner up: Boogerwoods

Best aerial actor attack:  Hacker House
Runner up:  Madworld

Best concessions: Midway Wicked Woods.  In full disclosure I only purchased food at one haunt this year but those fried oreos were really, really, really good.

Best midway:  Lake Hickory Haunts
Runner-up:  The Haunted Pyramids

Best slide:  Reaper's Realm
Runner up: Forbidden Forest

Best cornfield:  Hillside Horror
Runner up:  China Grove Maze of Terror

Goriest:  Marr Branch Haunted House
Runner up: Sweet Dreams Scarehouse

Longest trail:  Major Graham's Haunted Mansion
Runner up:  Trotterville Horror

Best Maze: Midway Wicked Woods
Runner up:  China Grove Maze of Terror

Best Michael Myers: Boogerwoods

Best Jason Voorhees:  Woods of Terror
Runner up:  Treedines Haunted Farm

Best Freddy Kreuger:  Lake Hickory Haunts
Runner up:  Madworld

Best Pinhead:  The Haunted Pyramids

Best chainsaw attack:  Trotterville Horror
Runner up:  Forbidden Forest

Best 3D:  Woods of Terror
Runner up: Reapers Realm

Best set graffiti:  Camp Fear.  "suicidal fetus" still makes me giggle.

Rookie of the Year (meaning MY first visit....not necessarily a 1st year trail):  Sweet Dreams Scarehouse
Runner up: Darkness Pines

Most Improved (since my last visit): Wompus Woods
Runner up:   Haunted Mill

Nicest touch: Complimentary hot chocolate, coffee, or cider at Camp Fear.

My Number One:  Major Graham's Haunted Mansion.  While they didn't get a lot of my individual awards I can't say enough good things about this place.  It just keeps going, and going, and going, and going.  A tour through an authentic civil war era mansion followed by all the outbuildings......and for $15 early in the season!  It's insane!  Beautifully decorated, large number of actors, excellent timing, fun props, and well hidden scares.  Top notch.

Runner up:  Reaper's Realm.  This place continues to amaze me.  The outdoor trail has been 100% redone since last year and the house has new surprises as well.  Hell, they added things since our first visit this October!  The creativity here cannot be topped and they blend actor and prop scares better than anyone out there. 

Remainder of the top 1o in no particular order:  Hacker House, Forbidden Forest, Midway Wicked Woods, Darkness Pines, Sweet Dreams Scarehouse, Lake Hickory Haunts, Woods of Terror, Madworld


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